Review: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

Hello my lovelies,

For me, foundation is very personal and although there are an awful lot of reviews out there of different foundations everyone’s skin is different. However, I do think personal opinions are helpful you’ll get an understanding of whether it will work for you or not. Personally, I have oily skin so I do try to go for a matte finish and anything that claims oil control I’m all for!

This year, I haven’t brought many foundations. I’m all for investing in foundation and that means that it takes me a lot longer to decide. Thankfully the more luxe brands do allow you to have a sample and I mean a decent size sample so you can try before you buy – great idea right! This is how I tried this one out, I had a 7 day sample to which I was colour matched and I ended up buying the full size version.

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So, Clinique is a brand I haven’t ventured into much. I have a few skin care items from them but zero make up items. When I saw that Clinique brought out a foundation which is also a concealer I thought it was time to try out the brand and see what this baby was like. I was certain that I needed to get colour matched and the lady offered me a sample before I was to buy the bottle – I didn’t even ask she offered, great service! I was given a decent sized sample that was at least 10 applications.

The foundation claims to be moderate to full coverage with a natural matte finish. Literally when I read this I was like this is the foundation for me, everything I look for! The foundation itself is slightly different to anything I have tried before due to it having a doe foot applicator – like where is the pump!? With it having a doe foot applicator it’s mess free, you can either apply onto your hand or if you are lazy like me it goes straight onto your face. No foundation fingers.

When I first tried this foundation I was so worried that it would be a ridiculously heavy formula and I wouldn’t be able to wear daily. Although I love my Estee Lauder Double Wear I can’t wear this on a daily basis and I really didn’t want another one like it. To my amazement this foundation is lightweight on the skin, my skin can still breathe I mean I have no idea how this is possible with this being a foundation and a concealer but trust me on this one!

The coverage is pretty impressive, I only apply one layer and I’m good to go however I’m sure you could add a little more for a higher coverage – whatever floats your boat! Talking of coverage, I would say that the claim of being a foundation and a concealer I don’t really agree with. I don’t have awful skin but I do suffer with spots occasionally and I feel that I do need an extra something. I do sometimes use this to then spot conceal but really it needs a little more coverage which I use something else. I always still use a highlighting concealer under my eyes because I like that glow.

The finish is beautiful though, I mean it’s matte but it does have a little something so you don’t look completely flat. I actually I feel flipping flawless and wonderful when I wear this. You know you have that make up look that you feel like you can take on anything – this is my base of choice! This is a really long wearing foundation – I hate it when foundations oxidise and melt off your skin. I don’t have the time to keep topping up and this does still look good after a good 10 hours. I also would like to add it’s fab at oil control seriously I very rarely have issues with a shiny forehead when wearing this. I find that this is a very hard formula to get right for us oily girls and Clinique have succeeded.

Overall, I flipping love this foundation. I love wearing this and feel like a strong independent woman when I’m wearing this. The coverage is amazing as well as combating oil – it’s a match made in heaven for me. Personally, it isn’t a foundation and concealer and actually I’m totally ok with this because I feel as though I much prefer the two separate. Especially when my skin changes so often that I have different concealers on how my skin looks. This is now my go to foundation and I know I am going to get through this quite quickly now.

If you want to get your hands on one or find out more information then here you go.

Let me know if you have tried this foundation and what your thoughts are, also I am wanting to try more products from Clinique so please let me know your recommendations!

-A x

8 thoughts on “Review: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

  1. Lovely post! Very thorough. Would love to see results pictures for things like this ❤️❤️

    If you ever want something light/ to work out in, I would check out the CliniqueFit line. The foundation is killer if you want to just chuck something on, and it stays through a workout!

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  2. I have been wanting to try this foundation so much as my sister loves it.. I think I’ll get a sample of it in the new year to see if I love it as much as you do xx

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