Sephora Haul

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a while since my last blog post & I do apologise, it’s been a very hectic couple of months! I did pop over to the magical city of New York and obviously I couldn’t not spend hours on end in Sephora without showing you guys. I cannot tell you how much a Sephora in the UK would make a difference to my life. The experience is so much better than a drug or department store let me tell you! I was restrained-ish, but I just wanted to buy EVERYTHING, seriously it’s all so inviting. The team of Sephora know how to lay out a shop!

Sephora – Bronzing Face Powder in Medium, 3 

I’m sorry I can’t seem to find a link to it on the Sephora website but I promise you it’s about.  I feel like Sephora own products are not talked about an awful lot on social media and maybe there is a reason for that but I want to try it for myself and I haven’t treated myself to a bronzer in a while so I thought why the hell not! It’s a matte finish which I much prefer, to be honest it doesn’t look wowing but the proof is in the finish! I’m sure I’ll let you know what I think and whether I have found a hidden gem.

Tarte – Creaseless Concealer in 20N Light see here

Before I went into Sephora, I had no idea whether to get Tarte’s Shape Tape or Creaseless Concealer. In the end I went for the creaseless as I have the shape tape foundation and don’t like it although everyone loves the concealer I just am a little scarred from the foundation. I love the packaging on this and the variance of colours was incredible. I’m so glad I waited to swatch these in person rather than risk it online as I found my perfect shade. I cannot wait to get using this!

Tarte – Gifted Mascara see here

This is a repurchase for me, I have one of these babies already which I brought on a bit of a whim. I fell in love with the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and wanted to see what else Tarte could offer. This, for me is now my all time favourite mascara. It is amazing, it lengthens as well as able to create the right amount of volume. There is no panda eyes and no flakiness. To remove it is a dream unlike so mascaras I own and I just feel that I can always rely on this baby. Seriously Tarte mascaras are amazing and if you have never tired them to try them I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara see here

Whilst I’m talking about Tarte mascaras, yes I picked up another one. Again I love this mascara and I just thought well it’s slightly cheaper than what I can buy it for online – why the hell not! This is the first Tarte mascara I brought and I have been converted ever since. So much so I brought another, limited edition may I add and I was so excited that I gave it to a friend because she just had to try it – obviously she fell in love just like me. They are such reliable mascaras and I love all the limited edition packaging I do it just makes me want to buy them all!

Huda Beauty – Warm Brown Obsessions Palette see here

I have been wanting one of these little babies ever since they came out but I couldn’t make a decision of what one I wanted. I’m so glad that I was able to see them in real life as pictures can be deceiving sometimes! I chose warm brown in the end as I thought it would be the most wearable for me.  I have high hopes for this as I love the dessert dusk palette which I have reviewed here. The palette itself is a lot smaller in real life let me tell you! I absolutely love the shades though and I cannot wait to report back on how I get on.

Anastasia Beverley Hills – Brow Wiz in Warm Brown see here

Now, I know to a lot of people this will be shocking but I have never tried this product before. I have recommended it to people as I know so many people love it but I have never brought it myself until now. I have been a Benefit eyebrow girl for the longest time and I actually went into Sephora to pick up a new Precisely, my brow pencil but they didn’t have my shade. I’d run out so I needed to pick up something so I decided that the time was now upon me to try it. I will be doing a comparison between the two as I have actually brought the Benefit pencil since I have been back so keep your eyes peeled!

Sephora Lip Cream 

This looks a hell of a lot darker than it is in person. For me this is the perfect brown nude. I have been on the hunt for something like this for the longest time as I am lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for two upcoming weddings and I needed a nude lipstick that would work with the dresses. I am hoping this could be the one. I have a few from the range and I think that they are the best affordable liquid lipsticks around, no questions. They are so comfortable and long wearing and just look amazing on the lips. The shade range is pretty impressive so I am glad that I went in with a rough colour in mind rather than be overwhelmed with the colours!

Urban Decay – Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette see here

I didn’t think I would pick this baby up but when I saw it in Sephora I just couldn’t put it down. I love Urban Decay & their eye shadows and I haven’t brought a palette from them in a long time and I thought now was the time. I love all the different colours in the palette and I really hope I am one day confident enough to try them. The packaging is gorgeous I feel like Urban Decay have really upped their game with this release. I cannot wait to get experimenting!

Benefit – Bad Gal Bang Mascara see here

Whilst I was in Sephora I signed up to their rewards scheme as I had spent so much money I was able to pick up this little baby for free. I have wanted to try this for a while but not fork out the price tag to be left with a mascara I didn’t like. It has been widely reviewed and to be honest it’s been very mixed. When it comes to mascara I feel like everyone forgets that everyone’s lashes are different and people prefer different wands/texture etc. With that being said I love that you can now buy these mini’s so if you don’t like it you haven’t spent as much. In the past, for me Benefit mascaras haven’t wowed me – but who knows this may change things.

Fenty Beauty – Pro Filter Primer in Soft Matte see here

Fenty Beauty.. I’m not sure if I ever got excited for this brand being launched. I’m not sure why I guess I am wary of celebrities bringing out things and thinking they are experts. I know the foundation has had very good reviews but I wasn’t sold enough to pick my shade up. However, again I had enough points and I decided to try out the primer. For me, primers are important and I love trying new ones out. The packaging really is lovely and I’m actually pretty excited to try this baby out. I’m sure I’ll let you know my thoughts when I start trying it out.

Bite – Lip Gift Set from Sephora

I can’t find this anywhere online, but I think this is because it’s a birthday gift. Although my birthday was in July and I went to New York in September they were able to give me my birthday gift – AMAZING. I have heard so much about BITE that I thought this was a great chance to see the different lip products they have to offer. You receive a: agave lip balm, lip crayon in Glace and a lipstick in Chai. I love the colours, normally for me the colours are never my bag with a freebie but I am impressed and can’t wait to try them out. Let’s see what these babies have to offer!

That’s all folks! I did pick up more items but they are for gifts for other people so I can’t share these with you. I am so happy with my purchases and although you can pick most of these products up in the UK they are only available online. I much prefer getting to feel a product and see the colour through my own eyes as pictures are not always accurate. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them!

-A x

Empties #16

Hello my lovelies,

Another month another Empties post. To be honest this time round I am pretty shocked at how hair care heavy it is considering I use very few products on my hair. Yes I am a little lazy when it comes to my hair, I pretty much wash it and then brush it and hope for the best. A lot of these are products I have never used before so I am sure it will be interesting to let you know my thoughts and whether I would pick them up again.

