Review – Wet N Wild Rose In The Air Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my lovelies,

I am a sucker for an eye shadow palette. I get sucked in with the pretty colours even though I have 10 that I already own that have relatively the same colours. I wouldn’t even like to have a guess at how many palettes I own. However, in recent months I have been trying to stay away from buying any more until recently where I just knew I needed to get hold of a Wet N Wild palette since they were being stocked in the UK. How could I say no? I’m a complete warm toned girl and this palette just called my name and obviously with the little will power I have – I gave in.

Wet N Wild is a brand that I have never tried anything from before, however back in the day their eye shadow palettes were incredibly popular. I just wasn’t interested in paying high shipping fees for a relatively cheap palette. When I found it was being stocked finally in the UK I thought now is finally the time I can get my hold on one. I knew as soon as I saw the different palettes this was the one for me – come on look at that burnt orange shade!

This, for me has vibes of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette which I complete adore and use all the time. I love palettes that guide you to how you use the colours as to some a palette like this can seem over whelming but the top and bottom shades are transition shades and on the back it explains how to work with the rest which is a lovely thing to do in my eyes especially when you are wanting to experiment with new colours but have no clue what you are doing.

The packaging is pretty basic and plastic, but it is a drugstore brand that is priced at the lower end of the scale. I do think they are really thought about the packaging though as it opens from the side meaning that there is less chance of the cover breaking – which I’m all for. I also love that there are bigger pans for the transition shades as realistically these are the two shades that will be used the most.

Above, are the shades in the palette – the lighting wasn’t the best I do apologise but they are true to shade and unedited! What I love is that all the shades are so wearable in this palette there isn’t any that are crazy scary to me where I think I’d never use it which is what I find with a lot of palettes. However, I do think there is a lack of shimmery shades. Just having one, in my eyes in not enough and therefore lacks a little versatility.

The pigmentation for me, is ok. For the price it’s good but it certainly doesn’t compare with the likes of Anastasia Beverley Hills or Huda Beauty. I do believe that depending on the colour, the formulations are a little different. What I would say is that I never suffer with any fall out and they are all on the more creamy side of the spectrum when it comes to formula.

For £5.99 this works out to 59p a shade, which really you can’t complain about. Personally I couldn’t rely on this for a night out look, I just don’t feel as though the pigmentation is there for me especially when I know I love the colours. However, I do love this for creating day time looks that aren’t crazy heavy and it means I can give my more expensive palettes a little break. I just wish it swapped maybe one of the darker matte shades for a shimmery shade just to be able to mix eye looks up a little more which I believe would seriously improve the palette – I suppose this is personal preference.

I know this will be in my collection for some time and for anyone that is wanting to experiment with new colours then this is a great addition to a collection. Would I buy any others in the range? No. But, that’s just because I love these colours and the rest don’t really appeal to me enough to buy them. I do love buying drug store palettes as I don’t believe there are enough affordable brands offering palettes.

If you would like more information or want to pick it up for yourself see here

Let me know if you have tried this palette or any others in the range. Whats your favourite affordable eye shadow palette?

-A x

7 thoughts on “Review – Wet N Wild Rose In The Air Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I’m such a warm-toned girl as well, I always say to myself that I’m going to venture out to some cooler toned palettes but I never end up doing it haha. The colours in this palette look gorgeous and I’m definitely getting Modern Renaissance vibes as well. My eyes immediately drew towards the burgundy shade, it’s stunning! It’s a shame the quality isn’t as good as it could be, but for the price it sounds pretty good and it looks perfect for travelling.

    Alice x

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    1. I know I try to venture out but I just get sucked in to warm toned colours. Yea I mean for a palette for this price I can’t really complain but have to be honest as if the formulation was there this would be a firm favourite for me. Thank you for reading xo

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