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Hello my lovelies,

Another Top 3, which has actually been highly requested from my lovely friend Charlotte. Eyebrow products are a tricky thing, some people prefer a natural look while others prefer a bolder brow. Whatever your preference is, that is ok. My biggest tip to anyone is to remember your eyebrows and sisters not twins!

For me, when I find an eyebrow product that I love ,I stick to it. It could be years until I find something else that is comparable or better than what I am currently using. I very rarely buy new eyebrow products it’s one thing I don’t experiment with – it’s just easier that way. However, I have FINALLY got 3 products that I absolutely adore and cannot live without. My holy grail and I thought it was about time I show you all.

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Benefit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil in 4 see here

I have used this religiously for around 9 months, I have gone through countless pencils of this. I love it. I use this mainly to fill in the front of my brow to give a more natural look. I have a few sparse areas in the front of my brows so this is a savior. I also use this to sometimes aid the arch in my brow, I am a little heavy handed with my brush. This pencil just helps to create a more clean shape to my brow.

I have never really been into pencils but this for me is a holy grail. I don’t think I could use this on the whole of my brow because I do prefer a bolder brow but that is just personal preference. It also has a spoolie on the other end, yes I know I was impressed with this too! My only annoyance is the price I think I am on my fourth one now so I have spent a grand total of £80 on filling in the front of my brows, whoops..

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Beautiful Brows – Brow Powder in Dark Brown see here

I love this brow powder, I actually picked this up in a set a few years ago for £30 which included brow templates, brushes and also a highlighter. Now, I never used the highlighter or the brushes. I used one template when I was going through a bad time with my brows so I would just recommended buying the brow powder alone unless you are new to the world of eyebrows then this would be perfect place to start.

I have mentioned this product in a recent favourites post actually, here, I just love it. It is the perfect shade for me and the pigmentation is pretty awesome. To those people who are heavy handed a little goes a long way so beware. Another plus is that it is super long lasting and just doesn’t budge. I sometimes feel that I don’t need to set my brows because I just know they won’t be going anywhere. For £15 this stuff lasts for ages although I have hit pan on mine I don’t think I will need to repurchase a new one anytime soon.

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Sleek – Brow Kit in Light 817 see here

This is definitely and oldie but bloody goodie for me. I have used this since my teens and always adored it. I only use the shaping wax, I have never used the powder but the wax is something pretty special. It is very obvious it’s a dupe of the Benefit brow kit, but who cares this is at least half the price and it does just as good of a job of dealing with my brows. Why pay more for something that is going to do the exact same job?

If I am having a bad brow day this is the product I choose to save me. It tames my brows and effortlessly creates a lovely shape to my brows. I am becoming less bold with my brows as I am getting older and this product is something that that is the perfect shade and balance between natural and bold. That is quite hard to explain, but trust me. Because it is a wax, I find that is is much easier to apply with a brush than a pomade. I just love it. If you are on the hunt for a new brow kit I would seriously recommend you going to your local drugstore and checking out the Sleek stand.

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Have you tried any of these products on your eyebrows, what are your thoughts on them? What eyebrow products would you recommend to me – I seriously need to switch it up a little!

-A x




7 thoughts on “Top 3| Eyebrow Products

  1. I usually use the ABH pomade but I’m also starting to prefer a more natural brow the older I get. I’ll have to pick up the Sleek wax – it sounds like a great in between! Love this post & your blog xx

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  2. I love the Benefit line but I also really enjoy the collection brow kit, it’s super affordable for three different shades and a brow gel! 💗

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