Empties #18

Hello my lovelies,

Empties posts are one of my favourite posts to write, I think it’s mainly because it is so satisfying to then throw these products into the bin. I must be honest, a lot of these products have been sitting in a box for a couple of months now due to my blogging break – but I’m back now and I can finally get on with it!

Clinique – Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief see here

I had wanted to try this for the longest time I know it’s a cult favourite with a lot of people and as a beauty addict I obviously had to try it. Let me just say, it’s amazing. The texture of this is so lightweight and effortlessly sinks into the skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft, brighter and even with a little glow. I have oily skin and it never seemed to make it worse in fact it seemed to be able to control it more than anything.

Although I had a small pot, I fell in love – instantly. I just enjoyed putting this on my face and considering it’s a small pot it lasted are 3 months which isn’t bad going. Annoyingly I believe the extended thirst relief range has been discontinued and has been replaced with the 72 hour auto-replenishing hydrator range. I’m gutted. I’m unsure whether to pick the new version up because I feel in love with this formula. If you have tried the new formula please let me know your thoughts!

Soap & Glory – Face Soap & Clarity see here

I’m a big lover of Soap and Glory skincare, not so much their bath products – I’m sorry guys I just don’t like their scents! This I was all up for trying, I love a good face wash and to be honest I don’t like spending an awful lot of money of them. I really liked this. I use this kid of product in the shower after exfoliating just to ensure all the impurities have left my face. My face is left squeaky clean and surprisingly soft.

To be honest, this product does have exfoliating beads within it so this could double up as a face wash and exfoliator, it would be perfect for people who have sensitive skin as they are not harsh to the face. I have another bottle in my cupboard ready to use of this so I’m sure I will be cracking this out shortly. For the price, you do get a lot of product for your money and lasted me around 6 months in the shower as you don’t need an awful lot.

Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water see here

This stuff is my holy grail skincare product. It is INCREDIBLE and I just can’t say a bad word about it. I have lost count of how many of these bottles I have gone through. It does help that they now come in 700ml bottles and it saves me buying it so frequently. I always have at least two bottles in backup because I just can’t live without it. I mentioned this in my Top 10 Beauty Products of 2018 so if you want to read a little more as to why I love this so much go check it out.

Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser see here

Over the past couple of months I fell out of love with this product. I’m not sure why, I don’t know whether it just stopped working with my skin but it wasn’t impressing me anymore. I started to use other cleansers which I fell in love with. In the last couple of weeks I decided to try this again as I do have another bottle of it in my cupboard and weirdly I fell in love all over again.

The formula of this is just great for my skin especially in the colder months. It’s able to remove all my make up as well as feeling so clean after using it. My skin definitely thanks me for it after using as it feels so soft and is ready for all the lotions and potions I want to put on. I have already started using my next bottle – let’s hope my love affair with this still continues!

Primark – PS Love This Oval Cosmetic Pads

If you have watched any of my previous empties posts then you will know these are the only cotton pads I will use. They are 90p and quite possibly the best ones on the market. I have been using them for years and I absolutely swear by them. Whenever I’m in Primark I always pick these babies up – I just can’t be without.

They work with any skincare products and evenly applies them on my skin. What is a massive winner for me is that they never fall apart. There is nothing worse when a cotton pad falls apart and I have never had this issue. I also find them the perfect size for my face. People who use the tiny ones I just don’t understand!

Batiste – Dry Shampoo in Cherry Scent see here

Another product that makes a regular appearance within my Empties post. I just can’t get enough. If I’m honest I don’t do much with my hair and this is one of about 3 products that I actually use on my hair. I have fine hair and my hair looks greasy so quickly so this is able to add the refresh I need in between washes.

I’m not too picky with the scents but I mainly stick with Cherry, I guess I just stick with what I know. I don’t think I would even consider using another dry shampoo because I just love this one so much, especially for the price. If you still haven’t tried this yet get over to your local drugstore and pick one up – you won’t be disappointed.

Laura Mercier – Foundation Primer see here

What a primer, this was my first proper primer I owned and I still love it as much as when I first received it. It works wonders for my skin and is the perfect base for my foundation. You get so much product in this and it has lasted a very long time. I was actually gutted that this run out. But in my advent calendar this year I received a travel sized version so I am sure that will keep me going!

Primers are different for so many people as it depends what you would like out of it and whether you prefer a cream or silicone base. This is more on the creamier side but more like a gel. It’s lightweight and to be honest I would say is fairly universal for all skin types – I honestly think that this is a primer that would please all. Seriously if you haven’t tried it I would highly recommend, a little pricey but well worth the investment!

