January Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

This is not a drill – the end of January is finally in sight! This month has gone on FOREVER, does anyone else feel the same? January really hasn’t been a great month for me I have been ill for the WHOLE month and I am still suffering now which has really got me down. I completed a training course for my full time job which is the toughest thing I have done, mentally. It was so hard and I came home every evening crying but I came out the other side and managed to pass with 95% which I still can’t believe. There have been some really tough moments this month and somehow I am still battling on, positive vibes!

There have been some really exciting things happen though – I can FINALLY say I’m off to NYC in September. It’s all booked and I am beyond excited! If you have any recommendations please send them my way! I also have been wedding/ hen party planning for my best friends wedding which has been so lovely. I also spent time with my favourite person, my Grandad who really is so special to me. As this goes live it is his birthday so I hope he has the best day.

ANYWAY enough of me babbling on you have clicked on to see my favourites so I will get on with it. This month has seen me re-organise my beauty collection which was well overdue and with Christmas it was of course time to test my new products which is mainly what these products are.

L’Oreal – Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara see here

This might be a shock to a lot of people but for me I just don’t really like the Volume Million range. They don’t work with my lashes and they are a total disappointment to me. I have tried to get on with them and they just don’t work, their are so many in the range but at around £10 a pop I don’t want to try every single one. However, my mum went away to Spain for NYE and came back with this mascara and the eyeliner to match. I was like great I have a mascara that I can’t use but as it was a gift I didn’t want to write it off without trying it.

To my amazement I have FINALLY found one in the range that I love and I’m so happy. This is perfect for my lashes and creates the perfect amount of volume and length. I have used this every day of January and I’m seriously impressed. The only annoyance is that on application it is a little flaky and I do have to have a little clean up but apart from that seriously impressed. It even works on my bottom lashes which I struggle to find a product that doesn’t create the whole panda look after a couple of hours. Very impressed!

MAC – Minralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle see here

So this is a little re-discovery. 2017 was a year of finding lots of new highlighters and as much as I have loved finding new gems I forgot about the beauties I have in my collection including this one. In my opinion this is one of the best highlighters ever made. It is the perfect highlight, and although it looks very glittery in the pan it just creates the perfect glow and I have used this so much this month. It still doesn’t look as though I have really made a dent in this even though I have used this crazy amounts.

Interestingly, I went to visit my sister in Brighton this month and she said to me do you know what I have fallen back in love with and I looked at her face and saw MAC’s soft and gentle! Great minds think alike. I feel like this is a bit of a forgotten product in the beauty world because it still is an amazing product and if you haven’t tried it already and you love your highlight I strongly recommend!

Spectrum – White Marbleous Brushes see here

I haven’t had new brushes for the longest time and for some reason I don’t really talk about make up brushes, I promise 2018 will be the year that changes that! Anyway I have wanted to try Spectrum for the longest time and I was blessed at Christmas to receive the 12 piece Marblous set. I had heard so many good things about them any my oh my they didn’t disappoint! Every one is flipping amazing! The quality is incredible and obviously they are so damn pretty. My favourite one has to be the A00 which is their powder brush. BEST POWDER BRUSH EVER.

Seriously if you haven’t tried Spectrum before then do it, take the plunge. Investing in good brushes is so important. I will definitely be buying more from them – I just have to decide what babies will be mine next!

Ted Baker – Blush Palette 

Ok so this is really annoying, I can’t find it ANYWHERE. I suggest if you like the sound of this Ebay may be the best place to go. I received this for a Christmas gift in a beautiful Ted Baker beauty gift set. I have never tried any of their beauty products so I was keen to try it out and see what they have to offer. My oh my this has got to be my favourite in the bundle. The blush is beautiful. It the perfect pink shade that has a brown undertone which allows the pink to come through softly on the cheeks. To my amazement it’s highly pigmented and everything I want in a blush.

I have used this near enough every day this month, I just can’t get enough. Also, can we just apprecaite the packaging – I love the whole copper vibe! To make it even better it comes with a mirror – Ted Baker you have done well. To see what other Ted Baker make up I now have see here

Jo Malone – Blackberry & Bay Body and Hand Lotion see here

Another Christmas present that I have been absolutely loving this month. I have never really paid much attention to my hands. I don’t suffer crazy amounts with dry hands but in the colder winter months I feel as though I need to do more for them and I have started off simple with hand cream. I know this is a very expensive way of getting into hand cream but it has worked because I use it so much.

The smell is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. It sinks into the skin so quickly and the smell lingers for a good 4 hours. Sometimes I don’t put perfume on because the smell of this is enough on the body. This is a very luxe product I know and people may think I’m a little crazy but honestly my hands are thanking me for it. Who doesn’t want a Jo Malone product in their life anyway!?

Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Splendore Shimmer see here

I picked this baby up in a recent Cult Beauty Haul and if I’m honest I didn’t know how I felt about the whole metallic vibe. I have always been a matte lip girl and the whole metallic thing threw me. When I got this in the set I thought I should just give it a go to see what I thought. I’m converted. I love the way this looks on the lips! It helps that the formula of these are AMAZING and last for the longest time. Stila isn’t a brand I have really ventured into but I really need to get some more of these! Any colour recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

BECCA – Apres Ski Glow Face Palette see here

Last but by no means least, this gorgeous little baby. The only products I owned from BECCA prior to buying this was champagne pop & opal skin perfectors. When I saw this in the January sale for me it was a no brainer. It was a chance to see how good their other products were. I will say every single shade in here is super pigmented and their is no dud shade. They are all absolutely beautiful and I love them all. It was nice to try other highlighters and give their blushers and bronzers a go. It is the perfect face palette and perfect for travelling. Even though this is part of their Christmas collection it is still available, if you want to get it don’t miss your chance – you’ll regret it otherwise!

Gold star to you if you have got to the end of the post, I just had a lot to say this month! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. Hope you have had a wonderful month!

-A x

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