June Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

Another month has passed us, filled with lots of sunshine and for me lots of prosecco. I made sure this month I focused on me & spent time with all my favourite people. I spent a lot of time in pub gardens of an evening which for me is the perfect way to spend summer evenings. With June out of the way my Birthday countdown can begin, hello July!

This month has been falling in love with a lot of new products that I brought in May and now I don’t think I could live my life without them I also have fell back in love with some oldie but goodies. You know the ones that you forget about because you have brought something else.. I’m sorry products, I love you all promise, there is enough love to go around!

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Liz Earle – Deep Cleansing Mask see here

In recent months I haven’t been very kind to my skin, I neglected my skin of some TLC and just did the basics. This month I vowed to improve my skin and take care starting with a good old face mask. This is a trusty mask that I blooming love, it is actually in my Top 3. It really has done my skin the world of good and I feel that it has cleared my pores and gave my skin a deep clean which is exactly what I needed. It has some lovely indigents and using this once a week has really made such a different to my skin. Liz Earle, you are my savior as always.

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Nip & Fab – Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix see here

This is something I picked up in the month of May – I was in need of a new primer and boy I fell in love. Well I say I needed, I actually just wanted to try out something new. Seriously I think everyone needs to go and buy this right now, it’s life changing. The application is just wonderful and does an incredible job of getting my makeup to stay in place all day even with my oily T-Zone! It is seriously worth the money, this is the only primer I have been using this month and don’t see myself using anything else anytime soon. As this is my first product from Nip & Fab it has certainly encourage me to try out more of their products – FYI Nip & Fab products are stocked in TK MAXX & Homesense with amazing discounts!

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Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner see here

Another purchase for the month of May. I just knew I was going to love this, and boy I was not disappointed. I don’t think I could ever fall in love with an eyeliner but I now know it’s possible. My eyes have looked so damn good this month and this has made a massive difference. I didn’t honestly realise applying liner could be so easily, there is no smudging it stays, all day. Trust me. I am so happy that I have this product in my life, I am well and truly content.  I think this love affair will continue for a long time!

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I heart Makeup – Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter see here

In the summer months, highlighter really is a must. I mean I use it all year round but in the summer it looks that much better. When the sun is shining I much prefer a golden highlight and this highlight I just can’t seem to put down at the moment. Although it looks golden when it catches the light it is a beautiful pink shade. It is perfect for day to day wear and I can’t seem to get enough of it. Looking at is it seriously does not look like I have used this much but trust me I have.

For £5 – this seriously is amazing and I would head down to your local Superdrug to go pick it up. You won’t be disappointed I promise! Who can resit this being in a heat shape anyway!?

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Rimmel – Nail Polish 860 Bestival Blue see here

I blooming love this colour, as I am typing this post this is my nail colour. I think this is my most worn shade of nail polish. It is perfect for the warmer weather and Rimmel is one of my favourite brands for nail polish. They are super long lasting, very rarely chip and the colours are beautiful. I know people always rate the likes of Essie and China Glaze, but for £2.99 these are better in my opinion..

I have actually wrote a post of my favourite Spring Nail Polishes which includes this beautiful shade, go check it out as promise they are all affordable.

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Crown – 35 Color Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette see here

Last but by no means last, my favourite product hands down for the month of June is this palette. Again this is another purchase from the month of May and I can say hand on heart this is the only palette I have used all month. It is incredible, first off the shades are absolutely beautiful, they are slightly out of my comfort zone but actually I love them and I think they really suit me. The pigmentation is incredible, I mean seriously for 35 shades for £20 I would urge everyone to go and get one.

I don’t want to say too much because I will be doing a detailed review in the months to come and to show the shades a little more because my oh my they are just wonderful. I wanted to buy a Morphe palette but the one I want is constantly sold out – now I don’t think I will bother because I have now found the palette of dreams.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are of them, I like to know other peoples opinions because I am nosy ok!

-A x


REVIEW|NYX Lingerie Lipstick

Hello my lovelies,

Anyone that knows me, knows that me and lipstick don’t go anywhere without one another. I cannot apply makeup without applying lipstick, I feel naked without it. There is a lot of people I know that can go without lipstick for a look but that life certainly isn’t for me. In recent years as you may or may not know brown lips are in.

It’s in full force, every brand is bringing something out to cater for the trend. I absolutely love it, for me I love a bold lip. You will very rarely catch me in a nude lip – if I am going to go with this trend for me you go hard or you go home. A bold brown lip is one of my favourites. To my delight NYX have brought a whole range of liquid lipsticks which are literally just different shades of brown – yes, I was was also shouting to myself WOO YEAH when I found out too!

