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Hello my lovelies,

So I don’t know about you but I actually find it really hard to find good palettes from the drug store. Apart from the likes of Make Up Revolution, I don’t feel like there are other brands that can amaze with a palette. Especially when it comes to face powders. There are so many when it comes to luxury brands but not so much further down the price points. I found this Collection palette and thought I owed it to myself to see whether it can be comparable or if not better than some more luxury palettes that I own.

Collection for me, is a brand I have loved for a long time. I don’t buy an awful lot from them but the likes of their lasting perfection concealer and their primer are cult products in my collection. I have never really brought any face powders from them of any description before so I thought let’s give this a go. For £4.99 for 4 powders is a little bit of a no brainer for me.

It comes with a Highlighter, Contour and 2 blush shades which actually all look really nice. I was most intrigued about the contour shade as for me to find a cheaper alternative to my most loved contour product, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer would be a real winner for me.

The packaging is a little basic for me and easily gets dirty as it’s just cardboard with a clear piece of plastic in the middle. I do like that you can see the shades but it does get a little messy and I am forever trying to keep this looking acceptable. Anyway, all the powders are really creamy. I find that they blend really nice into the skin and with the other products that are on my face. I never feel as though they look cakey and to be honest Collection have found the perfect formula when it comes to pigmentation.

From the picture above the furthest shade away is the contour shade, which is matte. The next one in is the highlighter, which for me is a little too subtle for me but has a lovely glow. The next two are the blushes, as you can see one is more on the coral tone of blushes whereas the closest on in the picture is more of a true pink to me.

The contour shade was the biggest thing for me in this palette I wanted to find something that was a much cheaper alternative to Benefit’s Hoola. I think, in this little baby I may of found it. The colours of the two are near enough the same and the way this applies onto the skin is a dream. It never becomes cakey or looks un-natural. I never really have to try to hard to make this product look good as it does it by itself. I have been using it an awful lot recently and to be honest there is no difference between them. I think I am onto a massive winner with this one!

The highlighter shade, hmm.. I mean there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just not my cup of tea. I like highlighter an awful lot and I like to put quite a bit on and I find this quite difficult to build up to get to the look I want to achieve. When I want a more natural look, which I will be honest is not very often then this will work. I’m sure there are people out there that will use this shade more than me. I would say that this is the least used product in the palette.

Next the two blushes. I love the formula of these. One little tap with a brush into these and you’re good to go on your cheeks. I just find these so easy to use. The pigmentation is great and whether you like a subtle flush of colour or want something a little more intense you will be able to achieve it. I would say I tend to go more for the coral blush, but after taking the swatches I now want to wear the more true, softer pink shade.

Overall, I really love this palette. For the price I am really impressed. The formula of these products really do rival some of my luxury products which I never thought I would be saying especially when I first picked this up. The only thing for me that let’s this quad down is the packaging. But, I suppose for the price it’s what you pay for. To be honest if they improved the packaging and maybe added a mirror then I would pay more for it. It’s worth it trust me!

If you want to read a little more information on this little gem or want to pick it up yourself see here

Let me know if you have tried this palette before and what your thoughts are on it. Also, any recommendations of affordable face palettes – send them my way!

-A x

4 thoughts on “Review – Collection #BlushAndGlow

  1. Ah it’s great to see that the contour shade was good. It’s so hard to find good ones in the drug store when it comes to contour / bronze powders!!! Thanks for the review x

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