Rimmel – Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob see here

I must say out of all the lip liners I have tried, I think this is my favourite formula. I can’t believe this is the second one I have used up now. It works with so many lipsticks that I own that it’s the perfect base for ensuring the colour lasts for as long as possible. I know people love MAC lip liners but I would try these first. One major plus to me is that they are retractable – who needs a pencil sharpener!?

My only annoyance is that there aren’t many colours in this range, I think Rimmel need to start getting some more colours out there as they would be onto a winner. I seriously need to get my hands on another one as I just don’t have anything else in my collection that compares. If you are after a pinky nude lip liner then you may want to try this little baby.

Dove – Regenerate Nourishment Shampoo see here

I did also pick up the conditioner, but this isn’t quite finished yet. I was really looking forward to using these, I managed to get them on offer and I dislike paying a lot for hair care products. I probably should but my hair is never my priority. Anyway, I had used Dove hair care products in the past and really enjoyed it. However, it wasn’t the case on this occasion. I just didn’t see any real difference in the condition of my hair. It was clean but nothing ground breaking.. I guess I’m just a little disappointed considering they are pricier than the like of herbal essences and I didn’t notice any difference. I don’t think I’d be picking up from this range again.

Mark Hill – MiracOILous Nourishing Conditioner see here

With me being such a hair care novice that I am, receiving this I was quite excited. I had heard good things about Mark Hill and to be honest who doesn’t love trying new things. Unfortunately another disappointment on the hair care front. In fact, this left my hair feeling awful. It was completely tangled and left my hair looking extremely greasy. After every wash the next day I had to wash my hair again because it looked so awful. I don’t know whether it’s because my hair naturally has a lot of oil but my gosh I have never had such a bad experience. Definitely stay away if you have naturally oily hair!

& just like that another Empties post is over. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. If you would like to read my previous Empties post click here

-A x

41 thoughts on “Empties #18

  1. I always try to collect things for empties posts but accidentally throw stuff out. It’s so annoying! I’ve never tried the Laura Mercier primers but I’ve heard so many good things. Moisture Surge used to be one of my favourite moisturisers. I think I’ve been through about 5 over the years. Unfortunately, I hate the 72 hour version and won’t be repurchasing when my current one runs out. I have dry skin though so you might feel differently! x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I put them in a box so they are separate to everything else – it is hard to get into a routine though.
      Oh no really, what didn’t you like about the new one? I just don’t want to buy it to be disappointed 😢 xo


      1. Definitely ask for samples. My local Boots gave me about 5 sachets when I asked 😂. I found it quite drying! The texture is really similar to the original but I found it didn’t absorb as well and my skin didn’t feel as fresh and plumped up as it usually does. I was so sad! x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these posts it’s so interesting to see what someone used all up! My favourites are also Liz Earle cleanse and polish and micellar water.
    I keep switching the version of micellar water and for some reason I really like the one for dry skin (it has oil in it) even though I’m really oily..and it has a really nice smell! I prefer more hydration at night time so this may be why I prefer it.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin


  3. I’ve just gotten a whole lot of products from soap & glory and I’m so excited to use them!! They smell delish💕 I’m still needing to try garnier’s micellar water ! Just haven’t had the memory to remember it! Great post❤️


  4. I’ve been wanting to try some Clinique products and this post has really swayed me towards it. Great reviews of things and honest too x


  5. This is my first empties post to read, and I really loved it! Couldn’t agree more about the disappointment of the Mark Hill conditioner, such a shame. Cool post!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes totally agree that empties posts are so satisfying to write! Ah I’m gutted you don’t like the Soap and Glory scents for me I’m the other way around, I prefer the body washes, etc rather than the skincare. Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


  7. I love writing empties posts too – so satisfying to know that something has gotten used up completely. I haven’t tried a lot of the products you’ve used up, but the Clinique Moisture Surge is something that has been catching my eye more and more. So many rave about this product.

    Also, I’m currently working on finishing up a mini version of the Laura Mercier Primer, but it is taking ages for me to completely use up! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is such a lovely product I hope the new range is as good though! Clinique is worth the extra pennies though.
      The primer lasts such a long time which is why I don’t mind buying it again with the price tag as it will last a long time.
      Thanks! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I really do need to try out more Clinique products this year. I have been wearing their foundations for years but never tried any of their skin care products. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be testing out their moisture surge for myself now 🙂 xxx


  9. I am exactly the same, I absolutely love Batiste dry shampoo! It’s one of my picks if ever I was stranded on a desert island haha.


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