Disappointing Products #1

Hello my lovelies,

I am a beauty addict, it’s a fact. I love shopping and I have no control I get sucked in. There are occasions where the things I have brought have not lived up to my expectations and are actually a disappointment – I can’t like everything and that’s ok. I thought I would share with you products I have recently found that I’m not that impressed with, some of them I have reviewed already and some haven’t.

Just to note, just because I believe them to be disappointing doesn’t automatically mean that they are awful products, they just don’t work for me. Every single one of us look for different things in products and perfect different finishes etc. this is just my opinion.

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Benefit – They’re Real Duo Shadow Blender in Kinky Khaki see here

I picked this up a little while ago after receiving a complimentary makeover from them – which let me just add was pretty enjoyable! These had just launched and of course I was eager to try at least one out. I went for Kinky Khaki because the khaki shade isn’t something I delve into to much so thought now is the time to try it out.

Well, I don’t get it. This whole applicator that comes with it just doesn’t blend the shades into your eyes and is very awkward to use. I’m sure a 4 year old would be able to apply eyeshadow better than this. I’m just so confused – it must work somehow but clearly I’m going about it all the wrong way. I do use the shadows with normal brushes and it looks nice but I feel like this is defeating the object of what Benefit are trying to achieve. The concept for me just doesn’t work and spending £19.50 on two eye shadows that are very average is just very disappointing…

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Technic – Contour Stix see here

I have actually done a review on these see here which will give you a better insight into what I think of these. They just don’t seem to work for me at all, I have tried to persevere I really have had no luck. They move all my makeup so I look like a blooming idiot to achieve not a lot. It’s annoying because when I swatch them on my hand especially the contour shade they look really good but as soon as I apply these on my face they just seem to disappear.

I still to this day don’t understand the pink shade and in all honestly I don’t really want to try these out any more. I just can’t use them and they don’t like my face. I think on this one it’s just best to step away and throw these away or give them to someone else to try because all they do is cause me frustration..

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MAC – Colour Enriched Pigment in Night Thrill see here

This is a limited edition product and I do try my best to get hold at least one product from a collection that I like. Now I love gold eyeshadow, I think it is a classic look that I always seem to go back to even I am undecided so no brainer right? Considering this is classed as a pigment this is very disappointing..

I have to work pretty hard to get the pigmentation I am looking for. When I do find the pigmentation and I blend the outer part so it doesn’t look ridiculous it just seems to disappear. I don’t even know how this is possible but it does. The annoying thing is that because it is limited edition I want to keep it but every time I use this I am just disheartened because I expected so much more, I’m sorry MAC!

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NYX – Soft Matte Lip Cream in Havana see here

Now some of you may be a little shocked to see this one in here, I have done a review of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams see here and I blooming love them. However, this shade I am disappointed with.. I love this colour I mean it’s not for everyone but this was right up my street. When I applied this it took me 5, yes 5 coats just to get the shade opaque enough for me to go out the house and for it to be acceptable.

I know it is a bright shade and it may require a little more work but come on 5 coats. I really don’t have the time for it personally. It’s such a shame because I love this shade and actually I don’t have an issue with any other shades in my collection from this range. I guess this is a word of warning that some of the shades are a little hit and miss on the pigmentation so my tip for you it to try before you buy!

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W7 – Beat It! Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette see here

So I picked this up in TK MAXX after wanting to try this out for the longest time. I loved the colours and for the price I paid I couldn’t turn it down. However, the pigmentation is awful. I mean really poor – I know it’s not going to compete with Urban Decay but because Make Up Revolution are really upping their game on their pigmentation I thought this would be on the same level but it isn’t.

I really swirl my brush in and seem to get very little pay off, to apply one shade it takes me around 3 minutes just to be happy with the colour on my eye. It’s just ridiculous for me and a waste of my time. I was so hopeful to be really disappointed with it and there isn’t much I am happy with. I think because I have other palettes that are just AMAZING this really is below par and way down in my expectations. I’m afraid this is a thumbs down for me W7.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. Who knows whether they will be the same as my opinion or completely opposite!

-A x

14 thoughts on “Disappointing Products #1

  1. Thanks… I like reading about beauty products good or bad.. U are doing a great job. It’s tough writing such a blog, getting the products experimenting on yourself… Great gong

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  2. Loved reading this! It’s nice to see honest reviews on disappointing products. I have been dying to try that Benefit eyeshadow but I figured there was no way it could work properly so I’ve been waiting to see a review. That’s a bummer though 😦

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    1. I thinks you have to im pretty sure everyone is disappointed in at least a handful of products they have. Can’t fall in love with everything.
      Hmmm I wouldn’t recommend it’s a shame because of the money element! xo


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