November Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

I feel like I write these posts far to often, I mean where is the time going!? This is for me simply the best time of the year. As soon as November 1st hits, the Christmas countdown well and truly begins for me. November all in all has been a good month for me, as you are reading this I am currently in Berlin enjoying all the Christmas markets and stuffing my face with amazing food! I started a new job in November, and I officially have been blogging for a whole year now – incredible! I have actually written a little thank you post, so if you haven’t seen it already go check it out here

Onto my beauty favourites, none of these are necessarily new products. I have been trying to not buy a lot this month in the spirit of Christmas and all I really need to be buying for others!

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NYX – Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette see here

I was kindly gifted this by my best friend earlier on the year for my birthday and I instantly fell in love. I don’t know how I have missed putting this in favourites. I have used this palette almost every day this month! The colours are just beautiful and so easy to wear, they are crazy pigmented as well which is not what I was expecting when I first tried them out. I use these just on their own because the pigmentation is incredible enough however it’s mainly because I have been super busy this month so a swipe of one of these colours is great & I’m good to go! I can see myself using this for a long time to come!

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MakeUp Obsession Highlighter Palette 

This palette was actually made up for me online but the link for the website is here where you can create your own palettes – yes I know it’s amazing! Onto the products, I picked this up earlier this year and I had been wanting to try Make Up Obsession for the longest time. I loved the idea of creating your own palette. For whatever reason I chose to pick up a pre-created palette mainly because there was so much choice! I love every single one of these highlighters and I can see myself buying a lot more of these.

Autumn/Winter calls for highlight, I love highlight all year round but even more so in the colder months and this has been the perfect palette to play around with and create the perfect highlight on my skin. I would say my two favourites out of this are H103 Bronze and H109 Pop which are the two middle shades. Seriously if you haven’t tried this brand before go check them out. They are also stocked in Boots too!


LA Girl – Pro Conceal in Light Ivory see here

Ok, so I love this concealer. I go through phases of wearing this every single day to completely forgetting about it’s existence. This has been by far my most used and loved concealer of this month. Although I haven’t had a bad month with my skin, the dark circles are really real and this has been the perfect product to cover those bad boys up. I love how much product you get for your money – it just keeps on giving. I love that LA Girl is now so readily available within the UK because it is an amazing brand and more people need to see how wonderful it truly is.

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Bourjois – Bronzing Powder in 52 see here

So hands down for me, this is the best drugstore bronzer on the market. Literally I LOVE it and this month it has been the only bronzer I have worn all month. I just flipping love it. I still don’t know how I haven’t hit pan yet because I use it all the time. For me, it is the perfect bronzing shade regardless of what time of year it is, it just always shines and creates the perfect bronzed look where I need it. I have actually mentioned this in my Top 3 bronzers post so if you want even more reasons to buy this then go ahead and give it a read!

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Too Faced – Melted Matte in Queen B see here

I don’t think I have mentioned this on my blog before and I have no idea why. This product is AMAZING. The colour is stunning and nothing like I have ever worn before. A beautiful mauve colour which compliments my complexion beautifully. The formula is amazing, but what do you expect from a brand like Too Faced. I have worn this so much this month and I don’t think I will be loosing touch with it any time soon. It is my perfect Autumn/Winter lip shade. I never thought I would like a shade like this but you never know until you try!

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Loreal – Hydra Genius see here

So I have been giving this a go this month, I didn’t really know what to expect. It is such a different product on the market especially when it comes to the drugstore. The formula is amazing and feels wonderful on the skin. I really think my skin has improved this month and I think it is down to this little baby. It is seriously a beautiful product and I think that you need to just try it out especially if you are on the fence. I will be writing a full review on this product so keep your eyes peeled!


Lush – Snow Fairy Shower Gel see here

Last but no means least one of my favourite products EVER. Do I even need to explain why I love this product? This time of the year is all about Snow Fairy, I mean what else would you use!? I am down to my final bottle of this so I need to get buying more of this. If you have never smelt or used this before, like seriously where have you been!? You need to go and smell this for yourselves. I promise you, you won’t regret it. This baby was the start of my Christmas countdown.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are of them. I’d love to know! PS where are all the Snow Fairy lovers!?

