September Favourites

Hello my lovelies

Another month is over and done with, I can’t actually quite get over we are officially now in autumn! My countdown to Christmas is well and truly on & I cannot wait. I have actually already been listening to Christmas songs, whoops! This September has been one of the best months of the year, I went to Paris with my boyfriend to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I then went and brought myself a brand new car, yes brand new. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m completely in love. Let’s hope October will be as good as September!

Onto the beauty though, enough about my life, I have rediscovered some very old but good products this month. Along with enjoying some of my recent purchases. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time for beauty, a dark lip really is my favourite and who doesn’t want more face masks in their life!?

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PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Wine 

For some reason I forgot to add this in the main picture, whoops! What is ever more annoying is that because it’s a Primark product I can’t link it for you. I brought this quite a while ago wanting to try their make up out because 1. it’s cheap and 2. there is always hype around Primark makeup. I thought the best thing to try out is a lip product and I fell in love with the colour. As the name of the colour suggests it is a red wine shade with purple undertones, my FAVOURITE. I thought I’d try it back out recently because I couldn’t remember if I liked it or not. My oh my, it’s amazing. Seriously it’s so easy to apply and extremely creamy.

It’s a matte finish but isn’t drying at all on the lips, it really is comfortable and it doesn’t budge. I just flipping love it I think I paid £1/£2 for this and it’s probably the best money I have spent ever. It’s flipping good and even rivals my NARS lip crayons which is quite a statement to make. I seriously need to get back to Primark and hope they still have this range and pick up more colours. So damn impressive. Hello number 1 autumn shade of 2017!

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MUA – Mosaic Blush in English Rose 

Sadly I think this has been discontinued which has really upset me. I have had this for blooming ages, I probably shouldn’t keep it but as I was sorting out my makeup recently I saw this and knew I needed to start wearing it again. It is the perfect neutral blush when you don’t want anything to overpowering. Although I wear blush I don’t always like it to be very noticeable and this is the perfect shade for creating that little flush of colour. I don’t know how I haven’t hit pan on this because I have used it so much over the years. Amazing product and I’m sure I would of paid no more than £3 for this, what a bargain!

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Collection – Contour Kit see here

I really love contouring, but I’m the sort of person that just sticks to the same product because it works for me. I picked up a few months ago this contour kit as I thought it was about time I mixed it up but I didn’t really use it. This month I thought it was time to give it a go and the contour shade I am in LOVE with. For the price it really is impressive. It is the perfect colour for my skin tone and creates the perfect contour. I don’t use the highlight it isn’t really for me but that doesn’t bother me because even the contour shade alone is such good value for money. If you are on the hunt for a new contour product, head over to Collection!

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Soap & Glory – Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder in Totally Translucent see here

Setting powders as a whole don’t really excite me, very few I have been wowed by. Luckily this one I have enjoyed for a while now and I thought I would share it with you. I always try to go for translucent powders as I usually don’t want any more colour to my face I just need it to control my oil! This is quite a thick powder which I really love and works well for oily/combination skin. You seriously don’t need to put a lot on your brush a little goes a long way! I just love the powder and it really does the job, I don’t even feel like I need to touch up during the day because this does such a good job of controlling oil. Seriously impressed!

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L’Oreal – Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll in Black see here 

I brought this in my most recent Boots Haul and I cannot stop using it. It’s amazing! I would say this is on par with Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara at literally a fraction of the price. It created the perfect amount of volume and lengthens as well. I’m all up for volume, who doesn’t!? The packaging I love, the brush just everything about it. I know this is going to be a firm favourite for a long time. If you haven’t tried this out yet – you need to especially if you love a volumising mascara. I will be doing a more in depth review of this soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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MAC – Pigment in Blue Brown see here

I have wanted this for the longest time I mentioned it in a wishlist post and my birthday list and no one had brought it for me. When I was in Brighton on a sister day we went into MAC and found they do a smaller version of this and I knew I had to buy it. This seriously didn’t disappoint in any way. This is true eyeshadow love. It’s perfect there is no fall out and the pigmentation is incredible. The colour is just out of this world, in different lights the pigment changes colour it has the most beautiful shine and I’m just in love. I seriously want to get my hands on more of these pigments because they are incredible!

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Sephora – Triple Action Gentle Makeup Remover Gel 

For whatever reason I can’t seem to find it on the Sephora website, but I picked this up in Paris. To find out what else I brought while I was there see here I must say, this product really interested me. A gel to remove makeup, strange right? But don’t knock it ’till you have tried it. It seriously is impressive at removing makeup, my eye makeup just comes right off like a dream along with my face products. I just love using it and is the perfect alternative when I don’t want to use a cleanser – it even comes with a pump guys! Sephora you have well and truly impressed me with this product and when this runs out I need to somehow go back to a country that has a Sephora so I can buy it again!

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PS Master Eye Palette 

Another Primark product, sorry again no link! I picked this up pretty recently in my local Primark as I was drawn to the colours and I thought for £6 it would be rude not to try it. I have used it in the past couple of weeks and I am in love. This is the perfect autumn palette and is right up my street. The shadows are really pigmented and blend perfectly with one another. I can see myself using near enough every colour in this palette which doesn’t normally happen for me! All I would say is go to your local Primark and go pick it up I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

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That’s all guys! Let me know if you have used any of these products and what your thoughts are on them – I’d love to know!

-A x


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