NYX – Matte Finish Setting Spray see here

I go through phases of using setting sprays and at the moment I am going through the phase of using them. Do I think they change my make up game? Nope. But in this humid weather it’s actually really nice to spritz this and just aid my powder in doing its job. I always go for a matte setting spray not that I buy them an awful lot. To be honest I find it hard to tell the difference in the actual product from others apart from how it is absorbs on my skin. I wouldn’t know whether to recommend this or not because I’m not convinced setting sprays in general do that much anyway. But I used it up and it’s another product gone in my collection. Probably won’t repurchase just because I have other setting sprays I am yet to try to see if they wow me or not.

Primark – Oval Cosmetic Pads

A cult classic when it comes to my empties post. I will not use another cotton pad other than these I just simply refuse. Not are they stupidly affordable at 90p for 100 pads they are the best I have ever used. I’ll happily argue this point ’till my heart is content. Annoyingly I can’t link this as Primark have still not jumped onto the online retail world however if you have never tried them then you must, honestly go to your local Primark store and pick them up you will not be disappointed.

Sephora – Supreme Cleansing Oil see here

I have fallen in love with this. This brought me into the world of cleansing oil goodness. I just love it, I am gutted that I have used it up but no fear I have another one waiting to be used. I was always worried that using an oil with oily skin that it would be a disaster but I was proven wrong. In fact I feel as though it is able to balance out my skin and I never feel oily after using this. It removes every little bit of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling amazing. If you are thinking of trying an oil cleanser then I highly recommend this one. I am next going to Sephora in September and I will be stocking up on this little baby!

Loreal – Pure Clay Detox Mask see here

I haven’t finished a pot of face mask in the longest time so I had no shame in high five-ing myself when I finished this baby. To be honest it was no surprise for me that it was this baby because I absolutely love it. In fact I love the whole range but this is by far my favourite. I really notice differences in my skin when I use this. I really do need to buy another pot of this so I am not without for to long. I have written a review on this see here  so rather than writing the same things twice go check it out.

John Freida – Frizz Ease Leave in Conditioner see here

So my hair is fine, and I have a lot of it so it’s prone to just knotting up. Conditioner alone does not fight through the tangles so I swear by de-tanglers and leave in conditioners. I have really fallen in love with this product. This is the first bottle I have used up of it and I am already missing it. I just love how my hair feels after brushing and it just makes the whole process of brushing wet hair painless and easy. Again, I have written a review on this so I will leave it here of a bit more detail. My only issue is the John Freida is a little pricey so I am waiting for this to go on offer before I pick this up again.

Batiste – Dry Shampoo in Cherry see here

Another favourite product that I absolutely adore. I go through so many of these bottles and I have no intention of swapping up my dry shampoo any time soon. It works and has saved me and my hair more times than I would like to admit. It does the job and so affordable. Sometimes it’s good to stick to what you know especially when you love it, you just know where you stand no need for disappointment then. I would say even though I use the same scents I like them all, I’m not picky I just like the look of the bottle.

Benefit – They’re Real Mascara see here

I have had this in my collection than longer than I would like to admit and to be honest I knew it was time to give this up and throw it away. For me it was more for sentimental reasons as it was one of the first ever high-end purchases I ever made because everyone and their dog loved this mascara. Did I? No, and to be honest I really have never understood the hype about it. I don’t like the brush the look of my lashes were nothing special and to be honest the worst part is that it is a bugger to remove. There are a lot better mascaras on the market and are cheaper than this. I much prefer Benefit’s Roller Lash, sorry this one just isn’t my cup of tea and I am glad this is finally gone!

Natural World – Volume & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner see here

Another lot of products I am glad to see the back of. I love the brand and how they are a natural product but did it do much for my hair? Nope. I mean for me, there was no added volume or shine in my hair after using them. In fact the only thing I noticed about these were how static my hair was. I mean it was getting a little silly by how much. I have written a full review of them here but unfortunately there were just not my cup of tea.

Maybelline – Lash Sensational Mascara see here

Another mascara! This one as you can tell have been very well loved. I have gone through quite a lot of these in my time and for a long time I did believe that this was the best drug store mascara out there. However, my mind has changed slightly as I have found some amazing L’Oreal mascaras in recent months. It’s such a reliable mascara and you know exactly what you stand. It gives both volume and length and to be honest does make your lashes look sensational. I will repurchase this little baby but I have a lot of mascaras in my collection at the moment so when I use a few more up I’m sure this will be on my repurchase list.

That’s all folks! Gold star to you if you managed to get to the end of this, it was a bit of a long one! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them.

-A x

May Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

Another month has gone so quick, seriously how are we nearly half way through the year already? May has been such a busy month for me with my boyfriend dislocating his shoulder and having an operation on top of that so I was full time acting as his nurse! The hot weather was amazing though – me and my puppy was having such a great time in the paddling pool I brought. I also attended IMATS with my sister and my best friend which as always was amazing, I spent way to much money but it only comes around once a year. Do keep your eye out for an upcoming IMATS Haul!

This month because I have been so busy, I have ended up sticking to the same things but these little babies I have been using have really shone out. It is all makeup based this month so if you are a skincare lover this one may not be for you.

Maybelline – Fit Me Foundation in 110 Porcelain see here

I actually picked this up pretty recently which you may have seen in my recent Boots & TK Maxx Haul I was in desperate need of falling in love with a drug store foundation and I may have just found it. It applies like a dream and although looking at the colour it looks pretty pale for me, it actually colour matches really well. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I will be doing a full review on this pretty soon. All I would say is, if you have oily prone skin or are looking for a matte foundation then this may be worth trying out.

Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Lips in Show Girl see here

Anyone that knows me, knows that I adore liquid lipstick I am a complete sucker for it. To be honest I thought I had lost this one, whoops! I found it in my handbag at the start of this month and because I couldn’t find it for so long I knew I had to get wearing it. Although it’s not really a spring colour, I love it. It’s a berry colour but not too deep so completely wearable on a daily basis. It’s so comfortable on the lips and to be honest I am a sucker for anything Charlotte Tilbury. Would I pay £24 for another one.. probably not unless I came into some money and I wanted to treat myself. If you have the money for one then I would strongly recommend trying it out the shade range is beautiful!

Huda Beauty – Desert Dusk Palette see here

I have very recently written a full review on my thoughts of this palette here but a little side note before you read it.. I blooming love it. If you have read my review then you will know that I very nearly just gave this away because it wasn’t being used. Thank god I kept it because I can’t stop using it. I have a look that I create on a daily basis and I just love the look and nothing else seems to come close to it. From the picture it looks like I have barely used this but trust me I have used this pretty much every day this month. In my eyes it is well worth the investment, if you are on the fence about this my advice is to buy it. You won’t regret it I promise.

