REVIEW| Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my lovelies,

I think a lot of beauty bloggers have fallen in love with Makeup Revolution recently. As a brand they are taking the beauty world by storm. I have a few of their products and I am slowly building up quite a collection of their products. My most recent purchase has been their Flawless Eyeshadow palette. For me, I wanted to buy this because I wanted to try different colours on my eyes away from my comfort zone.

My thoughts were that I would try a cheap palette so I can experiment and if I liked what I created and the colours worked then I would invest a little more into the eyeshadow shades – like Urban Decay or Too Faced. Logical thought right? I thought it would be good to let you know what my thoughts are of this palette is as I have never tried their eye shadows before.

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First off, I picked this up from Superdrug for £8 see here – which actually is pretty good value for money considering you get 32 shades. Yes you heard me right 32, this works out to 25p per eye shadow, to me this is a total bargain! I also really like the packaging of the palette – I am a sucker for anything copper, who doesn’t love copper!? I must say the writing is starting to wear away on this on the front which is a bit of a shame. It’s also pretty sturdy packaging, I don’t think I can see this breaking anytime soon which is sometimes what I worry about when buying drugstore products.

When you open the palette you can see the beautiful shades – a mix of matte and shimmer shades I automatically thought I can see myself wearing every shade. I don’t think this about many palettes, there is always one or two shades that you just know you aren’t going to use but with this one there isn’t one shade I can point out that I wouldn’t like. Also, can we appreciate that their is a mirror and not just a small one a blooming massive one – perfect for on the go and wanting to your makeup. Sometimes I make sure I take this palette with me so I know I have access to a decent mirror.

A slight side note – you do receive a clear plastic sheet over the shadows which lets you know the name of every colour but I seem to of misplaced this, whoops! I think it’s good that with the sheer volume of shades they have gone to the effort of naming all the shades. I would prefer them to be on the back of the palette though just because clearly I can’t keep hold of the clear sheet it came with!

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So, the pigmentation – INCREDIBLE. I mean honestly these are some of the best eye shadows I have ever used. I think they have beaten my urban decay shadows and come an extremely close second to my Charlotte Tilbury palettes. Pretty impressive right? They blend so well onto the eyes with very little fall out. I haven’t found a shade in this palette yet that is chalky or not as good as the rest, which is what you can sometimes find in palettes. This is a palette that I use near enough of a daily basis – it has everything I want in it and more.

I’m the sort of person when I go on holiday I take a lot of different eye shadow palettes – I like choice depending on my mood – a girls prerogative. This year, I just took this one and I never felt like I was missing a shade. I have everything in one place – I don’t think there are many palettes you can say that about.

I still have a few shades in the palette I haven’t tried out yet but that’s because of the sheer volume of them, sometimes I just stick to the same few shades as I love them so much. I can’t sing its praises enough, I highly rate it and would recommend everyone to go buy this. It is perfect if you are like me and wanting to try out new shades that are out of your comfort zone or are delving into the world of eyeshadow for the first time. These are some of the best eye shadows that are out there, trust me!

I cannot really find fault with this, I am genuinely in love with it. I am on the hunt for another Makeup Revolution palette but I am trying to find another one where I like most of the shades – does anyone have any recommendations? I would strongly recommend for everyone to go and pick this up I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

Has anyone else tried this palette? What are your views on it, are you in love with the palette as much as I am?

-A x

6 thoughts on “REVIEW| Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I will have to give this a try! I have the make up revolution color corrector and it’s super amazing. Works great! Very creamy and doesn’t dry out. It’s lasted me 6 months or more at least and comes with a lot of shades. I got it from Ilya for around 12usd.

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