Empties #7

Hello my lovelies,

Another empties post, I know! I am getting through a lot of products at the moment, a lot of them are skincare as recently my skin has just been awful so I have been using different products to see if they will help to do the trick. Who doesn’t love an empties post anyway!?

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L’Oreal – Pure Clay Detox Wash see here

I brought this a couple of months back because I enjoy the Detox face mask an awful lot – I knew I had to try this. My oh my I LOVE it. I honestly think this is my favourite face wash of all time, I know big statement. It smells exactly like the detox face mask and feels like your applying the mask because it’s so thick. Because of this it feels blooming amazing on the skin, it really does do the job of washing all the impurities away from my skin. For the amount you get the price point is pretty impressive, a little goes a long way and I actually LOVE washing my face because of this product. Weird I know. Seriously if you haven’t tried this yet go check it out, I have already picked up another one as I know I just can’t live without it!

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PS Love Your Skin – Gentle Cleansing Wipes 

If you have read my blog for a little while you know these are pretty much the only cleansing wipes I use. I don’t use them for removing make up I just use them for removing swatches or if I make a little error on my make up these are by my side. I just find them the nicest ones to use and not too expensive. Cleansing wipes can seriously be expensive but whenever I am in Primark I always pick two packs of these up for £1 – you can’t go wrong!

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Montagne Jeunesse – Peel-Off Masque Anti Stress see here

I don’t use sachet face masks very often, I use an awful lot of bottles/jar face masks as I feel that these are better value for money. I have had this sitting in my collection for a while and with my skin feeling a little under the weather I thought I would give this a go. Its scented lovely, obviously with this having cucumber extract it was very soothing for the skin. I was very much enjoying the mask until I had to take it off. Obviously this is a peel off mask but my oh my it was a bugger to take off. It states anti stress – well I was stressed trying to take it off. I struggled so much! I did feel though however it did soothe my skin and my pores looked in better shape than before. Not sure whether I would pick this up again but I enjoyed trying something new..

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PS Love – Oval Cosmetic Pads 

Now I am not going to talk about these an awful lot as these are in literally every single empties post – whoops! These are the only cotton pads I use they are the perfect size and for 90p you seriously cannot go wrong. Now, I am getting a little worried as I have been in two different Primark stores recently and they have none in stock. I really do hope they haven’t discontinued them because I don’t know what I will do without them. If you have seen them please let me know as I am running low!

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Radox – Feel Ready with Pomegranate & Red Apple Scent Shower Gel see here

Shower gel is quite a basic thing to me but I am picky when it comes to scents. When I am away for weekends I usually pick up whatever is on offer and on this occasion this was the one I picked up. I’m not usually a massive pomegranate fan but I love the scent of apples and with the summer months I thought this was the perfect scent. I love a fruity vibe in warmer months. I enjoyed using it but I didn’t feel like it was anything special, the scent didn’t last for a long time on my skin but it did the job.

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Soap and Glory – the ULTIMELT see here

I love my cleansers and I am also loving Soap and Glory’s skincare range. I have actually written a full review on this product here so if you want to find out a little more go have a read. I really do love this though, although the packaging reminds me an awful lot of toothpaste. I have actually already picked another one of these up because I love it so much. I always think sometimes it’s best to stick to what you love.

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Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish see here

If you have read my blog for some time you know that I absolutely adore Liz Earle as a brand and more importantly their Cleanse and Polish. Seriously I don’t think I have found a cleanser that impresses me more. I absolutely adore it and whenever someone is looking for a new cleanser I always suggest this one. It’s absolutely wonderful and my skin is also a massive fan. This is a mini bottle I have used up through trips away and travelling but I do have an awful lot of these bottles waiting in the wing to take it’s place!

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Simple – Kind To Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub see here

I have gone through countless tubes of this, it is my all time favourite scrub and nothing will replace it. I do from time to time try other scrub products out but nothing else comes close to this little baby. It’s cheap and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I do feel that Simple is a little underrated as a brand, the products that it has are pretty impressive and I would totally recommend this one. Again, I have mentioned this in previous Empties posts and I’m sure they will be in more to come!

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Cattier Paris – Masque Argile Clay Mask see here

I received this sample mask quite some time ago and unfortunately has just been neglected and left at the back of my drawer, as I was having a little sort out I found this and decided to try it. It’s a clay mask which are my favourite and it’s pink – what could be better!?  I really enjoyed using this actually, it isn’t a brand I have heard of before but is something I am going to have a look into. My skin really felt a whole load better and actually really helped my skin out. I love that it actually comes in a tube – I think I might have to go and buy this!

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Another empties post over! Let me know if you have tried any of these products out and what your thoughts of them are – I would love to know. If you haven’t seen my last empties post, see here

-A x


10 thoughts on “Empties #7

  1. I’ve been using Montagne Jeunesse sheet masks for years! I love that range. I always laugh when they say that sheet masks are a new thing.
    I can’t live without those PS oval pads I have packs of them all over the house!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know they really have been around for the longest time. It’s just when something new is brought out and everyone goes crazy for it!
      They really are a must! I really hope they haven’t been discontinued though.
      Thank you for your comment lovely xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Defo think I’ll try the detox wash, i love the the mask! Brighton primark usually have the oval pads, going tomorrow so let me know if you’d like a few packets xx

    Liked by 1 person

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