Maybelline – Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Light see here

Another recent-ish addition to my collection and as you can see I have used this quite a bit. This however I picked up from Superdrug and to be honest it is perfect for my under eye area. Although I don’t have the brightening one, I don’t think I need it. This does the job and is the perfect colour for me. My only annoyance and I am sure I am not the only one on this is the applicator and how messy it gets – seriously! I also think it’s a little overpriced for what it is especially for the drugstore but it is a great product and I know it is so well loved and now I’m hooked too!

Sephora Lip Cream in Marvellous Move see here

This along with my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is the only thing that has been on my lips this month. I absolutely adore the formula of this and the colour. I mean this is seriously one of the best liquid lipsticks I have ever come across. My favourite at present is the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks but if they aren’t in your budget then this comes a very close second for me. I can’t wait to go to New York in September mainly so I can go into Sephora and buy more of these shades. I mean the shade range is incredible I didn’t realise they had so many and they are constantly adding new shades to the range. This is my go to spring lip colour – I LOVE IT!

Tarte – Maneater Mascara see here

Last but by no means least, this mascara. I brought this last month as I picked a gift up for my sister as it was here birthday and I thought it would be rude not to treat myself. I was a little sceptical about trying this mascara as I head over heels fell in love with Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and didn’t think I would love anything else. But oh boy was I proved wrong. I don’t think it is better than Lights, Camera, Lashes as they do different things, I love them equally. The only thing I need to get used to is how big the brush/applicator is – it’s pretty overwhelming when you first try to apply the mascara! This gives amazing volume and I am left with no flaky bits on the face throughout the day. I mean I knew everyone loved the Tarte mascaras but didn’t understand why – but now I do and I am completely obsessed, I am sure I will own all of them at some point..

& just like that my May Favourites are done. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them.

-A x

Empties #13

Hello my lovelies,

Another empties post, I find these my most favourite posts to write and actually they are my favoruite blog posts to read. One because I’m really nosy and two I feel that you get a greater understanding of how the products performed and whether a person would buy it again. I need to keep on top of these as I don’t know if 10 products per post is a little much because I do go on a little. If you want to read my previous empties post see here


Herbal Essences – Hello Hydration Shampoo see here

Yes I know I haven’t finished the conditioner but there is still a lot left I thought well lets just get it over an done with. I really enjoy Herbal Essences as a brand their hair care is probably one of my favourites because it’s affordable and they do a good job of cleaning my hair. With the winter months I chose this one as I thought I needed to give my hair some TLC and it did just the trick. The products definitely work better as a pair, I mean they work well individually just not as well. I would definitely repurchase this again especially with the scents of all their ranges. However, currently I am trying to inject some volume into my hair through my shampoo but I’m sure I will pick this up again soon.


Lush – Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Now I’m sorry because I can’t link this because it is seasonal for Christmas.. but I have so many bottles of this stuff to use over the course of the year and this was one of them. This is my all time favourite shower gel I have ever used. The smell is incredible, extremely sweet so it does depend on your tastes but I love it. The smell actually lingers on your body for hours too which I love. Who doesn’t want to smell of candy cane!? It’s also pink and has glitter in it – what more could you ask for. Every year I make sure I pick up multiple bottles, if you haven’t smelt this make a mental note to pop into a Lush store around Christmas time to smell this. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


Rimmel – Fix & Protect Make Up Primer see here

I have made it my mission recently to start using up primers, I have so many and this one I have just used to finally get rid of it as it’s been in my collection for quite some time. I don’t believe this is the first bottle of this I would say second. I used to really love this but I think as I have delved into the primer world more and more there are better quality products on the market now.

I mean for a drugstore primer it’s OK and I mainly use this as my SPF as not all my foundations contain SPF so this is a little savior. Do I think this keeps my make up on for longer or improves the look of my skin, not really. Although I have loved this, I think I have grown out of it so I don’t think I will be repurchasing this again, you have been good to me Fix & Protect now it’s time to move on.


Benefit – Precisely my Brow Pencil in Shade 4 see here

For me this is a holy grail eyebrow product. I absolutely adore it and I panic every time this is running low and I have to go and buy another. I have been through quite a few of these babies in recent years, it’s just perfect. I don’t do my whole brow with it, mainly to define and add a little more colour and shape to the sparse areas of my brows. I just can’t live without it, I have tried and failed.

I have been running low of this for a little while and every website I went on was sold out of this in my shade, I had no idea how popular it was but I completely know why. In my eyes Benefit really shine when it comes to brow products, I have never been disappointed. I love this so much it made it to my Top 3| Eyebrow Products Seriously if you haven’t tried this brow range, it’s a must!


Garnier – Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water see here

Another holy grail product. I don’t actually think I could live my life without this product. It is the only micellar water I will ever use, I have been through countless bottles of this stuff and I know I will buy it until the end of time. My skin loves it and it works so well, I use it morning and night without fail. There is so much for this love in the beauty world and there is a damn good reason why, because its AMAZING. I’m sure I could write an essay about this but I won’t because it would bore everyone to tears. Honestly if you haven’t tried this before, please go down to your nearest store and pick it up!


Benefit – Porefessional see here

Another primer, I told you I was trying to use some of mine up. This is a difficult one for me, this was one of the first ever primers I used and I love it. It reduces the look of pores and creates a soft even base to apply the rest of your make up but I have found a lot better alternatives at a fraction of the price. Seriously, in my opinion it isn’t worth the money.

I’m not saying its a bad product but I would save your pennies. This used to be such a popular product in the beauty world because primers were not so available from other brands but now they are, it’s just not very competitive now there is no wow factor. I mean if someone brought this for me I wouldn’t be disappointed I just personally wouldn’t spend my money on it.


L’Oreal – Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation see here

This is one of my favourite foundations ever, it’s definitely my favourite from the drugstore. It’s a matte foundation which is a winner when it comes to my oily skin and just blends wonderfully. It’s such a buildable foundation and it’s so easy to apply. If I am ever unsure on what to apply I usually go for this one. It’s such a great all rounder. I actually like that it is in a squeezy tube because you can actually use all the product up. I have mentioned this in my Top 3: Drugstore Foundations which goes into further detail about this product. I have already repurchased this and using it near enough daily.


