June Buys

Hello my lovelies,

Another month has gone and that means I have done a serious amount of shopping, whoops! I just get carried away and too many things call my name when I am in a shop I just can’t say no! I just have a shopping addiction and I am ok about it, everyone has a vice and that is mine. I just love buying beauty products – I get sucked into all the deals and end up spending waaay to much money that I had budgeted for. I don’t think I am the only one – am I?

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Yes this is a monthly trip, I actually had two trips to Boots this month so just a pre-warning that this was not all brought in one fail swoop. Thinking about it – I don’t know why I am justifying myself I still did buy it all no matter how many trips I made!

John Frieda – Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Leave in Conditioner see here

I don’t buy many hair products, but I have been stuck in a rut with my hair care products and I thought it was about time I jazz it up a bit starting with a new leave in conditioner. Let’s see how this goes!

Simple – Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub see here

This is a firm favourite for me and I love using this exfoliator. This is one of the only exfoliators I have ever repurchased, I have been through countless bottles of this and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Garnier – Pure Active Anti Blemish Clarifying Tonic see here

I actually picked this up due to binge watching Miss Budget Beauty on YouTube a few weeks ago and she said that this product has really helped her skin/ I have had a few issues with my skin recently so I thought there was no harm in trying this. I will be sure to let you know my thoughts on this in the coming months.

Boots – Nail Polish Remover see here

A cheap and cheerful product that I needed to pick up. My current nail polish remover is running low so I knew I need to stock up before it ran out. I never get anything fancy – for me it’s there to do one thing remove your nail polish!

Clinique – Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm see here

I have wanted to try some Clinique skincare for the longest time and I have heard so many good things about the cleansing balm that I bit the bullet and brought it. I am very excited to add this to my collection and try this out!

Clinique – Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer see here

So I actually picked up a sample of this last month see here and I fell in love. It is incredible, I knew that I couldn’t let the sample run out without getting the full size bottle so I could continue to wear it. I will be doing a full review on this in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

As I had brought two Clinique products I actually received a free gift yay! It was a makeup bag full of mini’s of some of their products which is perfect because I haven’t really tried anything from them – perfect way to try some of their products out before buying them full size! In the bag was:

Moisture Surge see here

Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion see here

Pep-start 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser see here

Pep-start Eye Cream see here

Long Last Lipstick in Watermelon see here

High Impact Mascara in 01 Black see here

Quick Fix Facials – Purifying Charcoal Mask see here

I have seen that these have been out for a while and I have always just walked past them. As I mentioned I have been trouble with my skin recently so I am really hoping that this will help me out!

L’Oreal – Hydra Genius see here

I have heard so much about this product this month that it was heard not to pick this up. I am very intrigued about this, I have never really tried to much skincare from them so this will be interesting to see what this does for my skin, of course I will report back to you and let you guys know what I think.

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TAM Beauty

I placed my first ever TAM Beauty order this month, I was getting annoyed with the Superdrug website and whenever I go into store everything I want was always out of stock. I am very impressed with the delivery and the free samples I also received with my order – I think I will be ordering more from them in the future!

Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown see here

When it comes to my eyebrows I don’t change up my eyebrow products very often I like to stick to what I know. When I saw this was in the sale and it looking like the Anastasia Beverley Hills duo powder for literally a quarter of the price I thought I might as well try it out. I will report back on this and let you know my thoughts.

Freedom HD Highlight & Contour Set see here

I felt as though I needed new contour products – and this was exactly what I was looking for and it comes with a double ended brush. Such good value for money! I am very excited to try this out and see whether it is any good.

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Kits Matte in Glory see here

I have heard lots of good things about these kits and actually I never need an excuse to buy a new liquid lipstick – I have too many and I shouldn’t be buying anymore but here we are but for the price I really couldn’t not put one in my basket!

Makeup Obsession Glow Obsession see here

I have heard a lot about this brand and I thought it was about time I tried it. The highlighters all came individually which you had to put in the palette which I thought was going to be right mare but actually it was so easy! They are so easy to pop in and out so if you were to go travelling and only wanted to take one you could pop it out and put it back in it original one pan packaging – AMAZING!?

Makeup Revolution Strobe Luxe Palette see here

Ok so, I actually only brought this because I love the packaging so much. Bad I know, but hey a girl can never have too many highlighters right? It also helps that the shades are blooming gorgeous and it didn’t really break the bank. This is why I mentioned I have a shopping addiction – this proves why!

So then I received a few free samples and I am very happy..

Freedom Contour Brush (I think) annoyingly they have no reference on the brush what they are or a code so I can find it for you – I’m sorry..

Freedom – Duo Brow Powder in Medium Brown see here

Makeup Revolution – Salvation Velvet Lacquer in Velvet Rebel see here

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I went shopping with my lovely friend Toria who had never been into KIKO, so obviously I showed her amazing the brand is and while I was in there I couldn’t help but pick up two new lipsticks for myself – whoops!

Velvet Passion Matte Lipsticks in 315 & 324 see here

I have actually recently wrote a review on the velvet passion matte lipsticks here and I wanted to add some more colours to my collection. It’s safe to say both of these shades are not what I normally go for but you should always step outside of your comfort zone once in a while right?

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Home Sense 

If you know me, you know I love walking around Home Sense & TK MAXX to find some beauty bargains. This month I only popped in the once and picked up the Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Mask Sheet for £1.99 I have seen these retailing for around £5 so when I saw this I thought it was a no brainer to pick this up. They also had different ones in there so I would really recommend you head down to your local store to see what you can find if you are into these masks. For me I have never tried a sheet mask, so I am a little nervous to try it out. I’m sure I will report back to you to let you know how I got on!

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Wow, that was a lot of items. I always forget how much I buy until I write my monthly posts – whoops! If you haven’t checked out my previous monthly buy post see here

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and your thoughts on them – I would love to know!

-A x




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