Review – The Breath Co. Oral Rinse*

Hello my lovelies,

So this is a slightly different post for me, and although it’s lovely to speak about the ‘pretty’ side of the beauty world. Things like mouth wash is also part of the beauty world as you also need to take care of your mouth. I mean no one wants bad breath! To be honest it’s very rare I find a mouthwash that I like. I’m picky and I don’t want to blown away by the sheer amount of mint in a product which is unfortunately what I find fairly regularly. I’m a tea drinker in the morning and I would like to actually be able to have a cup of tea in the AM without it tasting of mint!

So in walks The Breath Co. I love the story behind this brand where a father was helping his daughter combat bad breath and had tried all the products under the sun before devising his own which helped his daughter and now has made the products available to everyone. To hear reasons as to why people started the brand makes it that little bit more humble and the want to support a brand.

For me, the packaging is a bit much. I mean its bold and it definitely stands out in comparison to other brands, many stick to white, blue to have a more clean, crisp and clinical look. It is still definitely something I am getting used to on my bathroom side! The more I look at it the more intrigued I am by the product I mean the the message is clean and it does get it’s point across and I like that.

So, the product itself. You are instructed to have a cap full of the mouthwash and have in your mouth for one minute, then to protect yourself from the potential of bad breath from the throat gargle for 30 seconds. I know most people will say well I know how long to use mouthwash for but it’s different for every product and depending on where you think your bad breath its coming from there are different options.

I have the flavour mild mint which to be honest is exactly what I want out of a mouthwash. I don’t want to be overpowered by mint especially after brushing my teeth. It’s not something I have seen very often from brands so its very welcomed for me. There is nothing worse than brushing your teeth followed by using a mouth wash to not be able to eat of drink for hours after.

This really is a mild mint and it’s a joy to use. It’s not too overpowering and it’s actually quite a nice flavour especially after brushing your teeth. Its more of a palette cleanser and my mouth feels cleaner and fresher in seconds. Obviously as soon as I spit it out my breath feels fresher and really what the test is, is how long this lasts for.

I’m not one to suffer badly with bad breath but it’s something you want to keep on top of when it comes to oral hygiene. There is nothing worse than getting close to someone and can smell their breath. I’m a big caffeine drinker so throughout the day this is something I am conscious of and to be honest after using this I have asked people to smell my breath and they say it’s rather pleasant. I’m not saying your breath will smell of mint all day but the bad odours really do stay away and that’s exactly what you want with a mouthwash.

Overall, I am really impressed with this. It’s something I have made sure is part of my morning and evening beauty routines. I feel as though a lot of people forget the importance of mouthwash and it really does make a big difference. What I love is that the product is approved for diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, and kosher which is not something many brands are able to say.

This product you can pick up from Boots which is great and I believe other retailers also stock this now. The price is a little expensive for a mouthwash, it comes out at £14.00 per bottle, but to have something that you know is reliable in the cupboard and will do the job it’s worth investing in rather than trying a multitude of different products. The Breath Co also offer different flavours as well as other products which you can check out here

Let me know if you have tried this product before and what your thoughts are on it!

-A x

*I have kindly been gifted this product from Sparkle PR/The Breath Co for review purpose however all opinions are my own, this is a completely honest review. 

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