Boots & TK MAXX Haul

Hello my lovelies,

So I haven’t been beauty shopping in some time so I thought it was about time I treated myself to some new items. Boots is always my downfall because I love walking up all the aisles to see the offers they have on and the new products brands bring out. TK MAXX, I always find a little hit and miss the beauty section is always a bit of a jumble sale but you can find some amazing little gems and as my local store was quite quiet I thought I would take advantage of it!

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I thought I would start in the most logical place which is Boots as I visited this store first. Drugstore make up is really disappointing me at the moment, I looked round all the counters and didn’t really find anything that I wanted to pick up. This never happens so  I thought I would take full advantage of this and focus on skincare!

Soap & Glory – Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder see here

So this is the only make up purchase I picked up from Boots which is something I am currently running out of so I knew I needed to pick another up ASAP. I love this powder, it really does the job of keeping my makeup in place and mattifying. With oily skin this powder is great at oil control, it’s one of the only pressed powders I reach for at the moment. Soap and Glory for make up isn’t normally my cup of tea but they do have some great products!

Simple – Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil see here

I am new to the whole cleansing oil thing, but I have fallen in love with my Sephora Cleansing Oil so I thought why don’t I try one out from an affordable brand which is a lot easier to get hold of. This caught my eye and I thought it’s on offer why not try it out. Simple is a brand for me that is a great affordable brand where their products do exactly what they say on the tin. Very rarely do products from Simple disappoint me so I am hoping I will enjoy this. I will of course post a review of how I get on with this.

Garnier – Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Soap Free Gel Wash see here

Why do products have such long names!? Garnier is another skincare brand that I have love and adored for a long time and very rarely do I come across a product that I don’t get on with. I am always on the hunt for trying new face washes and the whole anti-blemish formula I am in great need of. My breakouts can be really horrid so anything that aims to combat this is worth trying right!?

Botanics – Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm see here

So for whatever reason I have never tried anything from Botanics before, I have always heard good things about them. I guess nothing has ever shouted out enough for me to buy something up until now. I didn’t realise how big of a range it is so I didn’t even know what to choose but I did want to try a new cleanser so I thought why not try a balm? I love the ethics of the brand so lets hope it impresses me!

Garnier – Pure Active Intense Daily Exfoliating Scrub

For whatever reason this doesn’t seem to be on the Boots website, a little strange. Anyway, I love using exfoliating scrubs and as this says it combats spots and blackheads I thought this would be right up my street! It is for oily spot prone skin which literally sums up my skin to a tea! I am hoping this goes some way to help combat them. More so my blackheads as I have trouble getting rid of the little things. I shall let you know how I get on in due course.

Quick Fix Facials – Anti Blemish Mud Mask see here

Last but by no means least from Boots I picked up a mask. I love my face masks and I have never tried a mud mask before so I thought why not!? Clearly from this haul you can see I am trying to combat my spotty skin. I just need to shake it up a bit and hope that at least one of the product does the trick. I have another one of these masks in the range which I enjoy using so lets hope I like this one a much!

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TK MAXX is like a little jumble sale at times everything is a bit of a mess but you can really find some great gems. As TK MAXX has so many products they are not all on their website so I will let you know how much I paid for each of the products but I won’t be able to link them – I apologise in advance!

Topshop – Nude Lips in Bevy and Culture. £3.99 each

So I did not realise they stocked Topshop make up! I was very impressed. I do have one of their lipsticks but it really isn’t my thing so I thought I would try again and this time with brown matte shades. I love a brown lip and these two colours look beautiful. I have high hopes for these so hopefully they will live up to my expectations.

Make Up Forever – Step 1 Skin Equaliser Radiant Primer in Cool Pink. £7.99

So I thought this was a bargain! I have never tried anything from Make Up Forever, I am not sure why but I thought now is the time. I love a good primer, I am a little worried about the shade but as it won’t be seen I’m not too fussed. It is a cream based primer which is highly fragrenced. I’m not too sure how I feel about it but I will give it a go. I will let you know my thoughts!

Make Up Forever – High Definition Powder £9.99

I couldn’t leave by just buying one product! I never really buy powder so I thought lets give it a go. I was on the hunt for a new powder anyway so it seemed like a logical purchase. It’s translucent which is what I would go for anyway because I never need any more colour in my powder. I have no idea what to expect from this, how interesting..

Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream £14.99

So I think everyone and there dog has tried this cream apart from me. As it was there I thought do you know what it’s about time I find out what all the hype is about. I have never tried any skincare from Elizabeth Arden so this will be a good test. I will let you know how I get on with this, I really hope I like it otherwise I will be thoroughly disappointed.

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That’s all guys! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them!

-A x

4 thoughts on “Boots & TK MAXX Haul

  1. I can spend so long in a Boots 😀 Love to visiti Boots, and Superdrug when I’m in the UK. You guys’ selection is 10x better then what we have in Denmark! Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is stable in my drawer. It helps me with any dry patches, and is so soothing on my skin ❤

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    1. It’s amazing. When you find a good Boots store I could spend £100’s 🙈 ah well at least you can visit and enjoy. I think the UK would be even better with a Sephora.
      Oooooh that’s good to know, thank you for reading xo


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