Review – Primark X AlexSteinherr Super Detox Clay Mousse Face Mask

Hello my lovelies,

Face masks. What an industry it has turned into now. I literally cannot keep up with all the different face masks that are being released from literally everyone. Gone are the days of the only choice being the 7th Heaven masks for £1 in your local Superdrug or Boots (if you know – you know!) I have such an array of face masks in my collection but yet still I buy more.. I’m not the only one surely?

With my skin being fairly oily I do tend to go for more mattifying, detoxing, balancing face masks which means lots of mud masks which I adore. Primark for me, as much as I love them I usually stay away from their skincare and make up – just because I haven’t heard crazy amounts and what I have heard is very mixed. If I do find something I like the sound of and want to try – odds are it’s not in my local stores or they have been opened and touched and is not worth buying.

When I heard this range launch I thought, do you know what – it’s time to try something. Obviously I looked through my local store and they didn’t have any of the range in stock. Luckily, on my travels I went to Tottenham Court Road Primark which in my opinion is AMAZING they stock EVERYTHING. So obviously, the whole range was there. I could of gone totally crazy and brought everything but with me meant to be reigning in my purse strings I thought I would stick to this face mask, which actually with it being a mousse I was very intrigued.

I love the packaging of this, although it’s pretty minimalist it looks the part and to be honest it looks a lot more expensive than the £5 I paid for it. Sometimes, simple is best and I think they have done so well with the colours and the font – clean & simple. I adore that it comes with a pump – what a great idea! As this is classed as a mousse it allows the product to go through a pump rather than getting stuck and clogging up. I think for knowing how much to use – a pump system always works.

I use one maybe two pumps – depending on how my skin is looking per application. If I’m honest I don’t feel in texture that there is any major differences to a standard clay mask – it’s still relatively thick however I do notice that it’s a lot lighter on my skin. I leave the mask on for around 10-15 minutes until it dries, which like most clay masks it dries hard and you end up not being able to move your face.

Unlike other detoxifying masks, you never see any excess oils surface on the mask or the little dots as to where your pores are. Which to me, is very odd. To me, this shows that it is getting to my problem areas and actually doing something. The first time I used this just before I rubbed this off I was really disappointed. I removed the mask as usual with warm water and a flannel and I think that when the results started to show.

I instantly noticed a difference in my skin, mainly in the texture but also you could see that the spots on my face decreased in redness and dramatically reduced in size. Even the next morning the difference still remains which I am super impressed by. I’m not one that has the time to use face masks 2/3 times a week. I make sure on a Sunday evening that I pop a face mask on and to be honest with using this for the past 4 weeks my skin has dramatically improved.

I was really getting disheartened about my skin and was trying my normal products that I use to get rid of spots and uneven texture and nothing was working. I just can’t believe this little baby from Primark has helped with my skin and how different it looks. I keep looking in my local store for this but still can’t find it anywhere but when I do I am definitely stocking up as this is one of the best face masks I have ever use and trust me I have been through a fair few!

For £5, you really can’t complain and I would say you would get at least 10 uses out of this so great value for money. It’s just so frustrating that it’s a bugger to get hold of. I would highly recommend this mask if you are looking for a new detoxifying mask or wanting to help reduce the redness and size of spots it was such a massive lifesaver!

As you know, Primark don’t have an online shopping website but they do have information of this product and the full range here if you would like to find out what else they offer. I’m seriously gutted I didn’t pick anything else up from the range when I had the chance.

Let me know if you have tried this mask before or anything else in the Alex Steinherr range as I would love to know what your thoughts are.

What is your favourite face mask to use?

-A x

9 thoughts on “Review – Primark X AlexSteinherr Super Detox Clay Mousse Face Mask

  1. I’m in love with this mask 😍 Primark is a nightmare for not only finding the decent products but also getting them in local stores but they have some absolute gems! The eye cream from this range is fab as well but that’s the only other thing I’ve tried x


      1. It’s called eye overnight mask or something like that and it comes in a cute mini pump bottle but I need to try more of this range. They don’t stock it in my local Primark though 😓


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