Empties #12

Hello lovelies,

January is a good month for empties, I love at the start of the New Year finishing things and having a bit of a clear out! It’s a bit of a cleanse for me and I seem to be finishing an awful lot of things. I’m sad that in the post I have used some of my favourite things  BUT it means I can use new products. Anyone else have a drawer or two full of products waiting to be used?

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Batiste – Dry Shampoo in Fresh see here

I cannot live without dry shampoo, if you don’t use it – why!? It’s a great invention and I have no idea where I would be without it. I don’t do an awful lot with my hair but dry shampoo is something that I use near enough on a daily basis. For me, Batiste are the brand for dry shampoo. I can’t use anything else, there are lots of fragrances and they are super affordable. I ran out of this and I completely panicked because I hadn’t brought another one so I am currently using my sisters one until my Superdrug order turns up.

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The Body Shop – Drops of Youth, Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask see here

You know that product that you jump for joy that you have finally finished it? Yup that was what happened here. I have had this for the longest time and I’m so happy to finish it. It’s a good product, but I wouldn’t go as far as great.. It’s just a little average for me and I was just going insane. I wanted to use it all up because it was fairly expensive I’m not good at throwing unfinished products away – I just can’t do it. It’s a good night cream, but I’m not about having my face stuck to the pillow and night and this is what it gave me. So many people rave about this but I’m just not quite there with it. I won’t be buying this again I’m afraid..

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Simple – Kind to Skin Facial Scrub see here

This has been in many Empties posts, I just fricking love this stuff. This is my go to facial scrub, I have brought so many tubes of this and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s just works for my skin, it works for sensitive skin and does such a good job of exfoliating. My face feels and looks so much better after using this. It’s even better that it is super affordable. Simple is a great brand and if you haven’t ventured into their products yet you need to I promise you won’t regret it. Of course I already have another one of these ready to go!

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Clinique – Clarifying Lotion see here

Another product I am super happy that I finally finished. This seemed to go on forever! I mean I love it, it’s a great product and it’s made me more eager to buy more Clinique skincare, but I’m happy to see this go. I use this as a toner and it works wonders for my skin. I’m not a massive toner person but because of this I ensure in my skincare routine near enough every evening that this is included. I know I have mentioned this in favourites last year and there is a reason why! I haven’t repurchased it yet because I have a blooming tonne of toners but I would definitely consider buying this in the future!

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Marc Jacobs – Daisy Dot Perfume see here

I am very sad to have used this baby up. This has been my go to fragrance for the longest time and when it run out I was very disappointed. I’m not the sort of person to go out and buy myself perfume, I don’t know why I just feel it’s a product that you receive as a gift. I won’t describe the scent because I would do a god damn awful job at it. If you are ever near a perfume counter go and smell this – it’s beautiful. All the Daisy fragrances are pretty good though and they really win me over with their packaging. I think this will be on my birthday list because I don’t think I can be without it for too long.

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Tony Moly – I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care see here 

Firstly I do not pay £5 for the mask if you want to try these masks then head to your local TK MAXX/Home Sense because you can pick them up for £2! So I have tried a few of these now, and on the whole they are ok. I do think this is one of the better ones from the range because I actually noticed a difference. I have medium size pores and I am all up for minimizing them and this mask really helped. I would say the effects of this even lasted a couple of days. FYI it doesn’t smell of red wine so don’t let this put you off. I actually think I will repurchase this but not anytime soon because I have a crazy face mask collection!

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Pantene – 3 Minute Miracle Volume & Body Conditioner see here

Another Empties, another conditioner. This one was fairly good. I did notice that my hair did have more volume from using it and I’m all about this life. I was brought this as a gift and for whatever reason I don’t have the shampoo so it’s hard to give a true indication of how good this is. I would say for the price I like it, I also love that it’s a squeezy tube I much prefer this over the plastic bottles because I can actually get every last drop out – yep I know I’m sad I like getting my monies worth!

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BECCA – First Light Priming Filter see here

So I got a sample of this and I’m in love. This stuff is a game changer on the primer front. The purple colour of the primer did worry me a bit but I promise you, you don’t end up with a purple face! It creates such a lovely base for your make up and I did notice that my make up stayed on that little bit longer. Annoyingly I now want this but £15 for 15ml – that’s pretty pricey.. Urgh I hate loving things that are expensive. To buy it or not?

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That’s all folkes! Another lengthy post I know, a gold star to you if you have got to this point. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are – I’d love to know!

-A x

19 thoughts on “Empties #12

  1. Batiste is one of my favourite dry shampoo brands, it leaves my hair feeling so much fresher. I’ve seen the Body Shop night mask, but never understood the purpose of the product, what kind of consistency is it…do you leave it on and it dries overnight? This is such a great post, I love product empty posts!

    Nat x – nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com

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    1. Mine too, I don’t think for me there is anything out there that can compete especially for the price.
      It’s a gel like texture but extremely sticky. You leave it on overnight and it sinks into the skin so it’s like a moisturiser/mask
      Glad you enjoyed, thank you for reading ✨

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  2. I recently switched over so CoLab dry shampoo because I didn’t like the white cast on the Batiste! However I admit that Batiste is the gateway spray for my love of dry shampoo because it’s so cheap and accessible X

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