Sephora – Green Tea Face Mask see here

I have been really bad recently at not using face masks I just always forget, but I remembered I had this in my collection and I was having a bad time with my skin and I knew this would make it a lot better. This has to be my favourite sheet mask as I actually notice a difference when using this and it really helps my skin out. It aims to mattify and combat blemishes which I would totally agree with. It’s so annoying because I can’t get hold of this in the UK, it’s definitely on my list to buy a fair few of these when I go to New York later on in the year!


Primark – Oval Cosmetic Pads

Do I even need to explain any more how much I love these!? They are in near enough every single Empties post I write. They are the only cotton pads I will use and I will continue to use until they stop producing them. For 90p they are amazing and the best quality cotton pads I have used. Go to Primark and get yourself a pack, try them out and try and come back to tell me that they are rubbish because I know you won’t you’ll fall in love just like I have.


Kiehl’s – Ultra Facial Cream (Sample) see here

I have had this sample for quite some time and I have always wanted to try this because so many people love this product. I thought I was going to fall in love, but I just thought it was actually quite standard. For me there is nothing to write home about, its a moisturiser it’s nice but I have better ones in my collection that I enjoy a whole lot more. This is what I love about samples because you can try them out before you invest money especially when skincare is not cheap. I don’t think I will be buying this myself anytime soon.. I’m sorry Kiehl’s I really wanted to fall in love but I didn’t.


We have made it to the end, gold star to you if you managed to get to the end it’s a fairly lengthy read! Let me know if you have used any of these products before and what your thoughts are.

-A x

December Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

It’s the end of another month and not only a month but the end of 2017 – I cannot actually believe that another year has gone. People really aren’t lying when they say time flies and we need to make the days count. December has been a crazy month at the start of the month our family had a new addition – a puppy! It’s been a crazy month with our new family member along with Christmas. Obviously Christmas consumes the most of the month which is fine by me! I got a Harry Potter tattoo with my best friend which was part of my Christmas present – I know amazing right!

Although I have recently written my Top 10 Makeup and Skincare products of 2017 here I thought it would be nice to share with you what I have also been loving this month as opposed to the whole year. It still works right?

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Tarte – Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette see here

I recently mentioned this little baby in my recent Black Friday Haul that I picked this  up. I have never had anything from Tarte before and I was so excited to get my hands on this. The colours are completely up my street and I have loved experimenting with the colours inside. The eyeshadow formula is beautiful, not as pigmented as other brands but they are buildable and if you are heavy handed like me then actually it’s a blessing in disguise!

The packaging is blooming beautiful as well – like do you need any further information!? I will be posting a full review of this product in weeks to come when I have experimented with it a little more to give you a more detailed post of my thoughts. First impressions though are a big thumbs up from me!

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Tarte – Lights Camera Lashes Mascara see here

This is another product that I picked up in my Black Friday Haul and actually this is a product I have wanted to try in FOREVER. This mascara has rave reviews and I was on the hunt for another mascara and the packaging sold it to me. I am so happy I have tried this mascara, honestly trust the reviews on this one! The effect it gives your lashes is beautiful!

Unfortunately I suffer with my lashes being quite oily in the sense that I always end up looking like a panda especially under my eyes and there are very few mascaras that don’t create this unflattering look. Fortunately, this mascara doesn’t give me the panda look and I am over the moon! It’s everything I want in a mascara! Again, I will be doing a further in depth review of this so keep your eyes peeled!

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Garnier Skin Active – Daily Exfoliating Scrub see here

Another new product I have been trying out this month. Although brands always claim you can use exfoliators daily I’m not too sure. I worry that it also scrubs away the good stuff especially with constant use so I use this 2/3 times a week and I feel that this is more than enough. This scrub focuses on combating spots and blackheads which this month I have really needed help with as with a new puppy licking my face I have completely broken out.

This stuff is pretty strong so if you have sensitive skin, I don’t think this product is for you. Luckily my skin can take most thing but it does make your skin tingle but it actually feels like it is doing something as opposed to being washed off the skin. I absolutely love it and I think my skin has got a lot better in recent weeks because of this product.

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Sephora – Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in Always Red see here

I picked this up around September this year and for whatever reason completely forgot I had it. Obviously December is all about the red lip and I thought I would give this a go. My oh my it’s AMAZING best lip cream I have EVER tried. I know that’s a bold statement but trust me on this one. The colour pay off is perfect with one layer and you are good to go. It is a matte lip which doesn’t dry your lips and actually feels pretty comfortable AND it lasts ALL day.

What more could you want!? I’m literally gutted that I don’t have more of these because the colours they have are amazing I believe there are 40 shades to choose from and if they are all the same formula as the one I have then I want them all. I need to go to Sephora ASAP, UK why do we still not have a store it’s not fair!

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Botanics – Cleansing Balm see here

I love trying new cleansers and formulas and I have never really tried balms before. I have an Estee Lauder balm but I’m not the biggest fan I thought I would try it again and try this one from Botanics which is a brand I have never tried before. I’m not too sure why because this is amazing. It does such a good job of removing my make up & cleansing my face. I can’t fault it.

The biggest test of whether a cleanser is good or not is how good it can remove mascara. I have tried this with multiple mascaras and I’m pleased to report back that it does a great job. I couldn’t be more happy with the little baby. I think next time I am in Boots I will be seeing what else is in the range!

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John Frieda – Daily Miracle Leave-In Conditioner see here

I have been on the hunt for a new de-tangler/ leave in conditioner for the longest time. The one I usually use is from The Body Shop but I find it so hard to get hold of so it was time to try something new. I was in Boots for the longest time trying to find the one that would work for me. I chose this one because I knew I had to pick something up because I was running low of my current one.

I absolutely LOVE it, it smells so fresh which is perfect when I have washed my hair and I am adding this product. It instantly de-tangles my hair and leaves my hair feeling so lovely. I do feel like the ends of my hair are a lot healthier this month and I think it is down to this little baby. It’s even better than it’s a little cheaper than my favourite The Body Shop product, move aside I think I have found my new love!

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Technic – Get Gorgeous Highlighter Powder see here

I reviewed this product earlier this year and I wasn’t completely wowed. However I always feel perseverance is key and I have been still using it throughout the year. This month it has been my go to highlighter. It just seems to create the perfect glow and I love the outcome. Highlighter is a big thing when it comes to the colder months as you still want the perfect glow and this really is amazing especially for the price. I think I am going to have to swallow my words from what I wrote earlier in the year. To see my full review on this product you can read it here

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The Balm – Fratboy Blusher see here

I feel as though The Balm has become a bit of a forgotten brand. I don’t have many products from them but everything I have I do really like including this one. I have brought this blush out this month and fell completely back in love. It’s a beautiful soft pink that creates a soft subtle flush on the cheeks. It’s perfect for this time of year especially when you want your highlight to take center stage. I actually mentioned this in my Top 3 – Blushers and I would still stand by it being one of my favourites.

