REVIEW| MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

Hello my lovelies,

So as you may know by now if you have read a few of my previous blog posts, I love lipstick and recently I have well and truly fell in love with liquid lipstick. My face is not complete without something on my lips. A matte lip is always a winner, very rarely will you see me with a shine on my lips. I think that is where my love of liquid lipsticks has come into play. An awful lot of brands are bringing out their own take on a liquid lipstick – it would be rude not to try them out right?

For me, MUA has never been a brand I have gone to for lipsticks and actually in recent years I very rarely even look at their stands. I think I feel that it’s too young for me as I was forever buying eyeshadow palettes from them in my teens. I do feel as though they have upped their game recently and the Velvet Lip Lacquer most definitely caught my eye when I was walking past!

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So I obviously couldn’t pick up what I call a ‘normal’ shade – I like a bold lip ok! The shade I picked up is Kooky, interesting name.. I picked it up in my trusty local Superdrug store here for £3.00 who can turn down that bargain. The shade itself is a bright purple shade, which I love to wear and I thought it would be the perfect shade to add to my collection.

The packaging is pretty basic and standard for a liquid lipstick, I do like the gold top – yes I like packaging a lot and it does determine sometimes whether I pick it up or not. It has a doe foot applicator which for me is the best way to apply it so first impressions I was impressed.

I then opened the lipstick to be greeted with a very sweet scent, the scent reminds me of my lip gloss that I used to own from about 10 years ago. I mean it’s very nostalgic but it is fairly strong scented so I would beware if you are sensitive to smells, I mean it’s not a bad smell but it does give you headache if you sniff it too much.

The application of the lipstick is very easy, sometimes I find that formulas can be  very thick and hard to move around the lips but actually this one is controllable and doesn’t leave streaks along the outline of your lips – does anyone else have this issue or is it just me!? The pigmentation is pretty impressive actually, I felt after one application it was the perfect shade and the packaging shade was near enough the same colour as was what was on my lips.

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So I know what you are all interested in is the staying power. I am very pleased to report back that I am very impressed. I have tried this countless times, ate and drunk and it didn’t budge. It didn’t feel cakey on my lips or like it was there at all really. You can feel it on first application while it’s drying but after that I didn’t really feel anything. I hate it when you feel like you can’t move your lips or you just feel a huge amount of product on your lips.

I always do worry that with the staying power being so impressive that it will be a bugger to remove but actually it was a dream. It was easily removed from my lips and I did use various cleansers to make sure it just wasn’t just a certain product. Another tick in the box from me!

Overall, I blooming impressed. This is a very good liquid lipstick, it ticks all the right boxes for me and I really enjoy wearing it. My only annoyance is they haven’t got a wide range of colours, but I know if I find another colour I love as much as this one I will most certainly be picking up – how you can refuse it for £3!? Seriously if you are thinking about trying this out I would really recommend it and what do you have to loose you won’t be breaking the bank!

Let me know if you have tried this formula out and your thoughts of it, also any colours that you would recommend for me to pick up next!

-A x

10 thoughts on “REVIEW| MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

  1. I haven’t tried these lipsticks, but this review has definitely made me want to give them a ago! So affordable too which is a massive bonus xx

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