Birthday Wishlist

Hello my lovelies,

I am back with a slightly different post, but I like reading these sorts of posts and as my birthday is fast approaching I thought I would do one. Normally I give my list of what I want to my family months in advance, sad I know but I blooming love birthdays. Especially mine, and I am that person that draws it out for as long as possible – who doesn’t love a good celebration!? My birthday is on the 22nd July, so if anyone is after buying me a present this may help 😉

I actually found it pretty difficult this year, as the years go by I want less & less, I just always buy it myself. This year my lovely boyfriend is taking me to Paris in September as part of my birthday – I am beyond excited for this! For me, I do like receiving gifts that aren’t on my list – it’s a good test for me on how well people know me – anyone else think this? Anyway this is a little bit of fun and a helping hand if people are struggling what to get me.

Birthday Wishlist

  1. Too Faced – Better than Sex Mascara see here

I have wanted this for the longest time, for some reason I have always put off buying this for myself & I’m not sure why. I know I really want to try it out – it was the first thing I thought of when I was thinking of what I would like for my birthday. Weirdly, I don’t own much Too Faced makeup at all so I really need to delve into their products because I have heard so many good things.

2. Happiness can be found – Dumbledore Quote see here

I love a good quote me – if anyone knows me they know I LOVE Harry Potter. It has always been a big part of my childhood & it still is now. I watch the films constantly and I have been to Harry Potter studios countless times. The inspiring quotes in both the books and films have always stayed with me and this one is very apt for me at the moment, overcoming a lot of struggles and remembering to stay positive.

3. Urban Decay – Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette see here

This is a recent launch that I just need to get my hands on. I have 3 of the other Naked palettes and I need this to add to my collection. The shades are beautiful, these are the shades I have been experimenting with recently & I can just hear it calling out my name, sadly it is currently sold out & I feel this is going to be a struggle to get hold of for a little while which makes me sad 😦

4. MAC – Blue Brown Pigment see here

This is another product I have wanted for the longest time. Every time I go to buy it, it is always sold out. I just think is beautiful & I really want to get my hands on it. MAC is a brand that I have fallen out of love a little, but actually I know if I walked into a MAC store I would come out with so many things. This really is top of my list right now, who can say no to this beautiful pigment!?

5. Moana DVD see here

I haven’t seen this yet and I know I need to. I have heard so many good things about it I just want to watch it. No one wanted to watch it in the cinema with me and now it’s on DVD I want to get it. Who doesn’t want to check out the latest Disney film? I have heard a lot of the songs and already I know I’m going to love the film.

6. Mickey Mouse Medium Soft Toy see here

If anyone has seen my room, I have an awful lot of Disney soft toys. It’s a love of mine and I love every single one of them dearly they sit on my bed and most of the time I end up sleeping with them. I am always wanting new ones especially when I recently went to DisneyLand Paris I wanted them all. For some reason I have a Minnie, but no Mickey – how is this even possible!? So for my birthday I think it is only right that I have them both so Minnie is no longer on her own. Whats Minnie without Mickey!?

7. Zoeva – Coral Spectrum Blush Palette see here

This is another product I have wanted for the longest time, I haven’t placed a Cult Beauty order for a little while and I can’t justify buying other products just so I can get free delivery – yes I am that person & plus I like the samples you get with your order. I love blush and as I am getting older I am not after that bright pink cheeks I want a more subtle cheek colour and this palette looks absolutely perfect! Zoevea is an amazing brand, so anything from the brand would be amazing!

So that’s all guys, there are other things I would like, like for my makeup to be done by MAC for my actually birthday as I am having a little party and every girl needs to pampered on her birthday along with a spa day with my bestie Nadia as our birthdays are quite close together. Or prosecco – I blooming LOVE the stuff. Who knows what I will receive and what I do receive I will be forever grateful.

I will be doing a ‘What I got for my Birthday’ post so keep your eyes peeled for the days that follow the 22nd July. My countdown has well & truly begun!

-A x

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