Review: L’Oreal Hydra Genius

Hello my lovelies,

Skincare in the winter months is so important, you need to make sure your skin is hydrated as much as possible and sometimes this means that you need to change the products you use. L’Oreal as you may or may not know have launched a lot of new skincare products in the past year or so which have really caught the eye of many people. They are really doing the drugstore proud by showing you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on skincare to treat and look after your skin. This is something I am all for I’m sorry but not everyone can afford Sunday Riley Prices!

I picked up  the L’Oreal Hydra Genius around the time it launched which I believe was summer – don’t quote me on that though! I had another moisturiser on the go so the good person I was to understand and appreciate the product I waited until my previous one finished and then was able to give this a good go.  Now this formulation is for Normal to Combination skin but they also offer a Dry and Sensitive version so it should cater to everyone.

Now the product claims to: deliver pure moisture that penetrates quickly, deeply and continuously – without overloading the skin. Instantly refresh immediately absorbs, the water-like texture re-hydrates and reinvigorates the skin. Instantly lock in moisture. The formula penetrates deeply for a healthy looking glow. 72 hour recharge, it releases continuous hydration and drenches the skin with moisture for 72 hours. 

What bold claims right? Now we will start with basics – the packaging. I love it, I love the colour and the bottle – it’s glass so instantly it has a more luxury feel to it. I love that it has a pump, less chance for mess! It really stands out in my collection because the colour is so bright. A lot of skincare brands stick to neutral colours and it’s nice to see L’Oreal do something different which fits perfectly with the product inside.

The texture of this is unlike anything I have tried before when it comes to a moisturiser. It is extremely light more like a water/gel texture which I think is something that for me is amazing for the skin especially when it comes to a day cream. When I first tried this I felt as though I would need a lot of product but boy how I was wrong. A little seriously goes a long way! I would say a pea sized amount is more than enough to cover your whole face.

So let’s get onto the claims of the product. It penetrates quickly, deeply and continuously without overloading the skin. This is something that I completely agree with. Sometimes with moisturiser I feel as though you do have to let it sink into the skin for a a good couple of minuets. This little baby instantly sinks into the skin and ready for the next product.

For me I am not a massive fan of overloading the skin and if I am honest my skincare routine is not that extensive and having a product like this really keeps the weight of my skin as light as possible which I absolutely love and strive for. I don’t want to be weighed down before I even apply makeup!

Again, their next point of instantly refreshes I completely agree with. I feel like my skin instantly changes when I apply this. It feels fresher and looks a whole sight better. The whole process of applying this is something I quite enjoy. The fresh smell of this instantly wakes you up in the morning, nothing offensive just fresh.

The only point I’m not completely sold on is the whole 72 hour claim. I mean that’s a long time to claim your product works for. I apply this once a day in the morning and that’s more than enough for me it does say to apply twice a day but I need something a little richer in the evening but I still notice the benefit of this come the evening. I’m just not sold on 72 hours and as the instructions say apply twice a day surely how can this really be tested? But, I do agree that it does keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Overall, I am really impressed with this product. Like really impressed, for the price and the results it gives me I couldn’t ask for anything more. I love the lightweight texture and I can really notice a difference in comparison to other day moisturisers I have tried. This is something different which not many other brands have tried to rival. I would really recommend this especially if you have oily skin, I really felt that it was able to keep the oils at bay and hydrate where necessary.

If you want to find out more information about this baby or pick it up for yourself, see here

Let me know if you have tried this product out and what your thoughts are.

-A x


18 thoughts on “Review: L’Oreal Hydra Genius

  1. Aww this sounds like a good grab. I love trying new moisturizers and seeing how well they control my oil. I have oily/combo skin and I really do like when a product dries in fast. I’m always in a hurry and that way if be able to move quicker with my makeup. Thanks for sharing ☺️

    xx Lena |

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  2. Hi hun,
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award and you can learn more about the award in my lastest blog post. I hope you will participate and join in on the fun.

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