-A x




Review| NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer

Hello my lovelies,

Primer for me is a very important step in my makeup. I don’t ever apply foundation without applying primer first. I have tried a lot of primers in my time on the search on what creates the perfect base. For me, I have to find a primer that doesn’t increase the amount of oil produced on my skin. Because of this, I usually tend to go towards more silicone based primers they just seem to work better for my skin. A lot of people don’t use primer on a daily basis but I never understand why. I work full time and I need to know that my make up isn’t going to budge! I thought I would share with you my thoughts on NYX’s Angel Veil Primer which is one of my latest primer purchases.

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I had wanted to get my hands on this for the longest time but every time I went to my local NYX counter it was always sold out. I FINALLY managed to get my hands on it from good old Boots of course! I love the packaging, actually mainly just the pink lid. It just makes it a lot prettier and more fun. Who doesn’t love a little metallic pink!?

What drew me to this primer in the first place was that the product is oil free. This is music to my ears because I know it’s not going to increase the amount of oil within my skin. No one wants a shiny forehead! I was however skeptical with it being a cream based product. As I mentioned, I am mainly drawn to more silicone based primers they just work for me better. However, the dedicated beauty lover I am I was of course going to take one for the team and try it out.

The cream is actually fairly light in consistency which when I applied onto the skin just sunk in. I do have some primers where you have to wait a good couple of minutes before you can applying your next base product, not this one! It’s great especially when you are in a rush but want to still ensure that you have done your complete routine. I feel that because it’s such a thin primer you do have to use quite a bit of it to ensure all areas are covered.

I have tried a fair few different foundations with this primer and all have worked really well. My makeup definitely stays on all day and I never feel like it has made my skin oily in fact most of the time it looks as though I have just applied it.  It keeps my skin so lovely and fresh. I mean when you read the back of the bottle it claims that the primer ‘feels lighter than a cloud‘ and although I have never held a cloud I would agree with this. I never feel as though it makes my face heavier.

I have had primers in my time that really does weigh my face down and I feel like I am wearing 10 layers of base product. However this primer is so lightweight that you don’t realise you are wearing anything else. It’s quick and easy to apply and really does make a difference to my skin. It does claim that it ‘leaves skin feeling divine‘ not sure I agree with this one. Just because it does create a layer on your skin ready for foundation. Although my skin feels smooth even when I have finished all my base makeup .I would say this is down to my morning skincare routine as opposed to a primer.

Overall, I am really impressed with this primer. Over the past year I never really tried primers from the drugstore because I didn’t think they could compete with my more expensive primers that I adored. I am pleased to say that I was proved wrong and actually the drugstore can produce a good primer, namely NYX.

I would recommend this to people, especially if you struggle with an oily complexion. I thought that although it didn’t combat my oily skin it did not add to this which is exactly what you need especially when applying different layers to your skin. NYX is a brand I have never tried a lot from in regards to their base products but after this little gem I think I will be seeing what else they have to offer.

Let me know if you have tried this before and what your thoughts are. Also any NYX base product recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

-A x

Boots & TK MAXX Haul

Hello my lovelies,

So I haven’t been beauty shopping in some time so I thought it was about time I treated myself to some new items. Boots is always my downfall because I love walking up all the aisles to see the offers they have on and the new products brands bring out. TK MAXX, I always find a little hit and miss the beauty section is always a bit of a jumble sale but you can find some amazing little gems and as my local store was quite quiet I thought I would take advantage of it!

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I thought I would start in the most logical place which is Boots as I visited this store first. Drugstore make up is really disappointing me at the moment, I looked round all the counters and didn’t really find anything that I wanted to pick up. This never happens so  I thought I would take full advantage of this and focus on skincare!

Soap & Glory – Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder see here

So this is the only make up purchase I picked up from Boots which is something I am currently running out of so I knew I needed to pick another up ASAP. I love this powder, it really does the job of keeping my makeup in place and mattifying. With oily skin this powder is great at oil control, it’s one of the only pressed powders I reach for at the moment. Soap and Glory for make up isn’t normally my cup of tea but they do have some great products!