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Let me know if you have used any of these products and what your thoughts are on them, I’d love to know.

-A x

Top 10 Skincare Products of 2017

Hello my lovelies,

As promised I wanted to share with you my favourite skincare products of 2017. Some of these products will come as no surprise if you have been reading my blog for a while but I thought well I’m sure I can spread more love about these products because if you don’t own them I think you darn well should! As this is probably going to lengthy post I’ll quit jabbering away & get on with it!

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Clinque – Moisture Surge see here

So yes a typical skincare item for a blogger but there is a reason why everyone has it because it’s amazing! I always worry with moisturises that due to my oily skin too much oil will be produced from the product and thus making my skin worse. This one, is the perfect amount of hydration and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I have read reviews from people who have dry skin and love this just as much. I’m so happy that I received a new pot of this for christmas – just amazing.

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Clinique – Clarifying Lotion see here

Another Clinique product, I know but I have really enjoyed using their products this year. I use this as a toner before I moisturise which I believe is what you are meant to do but it is not classed as a toner. Who follows instructions anyway!? I’m not a massive toner person – I am really trying recently to use it and this baby has really helped. This just glides over my skin and doesn’t irritate me at all. My skin always feels divine after using this!

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Sephora – Supreme Cleansing Oil see here 

Yes, I couldn’t do a skincare post without showing this little baby. This has changed my whole cleansing world. I was happy with the whole hot cloth products but when I was in Paris and I was in Sephora and I saw this and I was like yea why not lets give it a go. I’m so glad I did because oh my it’s changed my life! I was so worried with my oil prone skin that this wouldn’t work but boy was I wrong. Currently this is my go to cleanser I’m just so annoyed that I can’t get hold of it in the UK – if you can get to a Sephora try this baby out!

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L’Oreal – Pure Clay Detox Wash see here

Now for me, L’Oreal have really upped their skincare game this year and this baby is included in this. I love a good face wash and anything that claims to detox my skin and remove impurities and remove excess oil. This really does do the trick, this is the strangest consistency it does take some getting used to but once you do it’s amazing. It’s like applying a face mask because it’s fairly thick but it really does wash my skin. I really feel it gets into the skin and remove all the rubbish. This has been a massive savior to my skin this year.

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Simple – Refreshing Facial Wash Gel see here

Another face wash, I said I love them! This has been a firm favourite for absolute years and I much prefer the gel like formulas for a face wash and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a basic product but I just love it and I always ensure I have at least one of these as a back up. I use it near enough every single day. I know people say you should invest money into skincare but sometimes you don’t have to when the drugstore offers so many amazing products.

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Simple – Soothing Facial Scrub see here

I love a good facial scrub and yes this is another Simple product! This is my go to exfoliator of choice, I mean I do use others but I always go back to this little baby. It does the job and isn’t too harsh so this should be great for those people who worry about exfoliators. My skin always feels sooo much better when I use this – I use this around 3 times a week with no problems. Simple skincare is so underrated, if you haven’t tried anything from them I urge you to check them out.

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Garnier – Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water see here

This is the ONLY micellar water I will use. I don’t care what people say this is the best micellar water on the market and is amazing value for money. I use this religiously multiple times a day and will always be a part of my skincare routine. I could write for days about how much I love this product but I won’t. If you have never tried a micellar water or the Garnier one then do it – honestly you won’t regret it. That’s all I’m going to say..

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Primark – Oval Cosmetic Pads 

These are the ONLY cotton pads I use. Nothing compares to these. You seriously cannot go wrong for 90p and honestly they are the best quality pads I have ever tried. I have gone through so many different cotton pads and just nothing compares. These literally appear in near enough every empties post – I go through so many. If Primark ever discontinue these then I will cry for days and start a petition!

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Loreal – Pure Clay Detox Face Mask see here

This mask is AMAZING. Whenever my skin is feeling meh and not looking great this is the first mask I run to to help me out. My skin always looks so clean and soft after using this and it does last a good couple of days after. If I pair this with the face wash as well then I know my skin will be looking fabulous. Their whole pure clay range is pretty impressive. I have quite a few products from the range but by far the detox line in my favourite.

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Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish see here

Obviously I couldn’t write a favourite skincare post without Liz Earle. The brand as a whole is amazing and everything that I have tried I love but this by far is my favoruite product. For me this signifies more than just a cleanser. I have been a make up lover for the longest time but skincare always took a back seat. However this was raved about to high heaven and I finally took the plunge to spend the money on skincare. My oh my I’m still in love 3 years down. I always come back to this cleanser whenever I need some TLC. Whenever anybody asks for a recommendation on a cleanser this is what I suggest. So, if you haven’t tried it firstly how the hell have you not!? Secondly go buy it you won’t regret it!

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Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post – very proud! Let me know what your stand out skincare products have been this year. I’m always on the hunt to try new things!

-A x

Black Friday Haul

Hello my lovelies,

So Black Friday I’m never normally taken by, I normally finish my Christmas shopping by this point and Black Friday is normally where I’m sucked into buying something for someone else. However, not this year mainly what I brought was for me – whoops! I went a little mad but I’m so excited to try everything I have brought. I have decided these are my Christmas gifts to myself – that’s totally ok right?

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Beauty Bay 

We will start here because this is what sucked me in to the Black Friday deals. Seriously the queue to get on the website was insane, please don’t tell me I was the only one that waited over 12 hours to get on the site!? I just wanted to get my hands on some Morphe Products really and that is exactly what I did!

Morphe – 9BZ Palette see here

I was on the hunt for a new contouring/bronzing powder and when I saw this I was like yes this is perfect. As soon as I opened it I fell in love with the colours. I haven’t heard much about this palette if I’m honest but for the price I paid I’m happy to give it a go, I shall report back!

Morphe – 35F Palette see here

I have wanted this palette for AGES, I’m not even joking it has been on countless wishlists that I have posted and whenever I try and buy it, it’s always out of stock! When I saw that it was in stock AND on sale I literally screamed with excitement. I cannot wait to get using this, the colours all look so pretty. I have high hopes with this palette as everyone and their blooming cat seems to own Morphe eye shadows it’s now finally my turn to enjoy.

Mario Badescu – Acne Facial Cleanser see here

So I have heard about this brand but for whatever reason never purchased anything. Although I don’t suffer with really bad acne, I can get break outs and I love to reach for products that are going to combat them and get rid of them as soon as possible. Let’s see what this does – I shall of course be reviewing this so keep your eyes peeled!

