Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil Vs ABH’s Brow Wiz

Hello my lovelies

Eyebrows. For me they are a massive talking point. They shape your face and really will let you know whether you are going to have a good or bad make up day. I’m sure everyone has been on their own eyebrow journey and I have had my own. I have used various products and shaped them differently but at the moment I’m pretty content with them. I currently love using eyebrow pencils, they work for me – hence the post. I thought I would compare two very similarly priced eyebrow pencils to see what is really worth the money.

Benefit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil see here 

The Claims

The claims of this brow pencil are as follows from Benefit: This ultra-fine eyebrow pencil draws incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes that last 12 budge-proof hours.* A few strokes of the rich yet blendable colour will transform brows from shapeless & undefined to filled & defined eyebrows. 

In recent years, Benefit really have upped their brow game. They have brought out so many different brow products catering to so many different needs. I also love that due to popular demand they have enhanced their shade range. For me, to get the right product I went down to my local Benefit counter explained the look and the finish I wanted and they tested this brow pencil on me and I knew this was the one for me out of their product range.


If you know Benefit then you know their packaging is not subtle. Their brow pencil is no different at all – I mean it really catches my eye and I am always drawn to it in my collection as I always see it fist. It is a little extra, but essentially that is Benefit. I actually quite like it and to be honest having this in my collection for many years I have managed to get used to it. My only annoyance is the lids. The one that houses the actual product is a little annoying with the more pointed finish. It makes the pencil a lot longer and when it comes to fitting in a make up bag it can be a little difficult, it’s just a little too much in my opinion.


So onto the product itself, the pencil is retractable which I LOVE the whole sharpening thing is not for me. It’s ultra thin which means that to create a more natural brow it works perfectly, especially at the front where they are a little sparse. The crayon easily glides though my brow and I never feel as though I am dragging it through. I would say, it is highly pigmented so to get the more natural brow a light hand is very much needed.

I also love that it has a spoolie on the other side, although I don’t feel like I need to brush through my brows daily it is a handy little addition that I know a lot of people love. I never have any issues with this running or coming off throughout the day wherever you draw is where it stays for the whole day. I never top my brows up and it’s nice not to have to worry about your brows on busy days.


I LOVE this product, I mean it’s a total love affair I don’t really have any negative comments to say about this baby. If you read my posts frequently then you know I adore this (see here) and I don’t think I could live without it. It’s priced at £21.50 for 0.08g of product, to give you an idea this brow pencil will last me around 3 months which for a brow pencil that you can rely on is not bad at all.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz see here

The Claims 

The claims of this brow pencil are as follows from ABH: an ultra fine pencil designed to shape, fill and ‘plump out’ sparse or unshapely brows. It avoids the ‘coloured in’ look using a skinny, mechanical nib that can mimic even the finest hairs, coupled with a brush for convenient blending. You can fake fuller brows in an instant thanks to a spectrum of natural shades – and you won’t be caught short sans sharpener – just twist. Nobody need ever know that your elegant, face framing arches were quickly drawn on in the back of the taxi!

I picked this up in September 2018 as I know how much of a cult product it has been for so many people within the beauty world for years that I decided to give it a go. I must be honest, when people ask for a recommendation of a brow pencil I do always say this one because it’s very rare you hear anything negative about the product.  I have no idea why it took me so long to purchase this, but fear not it’s in my collection now!


Like all ABH products, the packaging is sophisticated and sleek – which is very much the opposite to Benefit! I believe that ABH let their products do the talking and to be honest you see their logo on the products and you automatically know the brand. It’s subtle but I like it but compared to Benefit’s brow pencil this can sometimes get lost in my collection as it doesn’t stand out as much.


I must say, this is a beautiful formula. Again, it’s retractable with a fine nib which makes it so much easier to be able to create the natural hairs that your brows may be missing in some areas. I do feel as though you do have to put a fair amount of pressure to get the desired pigmentation. This doesn’t though, feel as though you are dragging the pencil through your brow – just a little more effort required that’s all.

Again, this has a spoolie on the end which, in my opinion is no different to the Benefit brow pencil – I mean how different can they be, I’m no expert but really there is no difference! I never feel as though I am left with coloured in brows, and to be honest I always seem to have a better brow day wearing this. The longevity of the formula is again long lasting and when set with a brow gel – those babies are going anywhere for the day!


I really do love this brow pencil. However, my main issue with this is that product is used up so quickly. I would say this would last me around 6 weeks if used daily which is annoying because I have never had to buy a brow product so frequently. It’s priced at £22.00 for 0.08g of products which is exactly the same as Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

So, what one do I prefer?

In all honestly there isn’t much between them. They are both amazing products and I love them both, they are extremely similar and both leave me with decent brows. I’m no expert when it comes to brows but swapping between the two of them past few months has really been lovely – formula wise ABH just makes it to the top spot. I feel the finish is more me, and natural looking.

However, overall Benefit wins. I can’t tell you how disappointed that Brow Wiz just doesn’t last very long at all – especially when both have the same amount of product in. I can’t justify spending £22 every 6 weeks – I don’t have the luxury of a lot of money to spend every month, it’s just not viable for me. What I have decided to do, is use the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil for every day use and then I use ABH Brow Wiz for nights out or special occasions just for that something a little more. I can see why everyone rates Brow Wiz. For me though, Benefit’s brow pencil will always be in my heart.

Let me know if you have tried both and/or either of these and what your thoughts are. What is your favourite eyebrow pencil?

38 thoughts on “Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil Vs ABH’s Brow Wiz

  1. I have never tried either product. Having no eyebrows, I always need an excellent eyebrow pencil. I’ll try the Benefit pencil – I like a product that I can get more than a few weeks out of xxx



  2. I haven’t tried either of these as over the past year or so I’ve been a pomade girl but I’ve just picked up a whole load of Benefit brow products to try so I can’t wait to see if I love this as much as you do!

    Jess //

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  3. I’ve tried the ABH Brow Wiz and the Benefit Goof Proof but not the Precisely My Brow. It’s been a while since I used the ABH one and although I liked it, I found it really hard to choose my shade online. Benefit really have upped their brow game in the last few years. They were never really a brand I considered but I love their stuff now x


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    1. Luckily I went to Sephora and chose my shade for ABH brow wiz as I had no idea. Definitely Benefit has upped their brow game and they are releasing new shades fairly frequently. Thank you for reading xo


  4. Great in depth review! I like both, but the Benefit one wins for me too when it comes to pencil. I prefer ABH pomade sometimes! Those things last forever even if used daily!

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  5. I’ll confess, I don’t wear make up very often. When I do it’s for special occasions or if I’m going out somewhere. However, one thing I’ve struggled to find is a decent brow pencil. This post is super helpful – and I love how in depth you’ve gone with both of the products 🙂

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  6. I feel like I get through brow product SO quick – especially brows so it’s important for me too to find something long lasting. Great comparison and blog!

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