Review – Rimmel: Sculpting Palette by Kate Moss

Hello my lovelies

For me, finding contour products of any sort is actually hard to find. I mean a good all in one palette which you can use all the shades and enjoy. As much as I love the drugstore when it comes to any kind of palette they aren’t the greatest. When Rimmel brought out this sculpting palette I was thinking, oooh do we have a contender. It did take me a while to pick up – I’m not sure why but I finally did and I thought it was about time that I share with you exactly my thoughts.

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So I picked this up from Boots and I decided on 002 Coral Glow. For me it seemed like the medium shade and as I’m not completely pale the middle shade should work. From the outside I love the packaging. It works with my aesthetics – copper yes please! It’s compact so perfect for travelling and it’s nice and easy to see the shades. It just works and I love the look of it. It does mean that it doesn’t come with a mirror but I don’t think it would look right if it came with one.

Another great thing is that I love on the back it comes with instructions written and visual of where to apply each of the products. For me, this is amazing. I’m no makeup artist so it’s good to double check if you are applying it in the right places and if you are new into the world of contouring or make up generally then these little things really do make a difference.

For whatever reason, I didn’t swatch the shades in store. I decided because of all the lovely reviews I had read and see on this product I didn’t need to. Now, this is the biggest regret because I really don’t think I would of picked it up..

We will start with the first shade – the highlight/ illuminator. So from just looking at it, it doesn’t look like much – I wouldn’t pick a shade like this normally for me it’s just a little something of nothing. However, the person I am I do try everything and all I would say is that it is OK. If you have a lot of highlighters like me you will apply this and feel as though it is very basic. It produces a nice colour but not the glow I’m after.

I like to have a bit more of a glow, I mean if you are someone who wants a subtle highlight then I think you would really like this. But for a highlighter junkie for me it just doesn’t really hit the spot. On days that I’m not wearing a lot of make up then this is perfect however it’s not something I do very often so I very rarely use it.

Next shade the Contour/sculpting shade. Now for me I don’t think a contour shade should have specs of glitter in it. It should be a matte shade to chisel those cheek bones. This does have specs of glitter in which I was willing to see past it to see how it faired. Well the pigmentation is awful, I mean really awful. The amount of product you have to get on your brush is ridiculous. I can’t make it work for me, maybe the shade is too light for me but it did absolutely nothing for me. I have never been so disappointed in a contour shade in my life.

Finally we have the blush shade which looks beautiful my sort of blush. It’s a soft coral toned pink with very few specs of glitter. If I am honest this is what drew me to this trio the most is the blush shade. You can’t go wrong with a blush surely? Well you can because it has no pigmentation to it. Below is a picture of all three shades and I seriously can’t do any better I put so much product on my finger and it comes up as nothing. I can’t use it. It’s completely pointless. What’s the point of applying a product that you can’t see. It’s so frustrating because it’s such a lovely colour in the pan.


Overall, I am hugely disappointed in the this product. It ticked all the right boxes on paper but the performance of the shades is just dismal. I’m not sure how this was able to be retailed in my opinion it’s really something of nothing. I mean the only shade I could use from this trio is the highlighter but it wouldn’t be used very often. I hate writing bad reviews but I am being honest and I wish there is something that would make me keep it but there isn’t.

This sadly will be going in the bin, or I’ll see if one of my friends want to give it a go. Maybe I just got a poor quality one but I just don’t think that I want to go try the same one, maybe a different shade but I’m assuming they are all made in the same way. It’s even worse because this is the first ever product from Rimmel that I have truly disliked. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone it’s really not worth the money.

Let me know how you have got on with this, maybe you feel the same as me or maybe you have got it to work for you. Sadly on this occasion it wasn’t for me. It’s such a shame because the amount of reviews I have read on this being a great product is ridiculous!

-A x

11 thoughts on “Review – Rimmel: Sculpting Palette by Kate Moss

  1. I’ve been hearing quite mixed reviews on this product, and I weren’t planning on getting. This review just assured me of that. I like my contour shade completly matte, without any glitter at all. Rimmel should’ve thought of that

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  2. I totally agree with you on the highlighter shade, as I like a more intense glow and I feel this is just a subtle glow on the cheeks. However, I really like the contour shade as it works well for my pale skin and really defines my cheekbones. Xx

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  3. It’s so frustrating when there is no pigmentation from a product! I’ve actually been there with a MAC blush believe it or not…it’s one of their more neutral and natural blushes but still, there should be some amount of pigment and I found it SO HARD to get much onto my brush. By the time I did, I just felt the results wasn’t worth the time – practically nothing. :/

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    1. I know. So many people love it and I’m like how can you when there is no pigmentation. Surprised about MAC I haven’t had a blush from there but I feel the same about there eyeshadows – they aren’t all that especially for the price! Thank you for reading lovely ✨

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