There are currently 24 shades in the range which go from cinnamon pink to chocolate brown, basically a nude spectrum. I thought it was about time I reviewed this range to let you know whether it’s worth rushing out to your local Boots store and picking up…

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I picked this up from my local Boots store for £7 see here which for me seemed a little pricey for the brand but nonetheless I love NYX as a brand and just knew I needed at least one. The shade I have is 10 – Teddy. I love the name, especially because it reminds me of the classic teddy bears that were cute and brown, exactly like the shade.

I love liquid lipsticks, it is something that I am forever thankful for bringing into the world, for a matte lover like me it makes the application that much easier. However there are some formulas that I have come across that are just not for me. It is merely an opinion but I always like to share mine in case you are similar to me.

Anyway, I babble lets get back to the review..

The packaging is pretty standard I will say lip gloss packaging as this is what is always reminds me of. There is something that is different about this to a lot of other liquid lipsticks which is the applicator. Now yes is a doe foot applicator but, its flat. Yes you heard me right. I thought that would create more of an uneven finish and not pick up product. Boy was I wrong, it is life changing the application is 10x easier than a standard doe foot..

It allows you to line your lips with ease because its flat and also have an even finish. I only need one layer of this on my lips for this to be the perfect shade an extremely opaque. The shade itself is beautiful, it is described as a warm rich brown which actually is the perfect description. This is a true brown shade and is so easily wearable.

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The lipstick itself is very comfortable on the lips although its matte, I don’t feel as though it is drying or thick. It sits on my lips and half the time I forget that I even have it on. I can easily eat and drink without it transferring or wearing off. This really does stay on a full day which is exactly what I look for in liquid lipsticks. I mean I look at all the girls who carry makeup bags with them daily and that life is not for me, topping up makeup is a massive chore for me. For someone who adores makeup I know that sounds a little odd, I just prefer things to be long lasting with one application!

Overall this is beautiful matte liquid lipstick which is extremely comfortable and doesn’t seem to dry out the lips – I know a lot of you out there struggle with this so I think it helps to mention it. I seriously need to get my hands on more of these shades because they are blooming beautiful. Obviously if your not a complete brown toned die hard fan like me, there are more nude shades available. I would seriously head down to your local Boots to swatch a few, you’ll be surprised what you fall in love with.

Let me know if you have tried these lipsticks & your thoughts on them. What colour do you recommend I pick up next in the range?

-A x

Top 3| Eyebrow Products

Hello my lovelies,

Another Top 3, which has actually been highly requested from my lovely friend Charlotte. Eyebrow products are a tricky thing, some people prefer a natural look while others prefer a bolder brow. Whatever your preference is, that is ok. My biggest tip to anyone is to remember your eyebrows and sisters not twins!

For me, when I find an eyebrow product that I love ,I stick to it. It could be years until I find something else that is comparable or better than what I am currently using. I very rarely buy new eyebrow products it’s one thing I don’t experiment with – it’s just easier that way. However, I have FINALLY got 3 products that I absolutely adore and cannot live without. My holy grail and I thought it was about time I show you all.

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Benefit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil in 4 see here

I have used this religiously for around 9 months, I have gone through countless pencils of this. I love it. I use this mainly to fill in the front of my brow to give a more natural look. I have a few sparse areas in the front of my brows so this is a savior. I also use this to sometimes aid the arch in my brow, I am a little heavy handed with my brush. This pencil just helps to create a more clean shape to my brow.

I have never really been into pencils but this for me is a holy grail. I don’t think I could use this on the whole of my brow because I do prefer a bolder brow but that is just personal preference. It also has a spoolie on the other end, yes I know I was impressed with this too! My only annoyance is the price I think I am on my fourth one now so I have spent a grand total of £80 on filling in the front of my brows, whoops..

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Beautiful Brows – Brow Powder in Dark Brown see here

I love this brow powder, I actually picked this up in a set a few years ago for £30 which included brow templates, brushes and also a highlighter. Now, I never used the highlighter or the brushes. I used one template when I was going through a bad time with my brows so I would just recommended buying the brow powder alone unless you are new to the world of eyebrows then this would be perfect place to start.

I have mentioned this product in a recent favourites post actually, here, I just love it. It is the perfect shade for me and the pigmentation is pretty awesome. To those people who are heavy handed a little goes a long way so beware. Another plus is that it is super long lasting and just doesn’t budge. I sometimes feel that I don’t need to set my brows because I just know they won’t be going anywhere. For £15 this stuff lasts for ages although I have hit pan on mine I don’t think I will need to repurchase a new one anytime soon.

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Sleek – Brow Kit in Light 817 see here

This is definitely and oldie but bloody goodie for me. I have used this since my teens and always adored it. I only use the shaping wax, I have never used the powder but the wax is something pretty special. It is very obvious it’s a dupe of the Benefit brow kit, but who cares this is at least half the price and it does just as good of a job of dealing with my brows. Why pay more for something that is going to do the exact same job?