Simple – Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil see here

I am new to the whole cleansing oil thing, but I have fallen in love with my Sephora Cleansing Oil so I thought why don’t I try one out from an affordable brand which is a lot easier to get hold of. This caught my eye and I thought it’s on offer why not try it out. Simple is a brand for me that is a great affordable brand where their products do exactly what they say on the tin. Very rarely do products from Simple disappoint me so I am hoping I will enjoy this. I will of course post a review of how I get on with this.

Garnier – Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Soap Free Gel Wash see here

Why do products have such long names!? Garnier is another skincare brand that I have love and adored for a long time and very rarely do I come across a product that I don’t get on with. I am always on the hunt for trying new face washes and the whole anti-blemish formula I am in great need of. My breakouts can be really horrid so anything that aims to combat this is worth trying right!?

Botanics – Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm see here

So for whatever reason I have never tried anything from Botanics before, I have always heard good things about them. I guess nothing has ever shouted out enough for me to buy something up until now. I didn’t realise how big of a range it is so I didn’t even know what to choose but I did want to try a new cleanser so I thought why not try a balm? I love the ethics of the brand so lets hope it impresses me!

Garnier – Pure Active Intense Daily Exfoliating Scrub

For whatever reason this doesn’t seem to be on the Boots website, a little strange. Anyway, I love using exfoliating scrubs and as this says it combats spots and blackheads I thought this would be right up my street! It is for oily spot prone skin which literally sums up my skin to a tea! I am hoping this goes some way to help combat them. More so my blackheads as I have trouble getting rid of the little things. I shall let you know how I get on in due course.

Quick Fix Facials – Anti Blemish Mud Mask see here

Last but by no means least from Boots I picked up a mask. I love my face masks and I have never tried a mud mask before so I thought why not!? Clearly from this haul you can see I am trying to combat my spotty skin. I just need to shake it up a bit and hope that at least one of the product does the trick. I have another one of these masks in the range which I enjoy using so lets hope I like this one a much!

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TK MAXX is like a little jumble sale at times everything is a bit of a mess but you can really find some great gems. As TK MAXX has so many products they are not all on their website so I will let you know how much I paid for each of the products but I won’t be able to link them – I apologise in advance!

Topshop – Nude Lips in Bevy and Culture. £3.99 each

So I did not realise they stocked Topshop make up! I was very impressed. I do have one of their lipsticks but it really isn’t my thing so I thought I would try again and this time with brown matte shades. I love a brown lip and these two colours look beautiful. I have high hopes for these so hopefully they will live up to my expectations.

Make Up Forever – Step 1 Skin Equaliser Radiant Primer in Cool Pink. £7.99

So I thought this was a bargain! I have never tried anything from Make Up Forever, I am not sure why but I thought now is the time. I love a good primer, I am a little worried about the shade but as it won’t be seen I’m not too fussed. It is a cream based primer which is highly fragrenced. I’m not too sure how I feel about it but I will give it a go. I will let you know my thoughts!

Make Up Forever – High Definition Powder £9.99

I couldn’t leave by just buying one product! I never really buy powder so I thought lets give it a go. I was on the hunt for a new powder anyway so it seemed like a logical purchase. It’s translucent which is what I would go for anyway because I never need any more colour in my powder. I have no idea what to expect from this, how interesting..

Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream £14.99

So I think everyone and there dog has tried this cream apart from me. As it was there I thought do you know what it’s about time I find out what all the hype is about. I have never tried any skincare from Elizabeth Arden so this will be a good test. I will let you know how I get on with this, I really hope I like it otherwise I will be thoroughly disappointed.

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That’s all guys! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them!

-A x

Christmas Beauty Wishlist 2017

Hello my lovelies,

So it’s that time of year where Christmas is upon us and for me the countdown has well and truly begun. For me I have already done 70% of my Christmas shopping, yes I am that crazy organised freak! Everyone always has a wishlist and although I have given my actual Christmas list to my parents I thought for everyone else who wants to be noisy or is wanting to get me something this may help.

I had a lot of fun thinking about what I wanted, if you have been reading my posts for a while some of these items have been on wishlists for quite some time and I still haven’t got round to buying them. Christmas for me is the best time of the year, spending time with your loved ones, snuggling in blankets watching Christmas films as well as all the food. Gifts for me are an added bonus and I don’t give to receive I just genuinely love watching people open their presents as I put a lot of thought into them.