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So again, another brand I have never tried before. The reason is pretty simple for this one though is that it is a bit of a bugger to get hold of in the UK. When they had 25% off and free shipping to the UK I was well a truly sold and I knew it was time to buy a few things.

Tarte – Lights Camera Lashes Mascara see here

This mascara I have wanted for a long time, I could never justify the price or just buying this with the shipping I just admired from afar. Of course this was the first thing I put in my basket and as their was limited edition packaging I was like YES PLEASE! Urgh it looks so beautiful. I have high hopes for this little baby so lets hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Tarte – Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette see here

This palette is blooming beautiful, inside & out. Seriously do I need to explain any more? The colours are pretty and I new I wanted to try out a palette from Tarte and this one stole my heart. I have high hopes for this little baby, lets hope it doesn’t let me down.

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Okay, so this isn’t a Black Friday shopping trip I actually have just come back from Berlin and before I went I tried to see if their was a Sephora there, unfortunately the website said no and I was a little sad. While we were out there we went into a department store and what did I see – a great big Sephora counter. Yes I screamed, yes I have no shame.

Sephora – Supreme Cleansing Oil see here

I actually brought this on my last trip to Sephora in Paris and I fell completely in love see here so much so I have been using is sparingly because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to repurchase anytime soon. Well, of course I brought a new bottle and now I can use it again. This stuff is amazing, if you are ever in Sephora go pick it up it’s amazing trust me.

Sephora – Green Tea Face Mask see here

Another favourite from my last haul that I knew I wanted to pick up again. This is perfect for troubled oily skin I really feel as though this does make a difference I will be using this as soon as possible, my skin needs a little treat and this is the perfect mask!

Huda Beauty – Dessert Dusk Palette see here

Yep, I brought it. I saw it in person & it was love at first sight. The pictures online really do not do this eyeshadow palette justice. I mean they are absolutely incredible and when I swatched them I just knew I couldn’t walk away. I reeeaaally hope that the pigmentation will be amazing on my eyes because boy I’m going to look good.

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Charlotte Tilbury 

Ok, so actually I didn’t buy this and nor was it brought on Black Friday BUT I just wanted to share this little baby because I’m so flipping excited. So my boyfriend didn’t come to Berlin with me and unfortunately I got an awful head cold while I was out there. When we flew back he stayed awake and presented me with a little bag of goodies.

First was some throat sweets – practical. Apple Juice – it was divine. Garnier Micellar Water – my favourite skincare product EVER. Simple Face Wipes – handy AND a Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Show Girl see here I was over the blooming moon & so grateful to receive such a lovely thoughtful gift. It made me even more happier that he had clearly been reading my blog as I mentioned this on my Christmas Wishlist here – top boyfriend points. I’m so excited to try this out, yes I have an addiction to liquid lipstick – I have no shame!

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That’s all folks, I think I will now put myself on a spending ban! Let me know if you have tried any of these products before & what your thoughts are on them.

-A x



Hello my lovelies!

Soo I think you will need a good cup of tea and a snack to read this, I have an awful lot of empties to get through! This is the time of the year when I use a lot of products up as I don’t want to buy anything new because it’s all going on my Christmas list! I feel like I am using a lot of products ready to make space for the new. I cannot believe I have now done 10 Empties posts. These posts are great to look back on to see exactly what I use and how often.

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Primark – Oval Cosmetic Pads

As we all know Primark still haven’t got round to the online shopping thing so I’m sorry I can’t link these but these are the BEST cotton pads I have ever used. I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get hold of these little babies all my local Primark stores have few if any of these. Luckily my older sister is on hand when I’m running low and picks them up from her store. Seriously if you haven’t tried these – you need to. It’s a no brainer for 90p!

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Jo Malone – English Pear & Freesia Scented Candle see here

So these are my favorite EVER candles, you just can’t get better. English Pear and Freesia is one of my favoruite scents from Jo Malone. I have the cologne in this scent and whenever I am invited to a Jo Malone store for a massage I always incorporate this scent. It’s fruity, but not too overpowering in the sweet department. It’s very crisp and works perfectly in my bedroom to create a cosy atmosphere especially when I am having a little pamper time.

It burns beautifully and seems to go on for aaaaages. I am rubbish at describing scents to do pop into your local store and smell it, it’s just divine. I will be keeping the jar so I can put bits and bobs in – recycling! I won’t be rushing out to buy this as I do have another Jo Malone candle on the go, but if anyone wanted to buy me one then of course I would happily accept.

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Snow Fairy – Shower Gel see here

This is my FAVOURITE ever shower gel. I mean who doesn’t love this!? I hate that it is limited edition but thankfully I stock up around Christmas time and luckily I am gifted a few bottles so I can use it throughout the year. My oh my who doesn’t want pink glittery shower gel!? If you haven’t smelt this then head to your local Lush store! It is very sweet so if that isn’t for you then I’m sorry this probably isn’t for you. I love how the scent lingers on the skin and I can smell it hours after. The shower gel itself really is one of the best formulas I have ever tried. Basically, go out and buy it – but leave some for me because I still need to stock up!

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Catwalk by TIGI – Oatmeal and Honey Nourishing Conditioner see here

So both my sisters swear by this range and I thought it was about time I tried it. I actually stole the bottle of my younger sister, whooops! But I just had to tried it and see what all the fuss was about. First off, it smells AMAZING seriously if you love the smell of honey you’ll love this. This range is perfect for me because it focuses on dry and damaged hair which is literally me. I am always up for putting extra moisture in my hair.

It really is amazing, I have only tried the conditioner but I seriously noticed the difference so I think I need to repurchase the duo so I can really feel the benefits. It is more expensive than drug store brands but in my opinion the couple of pounds extra really is worth it. I will be picking this up quite quickly I think!

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Superdrug – Nourishing Nail Polish Remover see here

For me I don’t spend a lot on nail polish removers, all I want is for it to take off my nail polish so I can paint them with a different colour. I always go for a cheap and cheerful product and it depends on what shop I am in as to what I go for. It did the job and it lasted for a really long time. I probably will repurchase this again but currently I am using a Boots own nail polish remover – they all do the same job right?

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Sephora – Green Tea Face Mask see here

I picked this up on my first trip to Sephora and I was amazed by all the different face masks. As soon as I got home I wanted to try them all. This one appealed to me the most as it aims to mattify and control blemishes. With the oily skin that I have this sounded perfect. The whole sheet mask concept is still all new to me and now I wish I picked up more of this one because I really think it helped my skin. I definitely noticed a difference and for the few days after the mask I honestly thought the amount of oil produced on my skin decreased. It is one of the first times I genuinely notice a difference in my skin after a mask.

