Review – Lacura Purifying Pink Clay Mask

Hello my lovelies,

Another post, another review. I’m still surprised that I have items to review but here I am going strong with a long list of products waiting to be tried and tested. Recently Aldi have been bringing out a whole host of products within their skincare range and to be honest it’s just rude not to try them out. Sometimes the best way to try new products is to start with an affordable version and then depending on how you can get on you can choose to invest. It saves a lot of money in the long run – trust me!

I’m a massive fan of clay masks, especially the detoxifying versions – anything that claims to help with my blocked pores and oily skin I am all for. I have been wanting to try pink clay masks for some time, but with most masks being £20+ I wasn’t prepare to invest not knowing whether my skin would react well with it.

In walks this little baby that I saw when browsing through Aldi – and to be honest their range is taking the beauty world by storm. A little hint if you want to try something out and you see it – buy it there and then because I can bet the next time you are in store it will be gone! Although it’s very obvious for dupes for more luxe brands – but as per my previous point it’s good to try something at a cheaper price point to ensure that it works for you and then you can decide whether you want to invest. This is my opinion anyway – I’m sure people have varying views.

So let’s start with the packaging – it’s cute right? There is no denying that. Granted mine is a little dirty – but it’s proof that I have been using it right and anyway how do you keep clay masks looking pretty? I will say I did forget to take a picture of the brush it came with which actually I was really impressed with. With clay masks a lot of people do say that applying with a brush is a lot easier and to be honest I had tried with my make up brushes and I don’t think they were the best. So with a dedicated brush I think this a very handy addition especially when you think of the cost!

So, the clay itself is not the texture I thought it was going to be. For me it’s very runny and for the most part clay masks are normally on the thicker side. I was concerned about application but you know you have to trust these things, so I did and as soon as it hit the skin it instantly felt like a clay mask which reassured me. Although it advises to keep the mask on for 15 minutes I normally wait until it goes hard and remove and to be honest it was dry in 10 minutes and I wasn’t able to use my mouth or any other facial feature for that matter.

Washing off I use warm water and a face cloth as I do with every mask and if I am honest this was a bugger to remove. It felt as though in some areas it was stuck onto my face and I think I spent more time removing it than I did with it on which is not something I have had issues with in the past. Something to think about anyway as I ended up walking round with tiny little bits still left on my face!

Did the mask actually do anything? So  it claims to reduce the appearance of imperfections, detoxify your skin leaving you feeling fresh, looking clearer and brighter. My skin did look a whole load better if I’m honest it had a subtle glow which I really love and I felt as though this carried on through the days to follow as I don’t use any other kind of brightening products in my routine. Detoxifying – yes. My pores on my nose which I suffer with the most have really decreased and look a lot better than they usually do which is a massive plus for me. I am always self conscious when it comes to them as it’s very rare I find products that actually seem to help!

Reduce the appearance of imperfections? Not so much. I didn’t feel as though my spots reacted in any way to this mask. They didn’t get worse but they certainly didn’t improve which is something I was a little disappointed by – but I suppose you can’t have it all in a product otherwise it would be too good to be true.

Overall, I’m actually really impressed with this. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin and with the results I have seen I do want to venture a little more into the pink clay world. To be honest though, for this little baby being £5.99 it’s a no brainer not to pick up and I think when I run out of this if I see it again I will most definitely pick it up. I like to have a reliable product in my collection and I think this has just been bumped up in my list of face masks.

If you want to learn a little more about this product or pick it up for yourself head down to your local store or online here

Let me know if you have tried this out before and what your thoughts are on it. Also do you have any recommendations within the Lacura range that I should pick up next?

-A x

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