  1. Oskia – Renaissance Cleansing Gel see here

I have wanted this for a long time to be honest. I have heard so many great things about the product and the brand as a whole that I know this is the next cleanser that I want to get my hands on. For me as much as I love make up, skincare is so important to me and spending a little more on it is a worthwhile thing to do.

2. Huda Beauty – Warm Brown Obsessions Palette see here

So this is Huda Beauty’s most recent launch and I NEED to get my hands on it. The shades are absolutely beautiful and nothing like anything I own. Slowly I am heading towards these shades they are just so beautiful and perfect for the cold weather. I have heard a lot of good things of the pigmentation of these eye shadows – I’m hoping this won’t disappoint. The only product I currently have from Huda Beauty is the Liquid Lipstick which I reviewed here

3. Clinique – Moisture Surge see here

I had a little mini of this and I fell in love, the texture and the effect the product had on my skin completely wowed me. I know that I need to get my hands on a new pot because I don’t think I can live without it. I mentioned this in my most recent empties post and I knew this would be straight on my Christmas Wishlist. Honestly if you are in the market for a new moisturiser I would seriously consider this little baby.

4. Charlotte Tilbury – Liquid Matte Lipstick in Show Girl see here

This is a fairly recent launch from Charlotte Tilbury and I have been to my local counter to try these out, I love near enough all the colours in the range but I have decided the first one I want is Show Girl. I am a complete sucker for a liquid lip and I feel that Charlotte Tilbury have been a little late on the hype of this but I’m hoping it is worth the wait!

5. MAC – Pigment in Museum Bronze see here

I completely fell in love with MAC pigments, I finally got my hands on the Blue/Brown Pigment which took me ages to get and now I have it I need more colours. They are absolutely beautiful and my oh my the colours are AMAZING. I have decided after a lot of deliberation that the next colour I want to go for is Museum Bronze. I feel like I could wear this on its own or I could mix other colours with it. Yes I’m that person that thinks of everything.

6. Kevyn Aucoin – Sculpting Powder in Medium see here

In the last year I have really upped my contour game and spent time on it as well as trying out a lot of products. I saw this around 8 months ago and it caught my eye from a number of different bloggers. Every time I am willing to take the plunge in the cost of the product it’s always sold out. I thought the best hope of me getting this is to put it on my Christmas list, lets hope dreams do come true! I know that when I get my hands on this my cheek bones are going to look AMAZING!

7. Hourglass – Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 see here

I don’t think this product needs much explanation literally I saw it and fell in love. Who does not want this palette!? I am tempted to buy it myself but I just can’t justify spending that amount of money so close to Christmas. The shade range in this palette is outstanding and I have heard only good things about this palette. Santa I promise I have been good this year – I hope this will be in my stocking!

8. Tarte – Shape Tape Concealer see here

Another product that I need to get my hands on very soon otherwise I feel like I am going to go insane! Everyone and their dog has spoken about this concealer and I think the time has come for me to join the bandwagon. Who doesn’t want a full coverage concealer in their collection. I don’t currently own anything from Tarte but I have always known the first product I want to get my hands on is this one. Unfortunately it just is a little tricky to get your hands on here in the UK.

That’s a wrap guys! Talking about Christmas has well and truly got me into the spirit I just want the day to come now! Let me know if you have tried any of these products out and what your thoughts are. What is on your beauty Christmas list this year?

-A x


Hello my lovelies,

So this post, I never thought I would be writing. A year ago today I had the idea to start a blog, I thought that I wanted to be creative and I just thought it was about time I shared my love of beauty with like-minded people. A year ago today I was in a very dark place which a lot of people don’t know about. I was signed off work with depression and anxiety to the point I was too scared to leave the house. I would ring my mum multiple times a day crying and I couldn’t see a way out.

1 year of Beauty with Alice

I spent my days just watching YouTube, a lot of make up and beauty videos and I knew for a long time I wanted my space on the internet but I was too scared to film myself. This is where I thought of blogging. I owed it to myself to give it a chance and it wasn’t for followers or making my mark it was for me. I wanted something for me, a hobby, my own outlet where I could express myself.