I need to get my hands on more of these. If anyone wants to pick me a few up on their trip then I would more than happily accept them! They are amazing if you have oily sin like me you need to go out and get your hands on some! Game Changer!


Soap & Glory – The Greatest Scrub of All see here

For me, this isn’t the greatest face scrub of all. Very bold title but it really wasn’t anything life changing. I mean it’s a good scrub but it isn’t the best I have used. I don’t feel like the beads inside really did much as they were so small. For sensitive skin this would be great but for me I just felt like I needed them to be a bit bigger to do much. I mean it left my skin feeling smooth but apart from that it didn’t do much else. I would say I think this has helped to combat my spots that I have had recently. Would I buy this again? Maybe if Soap & Glory were doing 3 for 2 but I wouldn’t go to Boots to specifically buy this. Just a little disappointing.

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Sleek – Brow Kit in Light see here

I really enjoy this product, an awful lot. I do only use the wax side never the powder for me the powder is difficult to work with but that’s my personal preference. For a drug store brow product I would say this is really up there with some of the best. It’s pigmented, easy to use and the perfect colour for me. I have actually already brought another one of these because I enjoy it that much. If you don’t want to pay Benefit prices for their brow kit I would seriously consider this one!

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Collection – Primed & Ready see here

Another firm favoruite in my make up collection. I have loved this for a long time. It is the perfect primer to put on in a hurry and know that your base make up won’t end up all down your face. It’s really the perfect base and especially for the price is amazing. I would say that this is a silicone based primer and I know this isn’t for everyone but if you want to try it I don’t think you will be disappointed.

This is one of those products when you start to run low you buy another so you are never without it. It’s perfect for me because of my oily complexion as it is aimed at mattifying your complexion. If you suffer like me this may be a good one to try!

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Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion see here

I cannot apply eyeshadow without applying a bit of this. I actually couldn’t imagine not applying a primer to my eyelids. It’s a vital part of my routine and this wins every time. I have tried a few in my time and none have been as good as this. It creates an even base for your eye shadow and enhances the colour. My eye shadow stays on a lot longer when using this – why wouldn’t you use one!?

Although this is a small tube it has lasted me AGES because you need the tiniest amount. I just can’t imagine my life without it. I already have another one going but I really don’t like the new packaging – I don’t need a doe foot applicator to apply primer my finger works perfectly thank you! Bring back the original packaging please!

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Clinique – Moisture Surge see here

This is a mini which I received as a gift with purchase. I had wanted to try this for the longest time so I was very happy when I got my hands on it. This really has done complete wonders to my skin. It is AMAZING. I love it so so much and I was absolutely gutted when it ran out. It has a gel consistency and it just sinks into your skin. My skin definitely felt the benefits of using this.

I used this in the morning daily and it instantly just sunk into my skin and even on no make up days my skin looked so much better. I am really wanting to get my hands on the full size version but I have so many moisturisers to use up I feel like this is going to have to wait. I just want to carry on using it, this product is never going to be forgotten!

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That’s all folks! Give yourself a gold star if you made it to the end I know it was quite a long post! Let me know if you have tried any of the products I have mentioned and what you thought of them.

-A x


October Favourites

Hello my lovelies!

I’m back! I have had a few weeks away from my blog this month for various different reasons but I’m back and there is no better way to come back than sharing my favourites with you. October for me has been a complete roller coaster ride full of dreadful lows combined with some amazing personal achievements. I am ending the month on a positive note as I have so much to look forward to including Berlin next month and helping my big sister plan her wedding and CHRISTMAS! This month I have tried to use new products or products that are different to my normal and actually I have really enjoyed it.

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Make Up Revolution – Soph X Highlighter Palette see here

When this came out, I knew I had to get my hands on it. As a fellow creator I do try my best to support them BUT only if it appeals to me. I’m not one of these people who buys everything because I just know I wouldn’t use it all. On a serious note, who can refuse a highlighter palette with shades as beautiful as these. I must say on a slight downer I’m not a fan of the colour of the packaging..

Aside from that the highlighters are AMAZING. I love every single color and I know I am going to get so much use out of this. It’s just perfect and she has done an amazing job! The pigmentation is actually pretty impressive and so easy to control how much highlight you want. I know I will be using this for a long period of time because I just can’t seem to put it away or stop looking at it. It’s so affordable for what you get 8 highlighters for £8 – bargain!

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Sephora – Supreme Cleansing Oil see here

This really is a first for me having a cleansing oil, I have naturally oily skin so I had no idea how this was going to go down with my skin, but I have fallen in love. This is near enough the only cleanser I have used this month. It’s so easy to use and it does such a good job of removing makeup. It feels so luxurious on your skin while your massaging it in and it leaves your skin feeling so soft afterwards. I’m sad because I want to stop using this because I have no idea when I will be in a Sephora again to pick this up. But, I don’t want to stop using it because it’s so lovely to use. Serious dilemma’s here! Seriously if you have never tried a cleansing oil I really do recommend this one if you pop into Sephora.

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L’Oreal – Hydra Genius see here

I have had this in my skin care collection for a few months now waiting for my moisturiser to run out. This was the month I could finally start using it. It’s such a strange consistency because it’s so light and more of a gel/liquid texture. The reviews I have read on this are pretty impressive and I’m realising very quickly why. I normally apply just half a pump which is enough to apply all over my face which really is nothing and it quickly sinks into the skin. I have noticed a real difference in my skin using this. It’s perfect for my oily skin and seems to somehow control this. I’m not a massive fan on the scent but that is really me being picky. I will be doing a full review on this so keep your eyes peeled!

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Clinique – Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer see here

I have mentioned this a few times on my blog and there is a reason why – because it’s AMAZING. It has quickly become one of my favourite ever foundations, for me this is a pretty big statement. From the application to the end result I am just truly in love. I love that it is a medium coverage and can be buildable to a high coverage. Normally if I need a high coverage that is long lasting I would use my Estee Lauder Double Wear, this has now demoted and this is seriously my go to. It even means most of the time I don’t need concealer! I just use a brightener for my underneath my eyes. Incredible! I cannot fault this baby and I love it so so much. The shade range is incredible – if you are on the hunt for a new foundation go test this one out you won’t be disappointed!

