Empties #20

Hello my lovelies,

I have a feeling I do these posts way to often, I think it just shows how many products I do truly own and get through which is unfortunately a fair amount! I literally have nothing left in my basket so who knows I may have a little break of these. As with any Empties posts I have a few repeat offenders, but some that have never been featured before – a good balance I think!

Lancome – Hypnose Mascara see here

This to me is overall a disappointment. A while back I heard a lot of talk about how impressive Lancome mascaras were and when I went to the counter for what I wanted a mascara to achieve I decided this was the best one for me. I quickly tried it and fell in love, it was everything I was looking for in a mascara, great volume and my lashes were holding its curl. There was no flaking or panda eyes in site. The part that really let itself down is that after using this for about 2 weeks it dried up.

Now, I appreciate mascaras dry up over time – that’s a given. However when paying £25 and only using it for 2 weeks I am not impressed. Every so often I have tried to use this again and use all the tips and tricks to loosen the formula again but nothing has worked. I feel like this was a complete waste of money as I barely got to enjoy it..

Primark – PS, Love This Oval Cosmetic Pads

Do I really need to go on about these? For me, they are the best cotton pads on the market. Don’t knock them ’till you have tried them. 90p for a pack and they don’t crumble or break away. They are the perfect size and do exactly what I need them to do. Why pay more when something so amazing is around? I obviously have 2 packs waiting to be used so there is no question about repurchasing!

Loreal – Infallible 24H Matte Foundation see here

I have mentioned this a fair amount recently on my blog including my January Favourites and Top 10 Beauty Products of 2018 – I can’t help it I just have a lot of love for this foundation. For me, I believe this is the best high street foundation out there. It’s always my go to especially for day to day use, when it comes to evenings out I opt for something with a little more coverage but ultimately you could use this and build it up a little further (I just choose to use other foundations so they don’t feel left out!).

It’s a medium coverage foundation, however it’s completely buildable without your skin feeling or looking cakey. The mattifying element in this is probably the best I have tried especially from the drugstore. It instantly mattifies the skin without looking completely flat, it’s a little difficult to explain but the finish is just beautiful. The oil control is also another winner for me, rarely do I feel as though I need to powder throughout the day which is a massive thing because I just don’t have the time nor the want to keep topping up my make up throughout the day.

I’m going to stop talking about this as I could be here for days, just know it’s amazing & if you are on the hunt for a new matte foundation – try this one!

Batiste – Dry Shampoo in Cherry see here

Another repeat offender. I just love Batiste Dry Shampoo. There is nothing more to say. I think it’s a life saver and I cannot live my life without it. If you haven’t tried this stuff, you need to – seriously your hair game will improve!

Soap & Glory – Clean on Me Clarifying Shower Gel see here

I have had this before and to be honest, I never personally buy them I always receive Soap and Glory gift sets. As shower gels goes, it does the job. I’m clean. But, is it my favourite – no. Would I repurchase myself –  no. It doesn’t foam up and it’s not particularly moisturising to my skin. I don’t even appreciate the pump as it’s a bugger to try and get the remnants from this.  I just feel for the price, I can’t justify repurchasing. For me, it just doesn’t even come close to Lush shower gels which I would happily pay a little more for.

L’Oreal – Elvive Extraordinary Clean Re-Balancing Conditioner see here

What a product. Groundbreaking! Finally a product that realises that people have oily roots AND dry ends. The amazing thing is that this actually works. My hair has never felt so clean, soft and less oily in the longest time. I don’t really understand all the science behind it but they has made the biggest difference to my hair and is a complete breakthrough product. I have already repurchased this and began using it as soon as it run out which is completely unlike me – I’m just so impressed. If you have oily roots and dry ends like me then I highly recommend you try this out.

Anastasia Beverley Hills – Brow Wiz see here 

This is a fairly good product. Do I think it’s the best brow pencil on the market? No. I’m just so unsure why this has so much praise, don’t get me wrong it does it’s job but I just don’t believe it is anything groundbreaking. I have compared this to Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil which spoiler alert, I much prefer. I have another one of these that I picked up on sale and I will use that one up but after that I think this won’t be coming back into my collection. It’s just not special enough for me and for the price of £22 I can’t justify keep buying it..

L’Oreal – Hydra Genius see here

Another L’Oreal product, I know. I promise I do have other brands in my collection that I use! This for me is a staple skincare item. I think this is the second bottle I have been through and I already have another one waiting to be used. It’s such a lovely daytime moisturiser that is so light and refreshing on the skin. My skin feels hydrated throughout the day and for the price it is a complete no brainer in my eyes. I have written a full review of this here if you would like more information on this.

Botanics – Softening Cleanser see here 

I have really enjoyed using this cleanser. It’s nothing ground breaking but it does exactly what it says on the tin. I was impressed that with this being the first product I have tried from the brand I have really enjoyed. My skin has also really thanked me for it. It removes all makeup easily even my mascara which doesn’t irritate my eyes. I love what this brand stands for. I will probably repurchase this but I have an awful lot of cleansers in my collection so for now it will go on the list of bits to buy at some point. If you want to know a little more I have written a review about this here

Benefit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil see here

Last but by no means least, my favourite ever brow product to walk this earth. I adore this product, me and my eyebrows just can’t be without it. I effortlessly create the shape I want for my brows and adding definition and hairs where I need to. It’s completely changed my brow game in recent years and I am forever thankful it’s in my life. I have of course already gone out and brought another one of these, I think I have lost count with the amount I have gone through of these. Long may my love affair continue with this product.

2 gold stars if you made it to the end, I just get carried away and end up babbling! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them.

-A x

10 thoughts on “Empties #20

  1. I have a bathroom cupboard full of soap and glory shower gels from Christmas gift sets (I’m glad I’m not the only one). I love Primark beauty products! The cotton pads are probably the things I buy most often from there! xxx


  2. I can’t believe how fast that mascara dried out! I’d be fuming after paying that much, I’d be storming up to their make-up counter to complain honestly haha. I absolutely LOVE that L’Oreal shampoo, along with the conditioner they’re such an amazing duo for my hair. I’m so glad there’s finally something for people with oily roots and dry ends, it’s about time! With the Soap & Glory shower gel, I adore the smell but you’re right, it’s not all that moisturising and I’d happily pay a little more money for the likes of LUSH to make my skin feel better x

    Alice // http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


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