Review| Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Hello my lovelies,

I feel that drugstore foundations don’t get reviewed as much as the higher end brands so I thought I would treat everyone and have a talk about a foundation that I have found whilst browsing the likes of Boots. For me, as I have got older I have struggled to find foundations that work for me. I have developed an oily complexion which is just great! I used to be able to pick up near enough any foundation and it would work, now it’s a blooming hard job to find one I like and actually does the job I need. I have tried the likes of high end right down to the cheapest brands on the hunt to find the perfect foundation..

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The Rimmel Match Perfection foundation I picked up a good few months ago and after a lot of applications I thought I would share my thoughts with you. For reference I picked up the shade 103 True Ivory, although I’m not crazy pale I’m not blessed with the best skin tone. The colour is actually a really good match for my skin tone – I do sometimes struggle with colour matching as the artificial lights in the shop never give a true colour shade! I love that nearly all of the Rimmel foundation’s come in a glass bottle, it makes it more durable and more desirable to use as they just look that much better than a tube.

Another must for me is a pump, this whole pouring malarkey is not for me. I always manage to pour way too much so I never really buy foundation without a pump or I have to buy one. Another plus is that is has SPF 20 in, this is something that I really do look out for in a foundation. In the winter months you can still damage your skin from the sun when it makes an appearance so to know I don’t have to put another product on my face every day is a winner for me!

I use around two pumps on my face for full coverage, I would say this is a medium coverage foundation but is buildable depending on what your preference is. Now what actually drew me to this foundation was the claim of ‘pore blurring’ doesn’t everyone want this!? Now I don’t have the biggest pores in the world but they are visible so anything to minimise this is a winner from me. I also really love how lightweight the foundation is on my skin, it never looks cakey and stays in place for a good 10 hours.

I find that this foundation works well both with a brush or a beauty blender, there isn’t no major difference both do the same job. Which is great because I do like to mix up my applicators – it gets boring using the same thing!

However, as much as the application is great and feels nice it doesn’t work with my skin. This is not for us oily girls – as soon as I apply this I have a shiny forehead. I do think this is my fault as I didn’t pay much attention to the whole ’24 hour moisture’ BUT having said that I don’t expect it to be making my skin look visibly worst as soon as I apply it. When powdered it does look good but the whole topping up with powder is a massive must for this foundation – this is not for me.

I don’t find that it makes any difference to my pores, they look exactly the same so it’s major selling point just doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t know if because I’m oily it counteracts this but seriously I’m not that oily! It’s gutting because I actually really like everything else about this foundation and I have applied this so many time and still to this day I’m undecided as to whether I can see past it’s flaws or not.

If you have dry skin then I’m more than 80% sure that you will enjoy this, I’m clearly the idiot that didn’t pick up on the whole moisture part. It’s annoying because the foundation itself and the texture is amazing I just wish it was more of a mattifying foundation because actually it isn’t that dewy.

I’m so undecided about this – I do think I will use the rest of the bottle because I don’t completely hate this. I just have to powder an awful lot before I leave the house. I don’t think I would repurchase and I think going forward I will be reading the whole bottle before I commit to buying foundation. You live and learn right!

Let me know if you have tried this foundation and what your thoughts are – I would love to know. Also, any oil control/mattifying foundations that you love send them my way!

-A x


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