I then found WordPress, thought of my name and the rest came naturally for me. I designed my page and took the plunge to post a blog post. I was incredibly nervous to post, not because I was worried no one would read it because I didn’t expect any one to. I was worried because I didn’t feel worthy of having something for me that was positive when everything else in my world was falling apart. I felt selfish but I posted it. I first told my older sister who encouraged me to do this and I’m so pleased I did.

The amount of love and support I got from fellow bloggers and my friends & family was overwhelming. After posting my first post, I was so proud of myself. To do something for me that was positive. I got the blogging bug and until I was ready to go back to work in January I blogged like there was no tomorrow. It gave me a purpose to get up in the morning and I absolutely fell in love with blogging.

I started gaining followers and I was so overwhelmed that people wanted to read my blog there were a lot of happy tears! Social media went crazy and I finally felt like I fitted in to the blogging community. I met so many different people and still to this day I am overwhelmed with the love and support from the blogger world.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

To share with my friends and family what I had been doing was a very daunting prospect. Although those closest to me knew, there was an awful lot of people that didn’t know. I thought do you know what – what can I loose if I share it on my personal Facebook? I finally took the plunge and the support I got was amazing. I had so many people messaging me asking for my advice and opinions on beauty products and it meant so much.

As the year has gone on, working with brands and the following I have still shocks me. To most people it’s not a big number but for little old me it’s a big thing. I have people who I haven’t spoken to in years telling me that they read my blog religiously and that they love it, family members who constantly support me and I can’t tell you how much it all means to me.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

If you were to tell me a year ago that I would be writing this post with the success I have had I would of laughed in your face and thought that’s impossible. Now, I think that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. My life has changed dramatically in a year and most of it is down to my blog. To have my small space on the internet that is mine, where I can escape and be who I want to be. I’m now working and happy and feeling more positive than ever.

There are a few people that have really helped me in my journey which includes my Mum who is just a gem and has supported me like there is no tomorrow, trying new products that I have recommended and shared my posts with her friends. My older sister Kelly who continues to support me and encourage me every time we speak. My boyfriend Tom who is my biggest supporter of my blog. He reads every posts and daily tells me how proud he is of me and what I have achieved. My best friends Nadia and Charlotte who read every single one of my posts and are always there for support and to share my experiences with.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Basically, this is a massive thank you. To each and every one of you reading this post, who follows my blog, my Twitter, my Instagram or Facebook page. You have no idea how life changing this experience has been for me and what you can achieve. I thank my lucky stars that I have my blog, something for me because without it I genuinely don’t know where I would be. It gives me a purpose in life and I am forever thankful.

Here is to another year of blogging and I know that each and every day I will still pinch myself that I have the following and support that I do. Who knows what I will achieve or whether I will outgrow my blog, a year is a long time but for now it’s my biggest achievement in life.

To anyone who is wanting to do something like a blog and you are unsure, DO IT. I can’t put into words how happy and grateful that I made the move and started blogging. You deserve to do something that makes you happy. If anyone want’s advice or needs help then come and ask me – if I can do it, anyone can!

Thank you once again, I love you all and let this amazing journey continue

-A x

Review – Rimmel: Sculpting Palette by Kate Moss

Hello my lovelies

For me, finding contour products of any sort is actually hard to find. I mean a good all in one palette which you can use all the shades and enjoy. As much as I love the drugstore when it comes to any kind of palette they aren’t the greatest. When Rimmel brought out this sculpting palette I was thinking, oooh do we have a contender. It did take me a while to pick up – I’m not sure why but I finally did and I thought it was about time that I share with you exactly my thoughts.

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So I picked this up from Boots and I decided on 002 Coral Glow. For me it seemed like the medium shade and as I’m not completely pale the middle shade should work. From the outside I love the packaging. It works with my aesthetics – copper yes please! It’s compact so perfect for travelling and it’s nice and easy to see the shades. It just works and I love the look of it. It does mean that it doesn’t come with a mirror but I don’t think it would look right if it came with one.

Another great thing is that I love on the back it comes with instructions written and visual of where to apply each of the products. For me, this is amazing. I’m no makeup artist so it’s good to double check if you are applying it in the right places and if you are new into the world of contouring or make up generally then these little things really do make a difference.

