Review – LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair and Nails*

Hello my lovelies,

So, supplements. Not something I have ever spoken about on my blog before but they are a big talking point within the beauty world. Do they even work and if they do what ones do you choose? It’s a bit of an investment and for something you need to take daily you need to deal with the taste. For me, I have always known supplements to be in a tablet form that you take daily – but it would see how times are now changing. If I was to choose anything to improve it would be the strength of my nails. They are so flimsy and all through my life I have struggled with broken nails, so something that claims to strengthen them I am all for.

In walks LQ Liquid Health. Which, if I am honest I have never heard before but that is because I don’t really look into supplements regularly so this didn’t really phase me. What did interest me is that they are liquid shots that you take every day, which for anyone that struggles to take tablets then this is a big winner. Personally I’m fine at taking tablets but obviously I’m all up for trying it out. LQ claim that liquid supplements are more powerful meaning that they are more effective with faster absorption into the body, tastier and highly concentrated so therefore better results..

I’m going to be honest here, the smell is awful – but if I am honest a lot of supplements never smell pretty they are full of active ingredients and they aren’t there to taste good it’s a product to do a job and strengthen hair, nails and skin. I was happy to look past the smell but my oh my the taste is awful – I’m not here to lie it isn’t nice and you will have to have a strong stomach especially in the morning to swallow these. I really struggled to swallow this and when you don’t like something 50ml is a lot of liquid!

I have completed three weeks of these supplements so just bear this in mind when you are reading this..

My nails definitely improved have improved in their durability although they haven’t strengthened completely there is an improvement and I have noticed my nails are actually breaking less which is amazing – nothing worse than having beautifully long shaped nails and one breaks and it completely ruins the look of the whole hand!

I didn’t notice any difference when it came to my skin, maybe I have just overlooked this part but for me I didn’t think there was any change.. I’m not sure what I expected but in my eyes nothing has changed in the look or feel. I would presume that with this product you would need to use it for a long period of time to notice any difference with your skin but maybe it’s just something I am overlooking and not realising – who knows!

So my hair, I have actually noticed that my hair has strengthened slightly and that my hair has stopped falling out as much. You know when your brush your hair or all your clothes has your hair all over it – it’s a massive frustration for me  I can’t even be angry at a pet because it’s my own hair. Although this has not stopped completely there is decrease in the amount of hair I find lying around my house which I can only put down to these supplements.

Overall, I’m fairly impressed and it’s been an interesting journey trying out liquid supplements. For me, something has got to change for the taste for me to continue to use these regularly because it’s just not pleasant at all and I don’t enjoy the mind games I have to play with myself every day in order to drink all of the liquid. What I am impressed by is that these supplements are gluten, lactose and dairy free which for anyone who has these intolerance you can use these.

I have noticed a different in my hair and nails which has been really great to see and something I would look into continuing taking however, remembering to take this daily would be near on impossible – I’m hopeless especially as I do have daily tablets to take but as these are liquid it’s storage to ensure I actually take them.

For a ten day course the cost is £29.99 which works out to £2.99 a day. Some will find this expensive and some will think this is a bargain to ensure healthy skin, hair and nails. These are now available in Boots so you can always get using your advantage points to try this baby out – also there is a more in depth description of the ingredients within the supplement to ensure the product is right for you.

Let me know if you have tried these before and what your thoughts are on them – also is there any supplements that your swear by that you think I should check out?

-A x

*I have kindly been gifted this product from Sparkle PR/LQ Liquid Health for review purpose however all opinions are my own, this is a completely honest review. 

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