Review – Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Hello my lovelies,

Another Wednesday, another review! I feel like although I have a fair few Tarte products in my collection I never really talk about them which, is a little odd. Mascara’s for me are very hit and miss, it’s extremely personal and to be honest everyone’s lashes are different and to be honest all want different outcomes. To give you a background, my lashes are medium length with a curl – nothing ground breaking but they aren’t awful. In a mascara I look for length and volume but to be honest I’m all for the volume and a mascara that isn’t crazy heavy where there is no curl – to much to ask for?

Before the Shape Tape range, this was one of Tarte’s most popular products. Around two years ago I took the plunge and finally made an order with Tarte after countless trips to their website. I think the whole postage from the US to the UK worried me a little but I ordered around Christmas so I picked up Christmas gifts at the same time so I didn’t have to pay postage.

This was of course top of my list to try, and to be honest the packaging sold it to me. It’s unlike most other mascaras as it’s a material as opposed to a plastic black tube – I will say I think this was it’s biggest USP but when I opened this I was most disappointed to find that the outer packaging is just a gimmick and a mere holder for the actual mascara itself which is just a plain black tube. Slight excess packaging to me and although it’s nice, not exactly the most eco-friendly. I also love that they do limited edition packaging and change it up but I do feel considering they are a brand relatively eco-friendly this does let them down.

Onto the mascara itself, the wand is fairly thin and to be honest when I first looked at it I didn’t expect anything ground breaking as it just looks like a cheap wand. Obviously you have to give it a go and I was fairly impressed. This really does lengthen my lashes as well as creating the volume that I love, there is no clumps and to be honest on first application looks really quite lovely.

What you do have to be careful with is that it’s an extremely wet formula and I very often end up with mascara all over my face as it flies everywhere. I have had this tube for a good two months and it still ends up all over my face which is highly annoying and something I have very little patience for. I just can’t seem to stop it from going everything, I mean I don’t have this problem with any other mascara so it is not user error I promise!

The ware of this is something that is a problem for me. Although it holds the curl and my lashes look good after a 10 hour day, I do have panda eyes. This mascara just ends up all over my eyes and it’s something I am fairly conscious of – the panda look is not pretty! I will say this mascara removes with ease and is something I love so much about the formula. There is no crazy rubbing to get my lashes clean, with ease it’s removed and I have tried this with a number of my cleansers and all have the same results.

Overall, I’m stuck. I’ll be honest and say that I have repurchased this so it must impress me enough to pay the money for another and it is a mascara I regularly recommend to friends and family who have all loved it. For me, whether I’m just being a complete fool the more I use this the more I’m just not impressed. When I first tried this I was able to look past the wetness of the mascara and the panda eyes but now I can’t. Personally, Tarte do a lot better mascaras in their range and for the price tag of £21 I don’t know if I will be picking up another.. it’s just not for me anymore.

If you want to know more about this mascara or want to try it out for yourself see here

Let me know if you have tried this mascara before and what your thoughts are. Also, what’s your go to mascara?

-A x

4 thoughts on “Review – Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

  1. I’ve tried this mascara before and while I don’t hate it, it’s not my fave. I much prefer the Tarteist mascara from Tarte. I know a lot of people who swear by it though. You’re right that we all are different and have different needs so it’s good there are other mascaras out there.

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