Review – SilverCrest Hair Straightening Brush

Hello my lovelies!

Another hair related review – I said 2019 was the year I would try a little harder to broaden my horizons and here we are! Most people know I do very little with my hair, I have a lot of hair but it’s extremely fine so to do anything with it can be a little frustrating. Luckily, my hair is pretty straight but can be a little frizzy and depending how I slept on it can be a little curly so all I normally do is brush my hair and that’s it. No heat. I don’t even own straighteners anymore. I am getting to the point where I feel on certain occasions I don’t want to straighten my hair but just to be able to take away the frizz, which is where this product comes in..

This isn’t a new invention and I believe they have been around for some time and to be honest I have never thought of picking one up. However, I saw a few people on Instagram pick this up and I was intrigued. Yes, I’m that sucker that is on the bandwagon instantly to know whether it’s for me or not. Now, SilverCrest isn’t a brand I had heard of before and I will be honest and say I wouldn’t of just picked this up on a whim as it is stocked in Lidl.

For those people who are unaware of what Lidl is, it is a affordable supermarket within the UK which has taken the country by storm. Not only do they sell groceries but they also sell a range of other things within their ‘middle aisles’ which can range to baby wear, power tools & beauty along with everything in between. You have to be quick though as they only have a certain amount of each item and once they are gone that’s it. They update their stock twice a week so every time you are in there you normally have a range of new things to have a look at.

So this was £9.99 and to be honest I thought even if this doesn’t work for me at least I can say I have tried it and not broke the bank with an expensive version. I love the colour scheme of this, black and a beautiful dusty metallic pink. For me, it has a little resemblance to GHD..

To turn this on all you do is plug it is and press the on button on the handle. You do have to press down for a little while but the digital screen will come on and you will hear a beep. You can alter the temperature according to your hair and the heat that you want to put on it which I always think is great. The degrees on the digital screen will flash until it reaches temperature so you know when it is ready. For me, this does take a long while to do, but I suppose for the price they are never going to be as quick as the likes of GHD so it’s worth bearing in mind.

Above, this is my natural hair which is a little wavy and can be a little frizzy.  To be honest, the reason why I don’t do much with my hair is because I prefer longer in bed – priorities! However, rather than taking time with straighteners I would like my hair to be fairly slick and this is what I wanted this today – just to tidy my hair up in about 5 minutes. Which in theory sounds great but when it takes 5 minutes to heat up you kind of think it was better to use straighteners!

Above, is a picture of me having used the hair straighteners and actually I’m fairly impressed. I found them really easy to use although a definite must is to brush your hair before hand because it does not deal with knots! This did take a lot less time the straighteners and actually as it’s not clamping your hair together your hair doesn’t look as though it’s been in a straight jacket and you’re not left with any awkward kinks of where you may of missed a piece of hair.

I feel as though you are left with fairly naturally straight hair without looking like it’s been straightened – I know that sounds odd but I hope you know what I mean! I feel as though my hair stays fairly straight for about 2 days which isn’t bad going in my book. I just find it a little niggling that the process takes longer than I anticipated due to the amount of time it takes to heat up to temperature – but I suppose what do you expect for £9.99!

Overall, I am really impressed with this. When I have a little spare time in the morning I’m always using this. For me, I feel as though I no longer have a need for straighteners. I mean I’m always looking at the latest GHD straighteners as they are so pretty but with this Iv’e stopped looking – I have finally found what I have been looking for all these years. I no longer have frizzy, kinky hair!

I would definitely recommend keeping your eye out for this in your local Lidl store. I can’t seem to find a link to them I’m afraid but I believe they come into store fairly often, and when I say often I would say every 6 months.. Just know if you see this – I would try it out especially for the price!

Let me know if you have tried this before and what your thoughts are on it. Also, what is the best product you have used for straightening your hair?

-A x

8 thoughts on “Review – SilverCrest Hair Straightening Brush

  1. This looks great, especially if you haven’t got time to sit and straighten your hair! Such a great price too, I’ve picked up a hairdryer from Lidl before and had no problems with it! xx

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  2. I’ve always wondered about these types of tools but like you didn’t want to break the bank to be disappointed. They always seem more suitable for people that already have basically straight hair, which mine is not! I would try this though if I ever saw it 🙂

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