Review| NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer

Hello my lovelies,

Primer for me is a very important step in my makeup. I don’t ever apply foundation without applying primer first. I have tried a lot of primers in my time on the search on what creates the perfect base. For me, I have to find a primer that doesn’t increase the amount of oil produced on my skin. Because of this, I usually tend to go towards more silicone based primers they just seem to work better for my skin. A lot of people don’t use primer on a daily basis but I never understand why. I work full time and I need to know that my make up isn’t going to budge! I thought I would share with you my thoughts on NYX’s Angel Veil Primer which is one of my latest primer purchases.

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I had wanted to get my hands on this for the longest time but every time I went to my local NYX counter it was always sold out. I FINALLY managed to get my hands on it from good old Boots of course! I love the packaging, actually mainly just the pink lid. It just makes it a lot prettier and more fun. Who doesn’t love a little metallic pink!?

What drew me to this primer in the first place was that the product is oil free. This is music to my ears because I know it’s not going to increase the amount of oil within my skin. No one wants a shiny forehead! I was however skeptical with it being a cream based product. As I mentioned, I am mainly drawn to more silicone based primers they just work for me better. However, the dedicated beauty lover I am I was of course going to take one for the team and try it out.

The cream is actually fairly light in consistency which when I applied onto the skin just sunk in. I do have some primers where you have to wait a good couple of minutes before you can applying your next base product, not this one! It’s great especially when you are in a rush but want to still ensure that you have done your complete routine. I feel that because it’s such a thin primer you do have to use quite a bit of it to ensure all areas are covered.

I have tried a fair few different foundations with this primer and all have worked really well. My makeup definitely stays on all day and I never feel like it has made my skin oily in fact most of the time it looks as though I have just applied it.  It keeps my skin so lovely and fresh. I mean when you read the back of the bottle it claims that the primer ‘feels lighter than a cloud‘ and although I have never held a cloud I would agree with this. I never feel as though it makes my face heavier.

I have had primers in my time that really does weigh my face down and I feel like I am wearing 10 layers of base product. However this primer is so lightweight that you don’t realise you are wearing anything else. It’s quick and easy to apply and really does make a difference to my skin. It does claim that it ‘leaves skin feeling divine‘ not sure I agree with this one. Just because it does create a layer on your skin ready for foundation. Although my skin feels smooth even when I have finished all my base makeup .I would say this is down to my morning skincare routine as opposed to a primer.

Overall, I am really impressed with this primer. Over the past year I never really tried primers from the drugstore because I didn’t think they could compete with my more expensive primers that I adored. I am pleased to say that I was proved wrong and actually the drugstore can produce a good primer, namely NYX.

I would recommend this to people, especially if you struggle with an oily complexion. I thought that although it didn’t combat my oily skin it did not add to this which is exactly what you need especially when applying different layers to your skin. NYX is a brand I have never tried a lot from in regards to their base products but after this little gem I think I will be seeing what else they have to offer.

Let me know if you have tried this before and what your thoughts are. Also any NYX base product recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

-A x

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