For whatever reason, I didn’t swatch the shades in store. I decided because of all the lovely reviews I had read and see on this product I didn’t need to. Now, this is the biggest regret because I really don’t think I would of picked it up..

We will start with the first shade – the highlight/ illuminator. So from just looking at it, it doesn’t look like much – I wouldn’t pick a shade like this normally for me it’s just a little something of nothing. However, the person I am I do try everything and all I would say is that it is OK. If you have a lot of highlighters like me you will apply this and feel as though it is very basic. It produces a nice colour but not the glow I’m after.

I like to have a bit more of a glow, I mean if you are someone who wants a subtle highlight then I think you would really like this. But for a highlighter junkie for me it just doesn’t really hit the spot. On days that I’m not wearing a lot of make up then this is perfect however it’s not something I do very often so I very rarely use it.

Next shade the Contour/sculpting shade. Now for me I don’t think a contour shade should have specs of glitter in it. It should be a matte shade to chisel those cheek bones. This does have specs of glitter in which I was willing to see past it to see how it faired. Well the pigmentation is awful, I mean really awful. The amount of product you have to get on your brush is ridiculous. I can’t make it work for me, maybe the shade is too light for me but it did absolutely nothing for me. I have never been so disappointed in a contour shade in my life.

Finally we have the blush shade which looks beautiful my sort of blush. It’s a soft coral toned pink with very few specs of glitter. If I am honest this is what drew me to this trio the most is the blush shade. You can’t go wrong with a blush surely? Well you can because it has no pigmentation to it. Below is a picture of all three shades and I seriously can’t do any better I put so much product on my finger and it comes up as nothing. I can’t use it. It’s completely pointless. What’s the point of applying a product that you can’t see. It’s so frustrating because it’s such a lovely colour in the pan.


Overall, I am hugely disappointed in the this product. It ticked all the right boxes on paper but the performance of the shades is just dismal. I’m not sure how this was able to be retailed in my opinion it’s really something of nothing. I mean the only shade I could use from this trio is the highlighter but it wouldn’t be used very often. I hate writing bad reviews but I am being honest and I wish there is something that would make me keep it but there isn’t.

This sadly will be going in the bin, or I’ll see if one of my friends want to give it a go. Maybe I just got a poor quality one but I just don’t think that I want to go try the same one, maybe a different shade but I’m assuming they are all made in the same way. It’s even worse because this is the first ever product from Rimmel that I have truly disliked. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone it’s really not worth the money.

Let me know how you have got on with this, maybe you feel the same as me or maybe you have got it to work for you. Sadly on this occasion it wasn’t for me. It’s such a shame because the amount of reviews I have read on this being a great product is ridiculous!

-A x


Hello my lovelies!

Soo I think you will need a good cup of tea and a snack to read this, I have an awful lot of empties to get through! This is the time of the year when I use a lot of products up as I don’t want to buy anything new because it’s all going on my Christmas list! I feel like I am using a lot of products ready to make space for the new. I cannot believe I have now done 10 Empties posts. These posts are great to look back on to see exactly what I use and how often.

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Primark – Oval Cosmetic Pads

As we all know Primark still haven’t got round to the online shopping thing so I’m sorry I can’t link these but these are the BEST cotton pads I have ever used. I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get hold of these little babies all my local Primark stores have few if any of these. Luckily my older sister is on hand when I’m running low and picks them up from her store. Seriously if you haven’t tried these – you need to. It’s a no brainer for 90p!

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Jo Malone – English Pear & Freesia Scented Candle see here

So these are my favorite EVER candles, you just can’t get better. English Pear and Freesia is one of my favoruite scents from Jo Malone. I have the cologne in this scent and whenever I am invited to a Jo Malone store for a massage I always incorporate this scent. It’s fruity, but not too overpowering in the sweet department. It’s very crisp and works perfectly in my bedroom to create a cosy atmosphere especially when I am having a little pamper time.

It burns beautifully and seems to go on for aaaaages. I am rubbish at describing scents to do pop into your local store and smell it, it’s just divine. I will be keeping the jar so I can put bits and bobs in – recycling! I won’t be rushing out to buy this as I do have another Jo Malone candle on the go, but if anyone wanted to buy me one then of course I would happily accept.

