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Hello my lovelies,

Anyone that knows me, knows that me and lipstick don’t go anywhere without one another. I cannot apply makeup without applying lipstick, I feel naked without it. There is a lot of people I know that can go without lipstick for a look but that life certainly isn’t for me. In recent years as you may or may not know brown lips are in.

It’s in full force, every brand is bringing something out to cater for the trend. I absolutely love it, for me I love a bold lip. You will very rarely catch me in a nude lip – if I am going to go with this trend for me you go hard or you go home. A bold brown lip is one of my favourites. To my delight NYX have brought a whole range of liquid lipsticks which are literally just different shades of brown – yes, I was was also shouting to myself WOO YEAH when I found out too!

There are currently 24 shades in the range which go from cinnamon pink to chocolate brown, basically a nude spectrum. I thought it was about time I reviewed this range to let you know whether it’s worth rushing out to your local Boots store and picking up…

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I picked this up from my local Boots store for £7 see here which for me seemed a little pricey for the brand but nonetheless I love NYX as a brand and just knew I needed at least one. The shade I have is 10 – Teddy. I love the name, especially because it reminds me of the classic teddy bears that were cute and brown, exactly like the shade.

I love liquid lipsticks, it is something that I am forever thankful for bringing into the world, for a matte lover like me it makes the application that much easier. However there are some formulas that I have come across that are just not for me. It is merely an opinion but I always like to share mine in case you are similar to me.

Anyway, I babble lets get back to the review..

The packaging is pretty standard I will say lip gloss packaging as this is what is always reminds me of. There is something that is different about this to a lot of other liquid lipsticks which is the applicator. Now yes is a doe foot applicator but, its flat. Yes you heard me right. I thought that would create more of an uneven finish and not pick up product. Boy was I wrong, it is life changing the application is 10x easier than a standard doe foot..

It allows you to line your lips with ease because its flat and also have an even finish. I only need one layer of this on my lips for this to be the perfect shade an extremely opaque. The shade itself is beautiful, it is described as a warm rich brown which actually is the perfect description. This is a true brown shade and is so easily wearable.

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The lipstick itself is very comfortable on the lips although its matte, I don’t feel as though it is drying or thick. It sits on my lips and half the time I forget that I even have it on. I can easily eat and drink without it transferring or wearing off. This really does stay on a full day which is exactly what I look for in liquid lipsticks. I mean I look at all the girls who carry makeup bags with them daily and that life is not for me, topping up makeup is a massive chore for me. For someone who adores makeup I know that sounds a little odd, I just prefer things to be long lasting with one application!

Overall this is beautiful matte liquid lipstick which is extremely comfortable and doesn’t seem to dry out the lips – I know a lot of you out there struggle with this so I think it helps to mention it. I seriously need to get my hands on more of these shades because they are blooming beautiful. Obviously if your not a complete brown toned die hard fan like me, there are more nude shades available. I would seriously head down to your local Boots to swatch a few, you’ll be surprised what you fall in love with.

Let me know if you have tried these lipsticks & your thoughts on them. What colour do you recommend I pick up next in the range?

-A x

17 thoughts on “REVIEW|NYX Lingerie Lipstick

  1. I love these lipsticks! I have a few and I couldn’t live without them really. I haven’t tried some of the darker nudes and browns but I love this colour. I will have to delve in to the other end of the spectrum soon xxx

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  2. Ooh my favourite matte liquid lipstick! I love NYX and I’m currently playing around with their glitters that I’m going to review this weekend! I’d love it if you could check out my blog as I noticed your also abeauty bug and I’m a training MUA ✨ I’ve written a few reviews and makeup tutorials now I’d love you to check out it would mean the world 🌎
    Loved your review it’s brilliant and if I hadn’t have already tried the brand I would 100% try it out after seeing your write up!

    Lots of love Cheyanne from

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    1. I have one of their glitters actually! It’s such a fun brand and I love that you can try things out without investing a lot of money. Awesome – I will defo check your blog out girl!
      Thank you your lovely comment and reading my post 😊 xo


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