Review – NYX Worth The Hype Mascara

Hello my lovelies,

Another review, this time on a make up item. For whatever reason I don’t seem to enjoy writing reviews on make up in comparison to skincare, but here I am. I am trying but in recent months I haven’t picked up much make up so it’s a little harder to write reviews. I’m hoping to delve a little deeper in my make up collection to review some products – I’m not one to buy a product to just review it for my blog I genuinely want to be interested in a product.

Anyway.. mascara! Very personal piece of makeup in my opinion. Everyone prefers a type of wand and whether they prefer a more lengthening or volumising formula. Personally, in recent months I have opted for a more lengthening mascara as opposed to pure volume for example Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I prefer more natural lashes that have volume but no clumps are allowed!

I actually picked this up as my sister had heard a lot of good things about the product. I was in a rut with my current mascaras in my collection so I thought it was about time I tried something new. The description of this was just everything I was looking for: “if you want your lashes to look darker, fuller and lethally gorgeous all day long, then our new Worth the Hype Volumising & Lengthening Mascara is your jam” I mean this is what I have been looking for!

The packaging is ok – nothing special for me NYX for me has never appealed to me with it’s packaging it’s fine but it’s not crazy memorable for me. I’m always one to say never judge a book by it’s cover and I don’t I have many NYX products in my collection that I absolutely love so really it doesn’t bother me whether I like it or not – proof is in the pudding! The wand is fairly interesting as the brush tappers at the tip which is amazing to get right into the corner of your lashes which makes life so much easier and less risk of mascara going all over the lid!

So the product itself.. it’s quite a thin formula and on the first couple of uses I wasn’t impressed. It didn’t do much for my lashes which I was so disappointed by. However, with most mascaras you do have to let them dry a little I don’t know why this is the case but it really does change the formula. Which, this really did and I am so glad that I persevered with it – good things come to those who wait. The formula was so much easier to work with and my lashes really reacted well to it.

It really lengthens my lashes whilst giving a good amount of volume. It also allows me to hold a curl which is a good test of a mascara as it’s just so lightweight on the lashes which massively helps when you are wearing it for long period of times. Day to day I only apply one coat which compared to other mascaras I have to put on at least two. I mean if I am going out-out or want something a little more then of course I will add a few more coats it really does depend what works for you but the formula is really buildable and doesn’t start clumping when adding another layer.

^^ above you can see (well I hope you can) the difference in my lashes after one coat which I wear day to day. I do apologise for the lighting it was early in the morning when I took this!

So this mascara sounds great right? & it is but, when wearing for long periods of time this does transfer mainly to under my eyes – panda eyes just are never a good look and I am forever embarrassed when this happens. Surely there is a product they can pop in to stop this but it seems to happen with so many mascaras I use and it’s so frustrating. It ticks so many boxes but transferring onto my skin is just something that really bothers me when it comes to mascara and that’s the memory you are stuck with when you think about the mascara.

I mean for £9.00 it’s not a bad product and I wish it didn’t transfer because it would quickly become a firm favourite in my collection but due to this frustration I don’t know where it leaves me.. I mean I still use it but I’m forever tidying my eyes up throughout the day which I could really do without. Does anyone know how to stop this?

If you would like more information or want to try it out for yourself see here

Let me know if you have tried this and what your thoughts are. Any mascara recommendations would be appreciated as I am still on the hunt to find the ultimate mascara!

-A x

3 thoughts on “Review – NYX Worth The Hype Mascara

  1. I love this mascara and definitely agree I wasn’t a fan at first but it’s so much better when the formula dries up a bit. I’ve never had transfer problems with this mascara specifically but that usually happens to me when my skin is oilier than usual for some reason x

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