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Snow Fairy – Shower Gel see here

This is my FAVOURITE ever shower gel. I mean who doesn’t love this!? I hate that it is limited edition but thankfully I stock up around Christmas time and luckily I am gifted a few bottles so I can use it throughout the year. My oh my who doesn’t want pink glittery shower gel!? If you haven’t smelt this then head to your local Lush store! It is very sweet so if that isn’t for you then I’m sorry this probably isn’t for you. I love how the scent lingers on the skin and I can smell it hours after. The shower gel itself really is one of the best formulas I have ever tried. Basically, go out and buy it – but leave some for me because I still need to stock up!

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Catwalk by TIGI – Oatmeal and Honey Nourishing Conditioner see here

So both my sisters swear by this range and I thought it was about time I tried it. I actually stole the bottle of my younger sister, whooops! But I just had to tried it and see what all the fuss was about. First off, it smells AMAZING seriously if you love the smell of honey you’ll love this. This range is perfect for me because it focuses on dry and damaged hair which is literally me. I am always up for putting extra moisture in my hair.

It really is amazing, I have only tried the conditioner but I seriously noticed the difference so I think I need to repurchase the duo so I can really feel the benefits. It is more expensive than drug store brands but in my opinion the couple of pounds extra really is worth it. I will be picking this up quite quickly I think!

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Superdrug – Nourishing Nail Polish Remover see here

For me I don’t spend a lot on nail polish removers, all I want is for it to take off my nail polish so I can paint them with a different colour. I always go for a cheap and cheerful product and it depends on what shop I am in as to what I go for. It did the job and it lasted for a really long time. I probably will repurchase this again but currently I am using a Boots own nail polish remover – they all do the same job right?

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Sephora – Green Tea Face Mask see here

I picked this up on my first trip to Sephora and I was amazed by all the different face masks. As soon as I got home I wanted to try them all. This one appealed to me the most as it aims to mattify and control blemishes. With the oily skin that I have this sounded perfect. The whole sheet mask concept is still all new to me and now I wish I picked up more of this one because I really think it helped my skin. I definitely noticed a difference and for the few days after the mask I honestly thought the amount of oil produced on my skin decreased. It is one of the first times I genuinely notice a difference in my skin after a mask.

I need to get my hands on more of these. If anyone wants to pick me a few up on their trip then I would more than happily accept them! They are amazing if you have oily sin like me you need to go out and get your hands on some! Game Changer!


Soap & Glory – The Greatest Scrub of All see here

For me, this isn’t the greatest face scrub of all. Very bold title but it really wasn’t anything life changing. I mean it’s a good scrub but it isn’t the best I have used. I don’t feel like the beads inside really did much as they were so small. For sensitive skin this would be great but for me I just felt like I needed them to be a bit bigger to do much. I mean it left my skin feeling smooth but apart from that it didn’t do much else. I would say I think this has helped to combat my spots that I have had recently. Would I buy this again? Maybe if Soap & Glory were doing 3 for 2 but I wouldn’t go to Boots to specifically buy this. Just a little disappointing.

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Sleek – Brow Kit in Light see here

I really enjoy this product, an awful lot. I do only use the wax side never the powder for me the powder is difficult to work with but that’s my personal preference. For a drug store brow product I would say this is really up there with some of the best. It’s pigmented, easy to use and the perfect colour for me. I have actually already brought another one of these because I enjoy it that much. If you don’t want to pay Benefit prices for their brow kit I would seriously consider this one!

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Collection – Primed & Ready see here

Another firm favoruite in my make up collection. I have loved this for a long time. It is the perfect primer to put on in a hurry and know that your base make up won’t end up all down your face. It’s really the perfect base and especially for the price is amazing. I would say that this is a silicone based primer and I know this isn’t for everyone but if you want to try it I don’t think you will be disappointed.

This is one of those products when you start to run low you buy another so you are never without it. It’s perfect for me because of my oily complexion as it is aimed at mattifying your complexion. If you suffer like me this may be a good one to try!

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Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion see here

I cannot apply eyeshadow without applying a bit of this. I actually couldn’t imagine not applying a primer to my eyelids. It’s a vital part of my routine and this wins every time. I have tried a few in my time and none have been as good as this. It creates an even base for your eye shadow and enhances the colour. My eye shadow stays on a lot longer when using this – why wouldn’t you use one!?