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Marc Jacobs – Dot Perfume see here

I go through phases with perfume. I get bored of a scent after a while and I have to switch it up. This one I hadn’t worn for a while and decided to whip it back out, I fell in love all over again. There is a reason why I love this and it all came back to me. Fragrances for me are so personal and bring back so many different memories and for whatever reason this perfume brings back so many happy memories. This for me is my perfect winter scent and I know I will continue to use it for the next couple of months and smile every time I put it on. It is actually one of my top 3 perfumes and I would still put it in that category.

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MAC – Blue Brown Pigment see here

I can’t explain to you how much I adore this pigment. This is truly beautiful and I’m now 100% completely converted to MAC pigments and I want them all. The colour is just stunning, I have never in my life seen anything as beautiful as this. I know that seems like a very bold statement but until you apply it you will have no idea. From different angles the colour changes in different lights and every angle you see it in is beautiful and I am so blown away.

It’s so easy to apply and it doesn’t budge. Obviously the pigmentation is incredible, I just have never used something so amazing. Seriously, this has quickly become one of my favourite ever purchases EVER. I knew as soon as I saw it years ago I would love it but seriously exceeded all my expectations. Go to your local MAC store and swatch this I promise you, you will fall in love I can’t see how anyone couldn’t.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these products and your thoughts on them – I would love to know. Also, what have your standout products been this month?

-A x



September Favourites

Hello my lovelies

Another month is over and done with, I can’t actually quite get over we are officially now in autumn! My countdown to Christmas is well and truly on & I cannot wait. I have actually already been listening to Christmas songs, whoops! This September has been one of the best months of the year, I went to Paris with my boyfriend to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I then went and brought myself a brand new car, yes brand new. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m completely in love. Let’s hope October will be as good as September!

Onto the beauty though, enough about my life, I have rediscovered some very old but good products this month. Along with enjoying some of my recent purchases. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time for beauty, a dark lip really is my favourite and who doesn’t want more face masks in their life!?

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PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Wine 

For some reason I forgot to add this in the main picture, whoops! What is ever more annoying is that because it’s a Primark product I can’t link it for you. I brought this quite a while ago wanting to try their make up out because 1. it’s cheap and 2. there is always hype around Primark makeup. I thought the best thing to try out is a lip product and I fell in love with the colour. As the name of the colour suggests it is a red wine shade with purple undertones, my FAVOURITE. I thought I’d try it back out recently because I couldn’t remember if I liked it or not. My oh my, it’s amazing. Seriously it’s so easy to apply and extremely creamy.

It’s a matte finish but isn’t drying at all on the lips, it really is comfortable and it doesn’t budge. I just flipping love it I think I paid £1/£2 for this and it’s probably the best money I have spent ever. It’s flipping good and even rivals my NARS lip crayons which is quite a statement to make. I seriously need to get back to Primark and hope they still have this range and pick up more colours. So damn impressive. Hello number 1 autumn shade of 2017!

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MUA – Mosaic Blush in English Rose 

Sadly I think this has been discontinued which has really upset me. I have had this for blooming ages, I probably shouldn’t keep it but as I was sorting out my makeup recently I saw this and knew I needed to start wearing it again. It is the perfect neutral blush when you don’t want anything to overpowering. Although I wear blush I don’t always like it to be very noticeable and this is the perfect shade for creating that little flush of colour. I don’t know how I haven’t hit pan on this because I have used it so much over the years. Amazing product and I’m sure I would of paid no more than £3 for this, what a bargain!

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Collection – Contour Kit see here

I really love contouring, but I’m the sort of person that just sticks to the same product because it works for me. I picked up a few months ago this contour kit as I thought it was about time I mixed it up but I didn’t really use it. This month I thought it was time to give it a go and the contour shade I am in LOVE with. For the price it really is impressive. It is the perfect colour for my skin tone and creates the perfect contour. I don’t use the highlight it isn’t really for me but that doesn’t bother me because even the contour shade alone is such good value for money. If you are on the hunt for a new contour product, head over to Collection!

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Soap & Glory – Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder in Totally Translucent see here

Setting powders as a whole don’t really excite me, very few I have been wowed by. Luckily this one I have enjoyed for a while now and I thought I would share it with you. I always try to go for translucent powders as I usually don’t want any more colour to my face I just need it to control my oil! This is quite a thick powder which I really love and works well for oily/combination skin. You seriously don’t need to put a lot on your brush a little goes a long way! I just love the powder and it really does the job, I don’t even feel like I need to touch up during the day because this does such a good job of controlling oil. Seriously impressed!

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L’Oreal – Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll in Black see here 

I brought this in my most recent Boots Haul and I cannot stop using it. It’s amazing! I would say this is on par with Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara at literally a fraction of the price. It created the perfect amount of volume and lengthens as well. I’m all up for volume, who doesn’t!? The packaging I love, the brush just everything about it. I know this is going to be a firm favourite for a long time. If you haven’t tried this out yet – you need to especially if you love a volumising mascara. I will be doing a more in depth review of this soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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MAC – Pigment in Blue Brown see here

I have wanted this for the longest time I mentioned it in a wishlist post and my birthday list and no one had brought it for me. When I was in Brighton on a sister day we went into MAC and found they do a smaller version of this and I knew I had to buy it. This seriously didn’t disappoint in any way. This is true eyeshadow love. It’s perfect there is no fall out and the pigmentation is incredible. The colour is just out of this world, in different lights the pigment changes colour it has the most beautiful shine and I’m just in love. I seriously want to get my hands on more of these pigments because they are incredible!

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Sephora – Triple Action Gentle Makeup Remover Gel 

For whatever reason I can’t seem to find it on the Sephora website, but I picked this up in Paris. To find out what else I brought while I was there see here I must say, this product really interested me. A gel to remove makeup, strange right? But don’t knock it ’till you have tried it. It seriously is impressive at removing makeup, my eye makeup just comes right off like a dream along with my face products. I just love using it and is the perfect alternative when I don’t want to use a cleanser – it even comes with a pump guys! Sephora you have well and truly impressed me with this product and when this runs out I need to somehow go back to a country that has a Sephora so I can buy it again!

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PS Master Eye Palette 

Another Primark product, sorry again no link! I picked this up pretty recently in my local Primark as I was drawn to the colours and I thought for £6 it would be rude not to try it. I have used it in the past couple of weeks and I am in love. This is the perfect autumn palette and is right up my street. The shadows are really pigmented and blend perfectly with one another. I can see myself using near enough every colour in this palette which doesn’t normally happen for me! All I would say is go to your local Primark and go pick it up I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

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That’s all guys! Let me know if you have used any of these products and what your thoughts are on them – I’d love to know!

-A x