Review – Dior ‘Diorshow’ Pump’N’ Volume Mascara

Hello my lovelies,

Mascara. My eye looks are never complete without mascara, my collection is extensive as I love to try new ones. For a mascara I love big fat lashes with volume. I have fairly long lashes but they don’t hold a curl. Eye lash curlers are my best friend however you still need to rely on a mascara. I do prefer a bristle/brush wand as opposed to plastic, for me it’s just a lot easier to work with.

I don’t normally spend an awful lot of money on mascara, I would say £20 is about my limit. But, obviously this is a bit of an exception. In walks the Dior ‘Diorshow’ Pump’N’Volume mascara. I don’t own a lot from Dior, I’m not sure why it’s just a brand that has never really called out to me. At Christmas I received double of the same item so I decided to exchange it for something else and I chose this. I will say, I didn’t pay £28 for the mascara. I paid around £18 for the mascara and primer in a set which was on sale after Christmas which I thought was a fair price.

I have heard bits and pieces about Dior mascaras, and on the whole it has been pretty positive. As I don’t follow the brand, I hadn’t heard of the specific mascara but when it has volume in the title I’m there!

I really like the packaging of this, it’s simple but the Dior logo is on show and it shows the elegance of the brand. What is a little different about the tube is that towards the bottom it turns into a squeezy tube which I have never experienced before. To be honest, even after having this in my collection for a little while I still haven’t got used to it. Although this has a plastic wand, I wanted to give it a go and see whether I could be converted..

I find the wand on application harsh on my eyes, but it does a good job of coating my lashes fairly well. To achieve the look I normally go for with my lashes I would say you would need around 3-4 coats of this, which for me is a little excessive considering I normally only use around 2 coats with the rest of my mascaras. The finish of the mascara is really lovely, it holds my curl and creates beautiful volume – it just takes a little while to get there!

After a few hours wear though is wear the problems for me begin to show.. I find this is very flaky and I always start to have the whole panda eye vibe look which just isn’t great considering most of the time whilst at work I don’t have a chance to keep looking in the mirror to sort myself out.

My biggest issues with this though is how difficult this is to remove. I have tried so many different cleansers and it’s like glue – it barely moves. It means I am left scrubbing for some time leaving my eyes red and sore, which to be honest I have never suffered with before and I certainly don’t have sensitive eyes. I instantly regret wearing this mascara when I get to the bathroom at the end of the day because I know I will be there for a long time which for me just isn’t how you should feel when using a product.

I wanted to speak about the primer separately.. as I have slightly different views on this product. The packaging and the wand are exactly the same which is to be expected, however there is no squeezy tube at the bottom which instantly makes me feel better. This is the first mascara primer I have used and to be honest, I am really impressed. I have only tried it with the Dior mascara but there are definite differences when using the primer before the mascara.

One coat of this really lengthens my lashes further as well as separating them so they are not to go clumpy. It means I only have to apply 2 coats of the mascara as opposed to 3-4 which 1. saves a lot of time and 2. saves a ridiculous amount of product on my eyes. I still find that even with less amount of product my lashes it is no easier to remove but the ease of application is a lot better.

Overall, I’m not that impressed with the mascara. Personally, I would not pay £28 for the mascara and another £28 for the lash primer. I have a lot better mascaras in my collection that are a fraction of the price. I’m still not convinced about the Pump element of this either and I don’t see whether I squeeze the tube before use or not that there is any difference. I always try to give this the benefit of the doubt but as soon as I wear this I have instant regret as I know it will cause me problem.

However, the primer I really do like and I think what I will do going forward is use it with other mascaras to see how it fairs, I’m sure I will report back to you on how I get on. I do like the thought of a base as with volumising mascaras is should hopefully allow lashes to look less clumpy as they have already been separated.

If you want more information about the mascara see here & the base mascara see here

Let me know if you have tried this mascara and what your thoughts are on it. What’s your favourite mascara?

-A x

7 thoughts on “Review – Dior ‘Diorshow’ Pump’N’ Volume Mascara

  1. Interesting post! I think if you’re going to be paying a lot for a mascara it needs to be amazing considering the ones from the drugstore are so impressive at the moment (Maybelline last sensational… can we just?! its amazing) The primer sounds cool though for sure! xx

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