Review – Crown 35 Color Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my lovelies,

I feel like I haven’t reviewed an eyeshadow palette in quite some time so here I am! Crown Brush is a brand that I have only really heard of for their brushes. I can add that their brushes are pretty incredible. When I was at IMATS this year this palette caught my eye on their stand and I couldn’t walk away without buying it. A Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette – yes please!

This year I have really been trying to step away from the standard nude eye with a bit of gold so I thought this palette would be perfect to see if I can move myself away from my comfort zone. Just an FYI you can see what else I brought at IMATS here it’s a brilliant event if you are a beauty addict like me!

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Yes this palette is well loved, but I did accidentally drop it – I know I was heart broken which is why two of the pans are gone, annoyingly they were two of my favourite shades. Anyway, enough of me feeling sorry for myself lets get onto the review! I do like the packaging, it’s a solid black plastic with the simple crown logo on the front. This actually reminds me of the Morphe palettes which I really love. Unfortunately it’s not drop-proof as I found out but the packaging did hold up against my wooden floor!

These array of colours are amazing – I mean seriously how could you walk away from this! The shades are absolutely gorgeous, I love that you get a mix of both matte shades along with the most beautiful glitter shades. When I swatched the glitter shades my jaw dropped the pigmentation is insane! Before I knew it I had paid for it.

I was a little worried that with the amount of pigmentation the shades that there was going to be a serious amount of fall out. I’m all up for a little but I don’t want to be completely re-apply my base makeup because of my blooming eyeshadow. To my amazement there is next to nothing fall-out. I was seriously impressed and the pigmentation from brush to my eyelid was exactly the same as when I swatched it – seriously what more could you ask for!

I have created so many different eye-looks from this palette the possibilities really are endless and it has definitely got me out of my nude/gold eye looks. Some of the colours are a little daring but that’s the fun part – experimenting! The shades are so eye-catching and the amount of comments I have had on my eye-looks when I have these shadows just justifies why you should go out of your comfort zone sometimes.

I always use a lid primer which I think helps – I can’t not apply primer and I think the glitter colours especially will work better with one so do bare this in mind, or you can always wet your brush a little which will help with the application. As I use a eye primer these shadows last for AGES. Even when I come to take my make up my eye-look is still in place it’s like I only applied in minutes before – amazing right!?

I would say the matte shades aren’t as pigmented but actually I prefer this because I like to build the colour in my crease because I am a little heavy handed so it does help when it isn’t as pigmented that you feel as though you can’t erase what you have done. By no means am I saying they aren’t as good as the shimmer shades, just a friendly warning.


These are 5 of my favourite shades from the palette and all I did was dip my finger in to achieve this – I did say they were pigmented! They are so blendable and buttery which helps when creating any eye look. I always get annoyed when you have a shadows that do not blend very well and you are there for around 10 minutes still blending – I just don’t have the time for this.

I will be honest and say I haven’t used all the shades in this palette I’m not a massive pink-toned fan but this is merely personal preference. I’m still finding new looks and I’m sure I will get round to them at some point – I mean there are 35 shades at the end of the day.

Overall, this is one of my favorite palettes I have found EVER. I know this is a big statement but seriously you need to try it for yourself. This is an amazing palette and your paying around 66p per shade – yes I know bargain! I would urge anyone who hasn’t checked out their makeup before to go try it. Seriously, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

You can find the palette here

Let me know if you have tried this palette or anything else from the brand. I feel like this is a brand that is so underrated in the beauty world!

-A x

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