Boots & TKMAXX Haul

Hello my lovelies,

So going beauty shopping was not on the cards this month, but hey here we are. I just seem to get sucked in by the offers and deals that are on in store. I’m a sucker for popping into TKMAXX and seeing what little gems I can find. Although I didn’t find much I am excited about the things I did pick up. Boots, well need I say more. Who can just walk in there for what they need and come out with only what is on their list – because that certainly is not me!

Batiste – Dry Shampoo in Cherry see here

So if you have read any of my posts before then you know I am obsessed with this. It’s the only dry shampoo I use and will ever use. I always pick these up whether I need them or not when they are on offer just because I seem to go through these bottles like there is no tomorrow. To be honest Batiste seem to have offers on these so frequently that I very rarely pay full price for them!

Barry M – Molten Metal Nail Paint in Rocket see here

I actually picked this up as it was a free gift as I spent over £7 on Barry M products, you’ll see this shortly! I don’t ever pick up nail polishes anymore as I’m one of those people who has their nails done. If I was to pick up a nail polish though, they would be Barry M I just find the formulation really great and they seem to last the longest. I had no idea this was a range – shows how much I pay attention but I saw this on their advert and I was sold that was the colour I was going to pick. I’m sure I will get round at some point at trying this out!

Real Techniques – Miracle Complexion Sponges see here

I was in real need of replacing my sponges.. after a while no matter how much you clean them they still look awful and the application just isn’t the same. I only use these and the original Beauty Blender. These are such good value for money! I use these to apply foundation and concealer, I can’t remember the last time I used a brush to apply them! I will be doing a post soon about the miracle complexion sponges VS the original Beauty Blenders so if you are deciding what ones to try keep your eye out for that post!

Aussie – Miracle Moist Conditioning Spray see here

This is a repurchase for me that was actually on my list as I’m running low on the one I currently have. I have such tangled hair and this for me is a complete life saver. I just spritz this on my hair and I’m able to brush right through with no knots. I also love that it gives me a little bit more moisture in my hair after a hair wash – I have dry ends so anything that will help with that I am all for! If you are in need of a good de-tangler I highly recommend this one.

Anastasia Beverley Hills – Liquid Lipstick in Trouble see here

This was one of the gems that I managed to pick up from TKMAXX. I have seen ABH products in there for quite a while but nothing seemed to reach out to me until I saw the liquid lipsticks. This was £9.99 instead of £20 which is what they currently retail for – BARGAIN. I haven’t tried the formula before which is why I only brought one instead of all the different shades I could find. I really hope that this lives up to my expectations as for me ABH is a brand that haven’t disappointed me yet. This is a beautiful mauve nude which is the sort of shade I am obsessed with at the moment. I shall report back and let you know how I get on.

Nip + Fab – Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads see here

This was the reason why I went into TKMAXX as my previous pack of these I managed to pick up for £5 but to my disappointment they didn’t have any. Luckily I walked into Boots and saw they were half price so that was my calling to immediately pick them up. This was a recommendation from my sister last year and my oh my what an amazing product. I can’t tell you how much I adore them. Although you can use these for daily use I stick to 2/3 times a week as I have other products I use in my routine.

I’m just obsessed and I don’t know how my skin survived without them. Although I haven’t written a full review on these I had to mention them in my Top 10 Beauty Products of 2018 post as I just flipping love them. If you are in the market for a new exfoliating product I would try this out especially whilst they are on offer.

Barry M – Baked Eye Shadow Palette in Sandstorm see here

I did not need another eye shadow palette in my life but I saw this and I was sucked in. The palette just has some of the most gorgeous shades and I just couldn’t walk away. I am a complete sucker for warm toned palettes. To be honest this is good value for money with the shadows working out at 77p each. Now I have never tried eye shadows from Barry M so I have no idea what to expect, to be honest I can’t remember the last product I even brought from them. I will of course try this out and let you know how I get on – who knows this could be my new cult palette!

Batiste – 2 in 1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner see here

I picked this little baby up from TXMAXX for £2.99 which I thought was a really good deal. For some reason I don’t actually think it’s retailed now, which is a little worrying it took me ages to get a link to this product! Anything that will help my hair from being like straw I am all for so when I saw my favourite dry shampoo with conditioner I obviously wasn’t going to pass up the chance to try this out. I will let you know what I think of this, problem is – if I like this I feel as though this is going to be a pain to get hold of..

L’Oreal – Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-balancing Shampoo & Conditioner see here

Now last but by no means least, my new favourite shampoo and conditioner of all time. I am literally am obsessed and I can’t tell you how much difference these have made to my hair. These will be my third bottles of this already and I don’t see myself using anything else anytime soon. If you struggle with oily roots but dry ends I highly recommend trying them out. I have actually written a full review about this range here if you want to read more.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them! Thank you for reading

-A x

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