REVIEW| Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick & Double Wear Lip Pencil

Hello my lovelies,

Estee Lauder for me is a brand that I am slowly getting into. It has taken me a while, of course I have the standard double wear foundation which was what first drew me to the brand. I have realised that it really is so much more. I am always looking for their gift with purchases so I am able to check out mini versions of products and I can decide whether I want to invest my money or not. This is what happened here and I was very happy with the goodies inside.

I thought it was about time I actually let you know what I think of some of these Estee Lauder products starting with the lipstick & lip liner first and this is what was most appealing to me. Yes I’m a sucker for a brown lip, if you have read my blog for a while you would know this!

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I’ll start with the lip liner first, as this is what what I apply first on my lips. So the shade I have is 08, Spice which is fairly standard brown lip pencil with pink undertones. The application of this was a dream, the pencil is extremely creamy and is very easy to shape your lips. I have experience of the whole dragging of the lip pencil on your lips and it is the worst feeling. This really is the complete opposite and it’s amazing to work with.

I really like the colour of this lip pencil as it is extremely versatile, I have so many other lipsticks this can go with. I do have some lip liners that literally only suit one of my lipsticks and I hate it because I can’t wear it any other time. I can almost put this with every single one of my brown toned lipsticks with no issues.  Sometimes, I just wear it on it’s own and it looks just a good. Yes, a fab lip pencil in my book!


Now moving onto the lipstick. The shade I have is 130, Intense Nude. The shade I would say is a pinky brown, not something I would usually go for. I’m not a massive pink lip fan but you know I have to give the lipstick the benefit of the doubt. I do LOVE the packaging. It’s so simple but I love the gold against the black, yes I am a massive sucker for packaging it’s a big thing to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is also on the packaging police! The lipstick is a satin finish, there is an intense colour however it is not matte. Which for me is blooming annoying, I much prefer a matte lip. Slightly annoying however, I got this free so I can’t really moan.

With it not being completely matte it does mean it is very creamy which I have missed. With a matte lipstick as you may know they aren’t the most comfortable formulas on the lips so when I applied this I was in heaven. I would say, I don’t wear this on it’s own, ever. I’m not for that pink life, I need a bolder lip and I don’t feel that it is very long wearing. Luckily with it being more creamy when it is starting to wear and disappear on your lips it isn’t patchy or flaky it just leaves slowly with no drama. I mean you could top this up but I don’t have the time during the day so to find a lipstick that wears off naturally is a winner!

The two together, are a match made in heaven. Honestly they create the most beautiful nude lip and I can’t explain how much I love the combination it is something really special and I actually don’t mind when they are together that the lipstick is not matte! What is happening to me!?  They are super long lasting and after a 9/10 hour a day this is still going strong on my lips with no major issues. Come on, you must have to think this is impressive right!?

Overall, separately I only like the lip pencil. I can’t really find much fault with it, it’s just blooming lovely! The lipstick however, just isn’t really for me. If I brought this without the lip liner I genuinely think I would be disappointed and not really wear it.  However when you combine the two it is a totally different kettle of fish. I mean honestly I bloody adore the combination. Especially for a day to day basis it actually looks as though you have bothered when secretly it took no time at all.

I will definitely be buying more of the lip pencils, not so sure about the lipsticks due to the price of them but overall I love this little duo and I would seriously recommend looking at the lip products Estee Lauder have to offer because I think you will be surprised at what they have to offer.

You can buy the lip pencil here and the lipstick here

Have you tried either product or both? Let me know your thoughts on them I would love to know!

-A x

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