Review: Makeup Obsession Highlighters

Hello my lovelies,

I literally have the longest list of products to review and I am slowly getting through them so you will have to bare with me! So today’s post is with regards to a brand called Makeup Obsession. Now, I have heard of this brand for around 18 months when they were being launched in Boots. To date I have only seen them in one Boots store and that was Brighton. My local Boots stores that are reasonably sized don’t stock them. The way I got my hands on their products was through Tam Beauty which are the creators of Make Up Revolution and MUA. Very good website for affordable make up and they always have sales on!

The beauty of Make Up Obsession products is that it is based on the idea of customization palettes. So, you buy for example a blank palette and then buy pans of bronzer, eyeshadow and on this occasion I brought highlighters. I think it’s a great idea because you could make your own face palette or put some eye shadows in there – the choice really is yours. I suppose like the basis on MAC but for me a lot easier to get the pans in & out and they are all the same size!

I actually brought this in their sale around 6 months ago which was an already made palette. I didn’t know where to start on choosing so I chose the easy way out and brought one someone else had kindly put together, I know lazy! I think I paid around £8 for the whole palette but I believe the prices are the following: for a blank palette between £4-£8 depending on the size and £2/£3 for each pan. For me I think this is good value for money to get the exact colours you want.

The highlighters I have for reference are: Gold, Bronze, Mars, Ice, Pop and Pearl. The picture below is unedited and gold is the furthest one away. Do excuse the bruises/cuts I have a puppy and the teething is crazy!

They are all beautiful colours in their own right, they may look similar as really a photo never does highlight it’s true justice. I absolutely love the tones depending on the look I’m going for and my general mood of how much highlighter I want on my face. The formulation of all of these are AMAZING. For £2 each I’m seriously impressed, they aren’t the most pigmented but actually I like building highlighter up and these is nothing worse than too much highlight and just looking like a ball of glitter!

All the colours are so creamy and blend well onto the skin. I haven’t had an issue with any of these products and my foundations and I have really given these a good test. My favourite shades from this palette is Bronze & Pop. Two completely different colours but my oh my they really work well for my skin tone. I just love a good highlight and this palette is perfect for experimenting with.

Overall, I am really happy with this palette. It’s a shame this brand is not spoken about more because their products really are amazing and especially for the price point. I believe this is stocked on and TAM beauty so if you are on there browsing I would highly recommend having a little look to see if anything takes your fancy and I’m sure it will!

Let me know if you have tried any of Make Up Obsessions highlighters before and what your thoughts are. Also, any recommendations of what products to try next would be really helpful!

– A x

19 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Obsession Highlighters

  1. I share an obsession with highlighters as well I hope you get your hands on the new amreze by ABH because is to die for!! Also follow my page girl I’m new here!! 💅💅😘😘💖

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