Top 3 – Drugstore Foundations

Hello my lovelies,

I thought I would continue this little series and share with you my favourite drugstore foundations. My skin, to give you a little background is pretty much oily. I occasionally suffer with dry areas around my nose but that pretty much is about it. Due to my oily skin I opt for matte finishes as I need something that will give me a bit of control. However, I look for foundations that won’t leave me completely flat I prefer a more natural matte look where my freckles can shine though a little so my base actually looks like skin – I hope that makes sense!

I have tried numerous different foundations in my time and I think these 3 really are the best for my skin type and frankly I just can’t get enough. Although I love to splurge on high end foundations the drugstore has so many good products to offer!

Maybelline – Fit me Foundation in 110 see here

What a foundation. I thoroughly enjoy using this foundation. It’s just perfect and does exactly what it says on the tin – matte and poreless skin. I mean, who doesn’t want that? What really works for me is that it is aimed towards normal to oily skin – your probably thinking well why does this matter? Well, with it being aimed at people with normal skin (side note – very jealous!) the finish of this is not completely flat. It’s able to give a more soft finish so that your skin actually looks like skin.

This is a medium coverage foundation which of course is buildable but I like the whole being able to see my freckles through my foundation it is more of a natural look which is what I love. This never looks thick or cakey and just lasts beautifully throughout the day. I never have to worry about this highlighting my imperfections it just stays in place all day. I would say it lasts a good 10 hours before it starts to look a bit meh, but for a full day work you are all good!

Revolution – Conceal and Define Foundation in F2 see here

So this is my most recent discovery and my oh my it’s fantastic. I love everything about it from the packaging to the product itself. This one is a little different from the rest as it has a doe-foot applicator. If you haven’t used a foundation with a doe-foot applicator then you need to because application is just so much easier! There is no mess or fuss just straight onto the face.

For me, this is a very similar product to the Clinique 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer which is a fraction of the price. I would say out of the three this is the most matte coverage and if you love a completely matte finish to then add in shade and light with other products then this is the one for you. It really is amazing and this is the one I reach for the most out of the three at the moment. I very rarely need to put concealer on top of this product as the coverage is so good which if you are in a rush then bonus points. I have written a recent review on this here so if you want a little more information then go check it out.

L’Oreal – Infallible 24H Matte Foundation in Vanilla see here

This is my long time favourite foundation and has been with me through all my skin woes. If I’m in a rut with my foundation or my skin is having a bad time and I need to use a foundation that I know will work this is the one I keep coming back to. Reliable is the word I would use to describe the foundation and I adore it. I have been through so many tubes of this and I know that this will forever to continue.

This is the highest coverage out of the three in this post which is what I need when my skin isn’t playing ball which unfortunately has been a lot recently – blooming hormones! I just know what I am going to get with this foundation – matte, full coverage, flawless foundation. I recommend this foundation to all my friends and family because it’s just so damn good. My make up always sits so beautifully when I use this and I know whether I’m going to work or going on a night out this will always have my back.

Let me know if you have tried any of these foundations and what your thoughts are on them. Also, what’s your favourite matte foundation from the drugstore?

-A x

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