February Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

Sorry, am I the only one that thinks February has just flow by!? I know it’s a shorter month but seriously I feel like were are only two weeks in and yet here we are at the end. It’s been  crazy old month and I have loved every second. That start of February saw me celebrate my sisters Hen Do in Budapest which was an amazing weekend, followed by evenings out with all my favourite people. This month saw the month of change in my skin and I can honestly say my skin is nearly as smooth as a babies bum – finally!

Lush – Snow Fairy Body Spray

So as this is a Christmas range, it is currently not out BUT you can always prepare. I eyed this up last year when the snow fairy range came out and I had no idea they were selling body sprays. I instantly added this to my Christmas list because who wouldn’t want to smell of snow fairy at all times? I mean I’m not sure how I feel still about the whole cleaning bottle vibe but my oh my if you love snow fairy you will love this. I have been spritzing this left right and centre, my perfumes have barely been touched.

I am constantly asked by people what I am wearing and they are always so impressed that it’s from Lush. The longevity of this scent is incredible. I would say easily I can still smell this on me after a days work which, let’s be honest you can’t say about many fragrances. I believe Lush do other scents which are out all year round but I will be queuing at the door to get this again when the Snow Fairy Christmas range is launched again!

Garnier – Pure Active 3 in 1 Clay see here

I think this is one of the reasons why my skin has significantly improved in the last month. It’s a pretty harsh exfoliator/scrub so if your skin can take it I would highly suggest you pick this up. I leave this on for a minute of two and I can really feel it working removing all the unwanted oils in my skin as well as unclogging my pores. It’s been my life saver.

I would say only use this around twice a week – personally that’s enough for my skin. The difference that this has is crazy. I wish I did a before and after picture of my skin to show the improvement and this has really had something to do with it. Who needs all these fancy acids that cost £50+ when Garnier can sort you out at a fraction of the price?

L.A Girl – Pro. Conceal see here

I have had this collection for a while and to be honest I was running low on my favourite Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer and I decided to shop my stash instead of buying a cheaper alternative. I’m so glad I did because I completely fell in love with this all over again. The colour is perfect for me and the coverage it has on unwanted spots or redness. To be honest it’s done just as good job as my double wear concealer without being as thick on the skin. It’s such a versatile concealer and I know they have brought out colour correctors as well as people using the darker shades for a contour product which I am yet to try.

MAC – Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre see here

I did another shop my stash because my Urban Decay primer potion is running low and I am trying to wait until I return to IMATs in May to repurchase so I decided to try something else. A few years ago I loved using these paint pots for a base and to be honest I just completely forgot it was in my collection. My favourite shade in the collection in Painterly however, this one is also really lovely and I am very impressed by. The longevity is there but the pigmentation of the shadows is lost throughout the day a little as opposed to the Urban Decay Paint Pot but after a 9 hour day at work I’m normally ready to just get it off my face anyway.

Primark X Alex Steinherr Super Detox Clay Mousse Face Mask

As you know with Primark, I can’t link to the product but if your local Primark stocks this then I would highly recommend picking this up! I really think this is the other reason why my skin has improved so much. I mean I wasn’t holding out much hope when I brought it – but you do have to watch for those quiet ones! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this and the difference in my skin. I have written recently a full review of this product here so please do go check it out if you want some more information.

Too Faced – Melted Matte in Queen B see here

I think this has got to be one of my all time favourite liquid lipsticks and the shade is just perfect. It’s a muted blue toned pink which I just wear all the time. It works with so many different looks I create and I never have to worry about wear or looking like an absolute idiot. This month has well and truly been the month of Queen B – I adore it.

NARS – Laguna Bronzer see here

I know this is looking a bit worse for wear, but it just shows just how much I adore it. When I hit pan a few months ago I said to myself I would stop using it as I just was to scared to use it all up and come to the conclusion I would have to buy another but this month I just needed it back in my life. It’s the perfect bronzer for me and I just can’t stop using it. I have just remembered that I have this in a NARS palette I already own so I know I have a back up of this so I will now use it ’till my hearts content – winning!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them – I’d love to know!

-A x

22 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. I have been incredibly impressed with the Garnier skin products lately. While I love the higher end products, sometimes you honestly don’t have to spend that much.

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