Review – Primark X Alex Steinherr One-Step Night Cleanse

Hello my lovelies,

I’m back onto my reviews.. I feel as though I have a fair few products recently waiting to be reviewed so watch this space! Recently I have been on a skincare binge and more specifically cleansers. I have no idea why I brought so many in such a short amount of time but hey here we are! I have tried an array on cleansers in my time and I like a variety of different formulas from balms to oils to your classic cream cleansers it really does depend on my mood as to what one I go for. This cleanser is a little different as it’s an oil to milk formula so obviously I wanted to give it a go.

For me, I feel as though Primark in recent years have really upped their skincare game. Not just with this range but just on a whole and everyone is going crazy for it – affordable skincare, yes please! This collaboration has really caught my end and I am in LOVE with the clay mask in the range which I have reviewed here. Annoyingly the range isn’t in my local stores so when I found a store in London that had the full range I went a little crazy and brought a lot of it and this was one of the products I picked up.

This was quite an interesting product and very quickly caught my eye due to the fact it’s an oil to milk formula. Milk formulas is something I lack in my collection but in the past I have adored I just find them really easy to use and less heavier than a cream. It’s claims are to be a oil-to-milk conditioning cleanser for all skin types. It contains jojoba, calendula and cotton seed. The cleanser claims to melt away a full face of make-up and impurities. Impressive right?

I really love cleansers that come with a pump, I find it a lot easier to get the product out and a lot less messy. I will say the plastic label that goes around the bottle is extremely cheap and it’s just coming away from the bottle which is highly annoying the whole flappy plastic does not look in my collection. However, I do love the artwork and how this is designed it’s clean, and the font I really love. I just know with a quick glance exactly what it is and what it is going to do for me as opposed to searching through the text on the bottle to figure out what it is.

So onto the application and the product itself. I pump this out and as it is a oil based product I use two pumps –  remember a little goes a long way when it comes to an oil! On application this is lovely an oil seems so luxurious and you skin just appreciates it so much however I was just waiting for this to turn more into a milk and it doesn’t. It doesn’t change in texture or consistency one bit which is really disappointing. I use it exactly how the directions state but literally nothing. I mean I’m all up for an oil cleanser and I use them a lot but don’t market a oil to milk formula if it doesn’t actually happen.

Moving on, my skin lapped this up and it really did melt my face make up off like a flipping dream. I can’t tell you how delightful the process is and my skin is massively thankful for it. However, when it came to my eyes this was a different story. It claims to remove eye make up and even waterproof mascara. Although initially there is no irritation and it removes all my make up amazingly well. After sitting on my eyes for around 30 seconds just whilst grabbing my flannel it starts to sting – a lot. My eyes feel sore and my eyes quickly become red and puffy. Now I don’t have sensitive eyes but this really wasn’t that great and honestly it’s just so painful.

Getting past the pain I will say it removes all my make up there is nothing left on my face and I have tested this with going in with another product just to double check.  My skin after using this cleanser feels blooming amazing. I feel that oil based products really do help with this but it’s really quite delightful and I feel that this lasts overnight so my skin still looks and feels impressive the next morning.

Overall, I’m not convinced by this product. I mean don’t get me wrong oil cleansers are great but the whole marketing it as an oil to milk and the formula doesn’t change I have an issue with and the irritation it causes is just something that really puts me off using this more often.  However it’s a blooming good cleanser and it removes my make up with ease and even my eye make up although with pain and irritation. I just don’t know what to do with this product because it’s too good to just put as a second cleanser product but the pain is just not something I can live with on a daily basis. I’m also not one of these people that uses a different product from my eyes to my skin but I think for this product I’m going to have too..

For £5 though it’s not a bad price point at all which to be honest is where most of Primark’s skincare is priced at. Considering you can pay a crazy amount more for the same product I’m ok with not 100% liking it as I only spent £5. Although it seems a fairly small bottle as this is oil based it goes a long way and you could easily use this daily for 6 months and maybe still have some left over. Sadly I can’t link this due to Primark not having a proper website but I will say keep your eye out for the collection in your local store!

Let me know if you have tried this product out and what your thoughts are on it. Also, what would you recommend I try from Primark’s skincare range next?

-A x

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