REVIEW // Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip

Hello lovelies,

Benefit, for me this is brand that although I have a fair few products from them which I like using it isn’t one of my favourite brands. For example I adore their Hoola bronzer, blush’s and their mascaras aren’t bad. But, they never seem to impress me with their lipstick or eye-shadows. Earlier this year, I had my make up done by a Benefit MUA which was a lovely experience. I wanted to see what a full face of Benefit looked like, the time of year I had it done they were launching these new lip products. The lipstick lover I am I knew I had to try them out – a lip liner and lipstick in one, interesting concept right? The question is does it work..

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I actually got the mini’s as at the time it worked out better to get two of the mini’s as opposed to just one – no brainer right? They are sleek and I love the fact the product is twist up, no need for sharpening a pencil or anything. For a lip product though the packaging is a little boring.. Especially for a bright, young brand like Benefit. The lid slips off really easy and I would really worry about putting these in my handbag because it is flimsy and no one wants lipstick all over their bag!

The shades I have are: Pink Thrills and Revved-Up Red – so a pink and a red. Pink Thrills is a blue toned pink as the main lipstick and a deep purple shade as the liner. The Red is a pinky red as the main lipstick and a deep red as the liner. The lipstick bullet is shaped in a tear drop shape, with the tip of the tear drop to go on the outer part of your lips to line with the deeper shade – logical right?

I applied this having high hopes that it would save me in the time applying one lip product instead of two – I’m all up for saving time! However, it’s a bit of a bugger to apply.. You obviously have to make sure that as you apply this you are applying in the right way with the darker shade on the outer part of your lip – it’s just a bit of a hassle.

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The product doesn’t apply as two colours, in fact they just all merge into one. Which actually is a good thing as you don’t want to completely different colours on your lips but I would like definition on the lips and it to be slightly darker on the outer part of my lips. It just makes the two different colours in the bullet near on pointless.

I don’t feel as though my lips are lined at all which what I do every time I apply anything on my lips – I like definition and it guarantees the the colour will stay longer on the lips. The longevity of this formula is pretty standard, nothing to write home about anyway. I just find it all rather pointless.

Don’t get me wrong the formulation of the lipsticks are lovely, they are comfortable and creamy. Perfect if you struggle with dry lips or do not want a matte finish. For me I like a matte finish so I was disappointed about that but I can’t hold this against them mainly mine for buying them.

I just think I am disappointed overall – the idea sounded good on paper but it really didn’t perform for me. They are just very standard lip products which for me are very overpriced. I wouldn’t buy any more, they aren’t my cup of tea. I just don’t think this has worked for Benefit and it is a very disappointing launch from them. It’s a shame but they are not renown for lipsticks so for me it’s not the end of the world. I really don’t reach for them ever, for me a waste of money..

Let me know what your thoughts on these are – I am sure there are people out there that really like these. They just didn’t excite me in the slightest, sorry Benefit!

-A x

11 thoughts on “REVIEW // Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip

  1. I’m totally judging a book by it’s cover but as soon as I saw these no part of me thought they would be good. It’s just too gimmicky. There’s a reason no one has made a 2 in 1 lipstick/liner before, because you need the definition like you mentioned. Stupid idea. I love Benefit brow products and They’re Real is like holy grail status but you’re right, they’re so far behind in terms of eyeshadow and lipstick and such. Where were they when everyone started really getting into matte lips?? Come onnnnn!

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      1. Exactly, like I know everyone has launched liquid lipsticks the last few years but it’s for a reason because I would go and buy it?! I know they wanted to do something different but it has to be a good alternative 😂 great review!

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