Review – Barry M Sandstorm Eye Shadow Palette

Hello my lovelies,

Another Wednesday, another review. I said to myself this year that I would stop buying eye-shadow palettes but here I am reviewing my second palette of the year and we are only 3 months in. I have a problem. I’m sucked into the warm shadows and glitters. It also doesn’t help that I love trying new products, especially from brands I don’t use very often. Barry M isn’t a brand I tend to buy from, it just seems too young for me? Nothing seems to jump out for me to try until I saw this little baby calling my name..

With more affordable brands the packaging isn’t as pretty and that’s ok because you know what you are paying for. It’s in typical plastic packaging, but what I love about this is that you can actually see the colours as opposed to it being matte black, not really knowing whats in them until you open it. To be honest this is how palettes then get forgotten about in my collection because I don’t know what is inside. Seeing the colours as opposed to a standard black casing, this is probably is the only reason why it caught my eye because I fell in love with the colours straight away.

Although this is a warm toned palette there are a lot of colours that I wouldn’t really associate with one another but actually it works really well. I believe all bar two colours are matte and the rest are baked metallics or glitter shades – which is totally ok because this is how they market the products so really you can’t be disappointed however the two shades that are, for me aren’t right. All I ask for is a matte crease shade and then a darker shade for the outer corner. Not a pale pink and a reddish-brown – but it’s workable, but it’s just personal preference

The metallic shades in this palette are amazing. The formulation of these are really quite impressive and I love using them all. They are great for a shadow on their own or part of a eye look. They are soft, pigmented and last all day on the lid – I do use a primer underneath however I have tried it without and they are still going strong at the end of the day. There is also no fall out of the metallic shades which is amazing, it’s something I always worry about with these types of shadows – I’m sure I’m not the only one!

The glitter and matte shades are a little hit and miss. Some are really great pigmentation and some aren’t as comparable. It’s what I have never understood about eye shadows in a same palette why are the formulas are so different – very frustrating! Looking at the swatches I have taken, the shades look fairly similar but I promise you they are not. They all work together to create some beautiful looks and blend with one another so easily which really is a delight especially for a more affordable palette.

I will be honest and say I wasn’t expecting much from this palette, mainly because of the brand and I just didn’t know what to expect. I am really politely surprised by this palette and couldn’t be more impressed by this, especially for the price of this which is £12.99 this works out to 66p a shadow which is great value for money in my opinion.

I have created so many different looks using this and I adore them. Whether I’m looking for a day or even a night look this palette is able to do it all, which actually quite a unique thing. Even if you are not a warm toned sort of person I still think this could work as there are a fair few neutral shades and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? I have used this pretty much every day since I brought this was well over a month ago and I still don’t think I will be using anything else anytime soon.

I do feel that this really has changed my mind when it comes to Barry M and with how impressed I am with this palette I think I will have to try out what else they have to offer. If you would like a bit more information on the palette or if you would like to pick one up for yourself see here

Let me know if you have tried this palette out and what your thoughts are. Also, if you have recommendations on other Barry M products I should try please let me know!

-A x

11 thoughts on “Review – Barry M Sandstorm Eye Shadow Palette

  1. I think it was the treasure chest palette I swatched from barrym, it’s similar to this! The shimmer shades were so incredible, but I do find with pretty much all my palettes that the matte shades are hit or miss! Gorgeous photos btw x


  2. Such beautiful shades in this palette! I adore Barry M products. I started to use them way back when crackled nail varnish was in fashion (remember that trend?) and ever since, they’re my go-to brand for all nail varnishes. They have such excellent colours and are really great quality! xxx


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