Review – Jouer High Coverage Liquid Concealer

Hello my lovelies,

Concealer for me, is something that I don’t very often buy. I find a concealer I like and stick to it, although my concealer collection is fairly extensive I stick to the same two or three products. I feel like I have been stuck in a rut recently and the concealers that I have loved in the past just weren’t working for me anymore. Under my eyes were the biggest problem, it just looked awful every line under my eyes was highlighted and the products were just clinging to everything. It’s fair to say it wasn’t a pretty sight! I just knew I had to try something new..

In walks the Jouer High Coverage Liquid Concealer. Now, I will be honest I have no idea how this ended up in my collection because I didn’t purchase it but I saw it staring at me, unopened, and with the rut I was in I decided to give it a go. Jouer is a brand that has been popular over the last year or two when it comes to concealer, foundation and highlighters so I was pretty interested in what the hype was all about considering I’d never tried anything from the brand before.

So, the packaging.. is pretty damn lovely. Simple yet blooming beautiful. There is something about frosted packaging that just really does it for me I just think it adds that sense of quality to the product. A gold top is always great and the more I look into the brand it fits perfectly into their image. For a concealer, it’s quite chubby. I know that sounds weird but most concealers are fairly slender but this has some substance.

With a chubby tube, comes a fairly large doe foot applicator. To be honest when I saw the size it could be mistaken for a foundation wand as it carries a lot of product on it. It’s something to consider because if you only use a small amount of concealer you would really have to wipe a lot of product off. For me, I don’t have this issue and the applicator works really well. I do sometimes go a little overboard on product but I can always blend it out.

So the product itself. As the name suggests its a high coverage concealer. Serious heavy duty stuff in my eyes. It’s a fairly thick consistency in comparison to most concealers but that’s the price to pay if you require a high coverage base. I find this is great for covering spots, redness etc. but it doesn’t magically make them disappear – however the redness is gone which is sometimes the part you want to conceal anyway. I was worried with this being such a heavy duty concealer that this wouldn’t work under my eyes – but how I was wrong.

This concealer looks beautiful under the eyes and I never have an issue with it looking cakey or it going into fine lines. It’s amazing and to be honest it has completely changed my outlook on concealers. I always worried about putting heavy coverage concealers under my eyes but this is just a game changer. You just don’t need to be afraid with this concealer.

The wear of this is also lovely and keeps oil at bay throughout the day. It works with all my powders and to be honest my skin looks seamless when I wear this. I have noticed such a difference when I use this and to be honest I think I have fallen in love. For me, this a lot better than Tarte’s Shape Tape and Collection Lasting Perfection which are cult favourites in the beauty world.

What I also love about this, is the shade range. There are 25 different shades which by my standards is pretty impressive for a brand. I have the shade custard which is a perfect match for me, even though I have no idea how this came into my collection it magically appeared in a shade that matches me!

For me, this has really changed my concealer game and I cannot stop using it, I am obsessed. It just really works for me. This retails for £16.75 which personally, isn’t too bad for a concealer it’s not going to break the bank and for a reliable concealer it’s well worth the money in my opinion! This has really made me want to try the foundation now so thoughts on that would be great! I just don’t want to be disappointed as the concealer works so well for me.

If you would like to find out more information on the concealer or try it out for yourself see here

Let me know if you have tried this concealer before and what your thoughts are. What is your favourite concealer to use?

-A x

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