Although this is a small tube it has lasted me AGES because you need the tiniest amount. I just can’t imagine my life without it. I already have another one going but I really don’t like the new packaging – I don’t need a doe foot applicator to apply primer my finger works perfectly thank you! Bring back the original packaging please!

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Clinique – Moisture Surge see here

This is a mini which I received as a gift with purchase. I had wanted to try this for the longest time so I was very happy when I got my hands on it. This really has done complete wonders to my skin. It is AMAZING. I love it so so much and I was absolutely gutted when it ran out. It has a gel consistency and it just sinks into your skin. My skin definitely felt the benefits of using this.

I used this in the morning daily and it instantly just sunk into my skin and even on no make up days my skin looked so much better. I am really wanting to get my hands on the full size version but I have so many moisturisers to use up I feel like this is going to have to wait. I just want to carry on using it, this product is never going to be forgotten!

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That’s all folks! Give yourself a gold star if you made it to the end I know it was quite a long post! Let me know if you have tried any of the products I have mentioned and what you thought of them.

-A x


Review| Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Hello my lovelies!

Another review for you wonderful people. These are my favourite posts to write because I love to try new things out and see what they can and can’t do. Merely it is my opinion but I hope it helps when wanting to decide whether a product is right for you or not. I always read reviews on products before I buy them, I like to know whether it’s a complete waste of money before buying it.

Huda Beauty is a brand I stumbled across on the lovely Cult Beauty Website. I hadn’t heard too much about them apart from their eyeshadow palettes. I have waaaay to many eyeshadow palettes and I couldn’t find one at the time that I completely fell in love with so my next go to product to try out was a liquid lipstick of course. As time has gone on I have heard more and more about these so I thought I would let you know my thoughts..

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The shade I picked up was Vixen, which from the outside is a deep red/brown colour which is completely up my street. If I am honest I found it so hard to choose just one shade because they are all so beautiful! As I had never tried them before I thought rather than buying the whole range I should just stick to one so I can decide whether they are for me or not. What I loved on the cult beauty website was that they actually had pictures of the liquid lipstick applied to lips so you could see what it actually looks like. The amount of times I have brought something from the colour of the packaging for it to turn out nothing like it – it’s so annoying!

I love the frosted packaging, and how simple it is. You can just tell the brand have really thought about the way it looks and I think they have done an amazing job. It comes with a doe foot applicator which is my favourite way to apply liquid lipstick. I find it so easy to work with and allows me to get a crisp line so I don’t have to use a lip liner. The less products for me to apply the better!

The liquid lipstick has a strange smell to it, for me it kind of smells like white chocolate – I feel that they have tried to take the smell of MAC lipsticks and put their own stamp on it, personally it’s not for me. However, it’s not completely overwhelming and how often do you actually smell your lip products!

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The application of the liquid lipstick is really easy, I don’t feel as though it gets patchy in areas and it is extremely pigmented. One layer of this and you are good to go. It is quite a thick consistency so just be wary of this, personally this doesn’t bother me but I just thought I would make you aware. The drying time of this is actually pretty instant you don’t have to wait ages to drink a cup of tea and there is not lipstick marks on your cup!

From the title this is a matte liquid lip, which is my favourite. I’m not a fan on a gloss finish, however I am very picky with matte formulations. You don’t want to feel that your lips are tight and dry you want to know that it’s going to stay all day and not dry your lips out. Well – this product ticks those boxes. Very rarely do I have to top this up, only when I’m eating a messy dinner do I feel like I need to check myself out. Half the time I forget this is on my lips. It’s extremely comfortable for a liquid lipstick especially because of this being quite a bold colour.

For me, I’m seriously impressed. I don’t really have a bad word to say about it. The colour I’m obsessed with and the formulation is perfect for me. I love it so much that I brought one for my sister for her birthday who shares my love of these now. My issue is that I want to buy them all now but they aren’t the most friendly on the purse strings. However, if you are looking to have a little splurge I would highly recommend having a look at these beauties.

You can pick them up from here

Let me know if you have tried these before and your thoughts – what is your favorite shade? Also I would like to try more Huda Beauty products – recommendations would be appreciated!

-A x