If I am having a bad brow day this is the product I choose to save me. It tames my brows and effortlessly creates a lovely shape to my brows. I am becoming less bold with my brows as I am getting older and this product is something that that is the perfect shade and balance between natural and bold. That is quite hard to explain, but trust me. Because it is a wax, I find that is is much easier to apply with a brush than a pomade. I just love it. If you are on the hunt for a new brow kit I would seriously recommend you going to your local drugstore and checking out the Sleek stand.

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Have you tried any of these products on your eyebrows, what are your thoughts on them? What eyebrow products would you recommend to me – I seriously need to switch it up a little!

-A x




REVIEW| Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my lovelies,

I think a lot of beauty bloggers have fallen in love with Makeup Revolution recently. As a brand they are taking the beauty world by storm. I have a few of their products and I am slowly building up quite a collection of their products. My most recent purchase has been their Flawless Eyeshadow palette. For me, I wanted to buy this because I wanted to try different colours on my eyes away from my comfort zone.

My thoughts were that I would try a cheap palette so I can experiment and if I liked what I created and the colours worked then I would invest a little more into the eyeshadow shades – like Urban Decay or Too Faced. Logical thought right? I thought it would be good to let you know what my thoughts are of this palette is as I have never tried their eye shadows before.

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First off, I picked this up from Superdrug for £8 see here – which actually is pretty good value for money considering you get 32 shades. Yes you heard me right 32, this works out to 25p per eye shadow, to me this is a total bargain! I also really like the packaging of the palette – I am a sucker for anything copper, who doesn’t love copper!? I must say the writing is starting to wear away on this on the front which is a bit of a shame. It’s also pretty sturdy packaging, I don’t think I can see this breaking anytime soon which is sometimes what I worry about when buying drugstore products.

When you open the palette you can see the beautiful shades – a mix of matte and shimmer shades I automatically thought I can see myself wearing every shade. I don’t think this about many palettes, there is always one or two shades that you just know you aren’t going to use but with this one there isn’t one shade I can point out that I wouldn’t like. Also, can we appreciate that their is a mirror and not just a small one a blooming massive one – perfect for on the go and wanting to your makeup. Sometimes I make sure I take this palette with me so I know I have access to a decent mirror.

A slight side note – you do receive a clear plastic sheet over the shadows which lets you know the name of every colour but I seem to of misplaced this, whoops! I think it’s good that with the sheer volume of shades they have gone to the effort of naming all the shades. I would prefer them to be on the back of the palette though just because clearly I can’t keep hold of the clear sheet it came with!

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So, the pigmentation – INCREDIBLE. I mean honestly these are some of the best eye shadows I have ever used. I think they have beaten my urban decay shadows and come an extremely close second to my Charlotte Tilbury palettes. Pretty impressive right? They blend so well onto the eyes with very little fall out. I haven’t found a shade in this palette yet that is chalky or not as good as the rest, which is what you can sometimes find in palettes. This is a palette that I use near enough of a daily basis – it has everything I want in it and more.

I’m the sort of person when I go on holiday I take a lot of different eye shadow palettes – I like choice depending on my mood – a girls prerogative. This year, I just took this one and I never felt like I was missing a shade. I have everything in one place – I don’t think there are many palettes you can say that about.

I still have a few shades in the palette I haven’t tried out yet but that’s because of the sheer volume of them, sometimes I just stick to the same few shades as I love them so much. I can’t sing its praises enough, I highly rate it and would recommend everyone to go buy this. It is perfect if you are like me and wanting to try out new shades that are out of your comfort zone or are delving into the world of eyeshadow for the first time. These are some of the best eye shadows that are out there, trust me!

I cannot really find fault with this, I am genuinely in love with it. I am on the hunt for another Makeup Revolution palette but I am trying to find another one where I like most of the shades – does anyone have any recommendations? I would strongly recommend for everyone to go and pick this up I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

Has anyone else tried this palette? What are your views on it, are you in love with the palette as much as I am?

-A x

Disappointing Products #1

Hello my lovelies,

I am a beauty addict, it’s a fact. I love shopping and I have no control I get sucked in. There are occasions where the things I have brought have not lived up to my expectations and are actually a disappointment – I can’t like everything and that’s ok. I thought I would share with you products I have recently found that I’m not that impressed with, some of them I have reviewed already and some haven’t.

Just to note, just because I believe them to be disappointing doesn’t automatically mean that they are awful products, they just don’t work for me. Every single one of us look for different things in products and perfect different finishes etc. this is just my opinion.

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Benefit – They’re Real Duo Shadow Blender in Kinky Khaki see here

I picked this up a little while ago after receiving a complimentary makeover from them – which let me just add was pretty enjoyable! These had just launched and of course I was eager to try at least one out. I went for Kinky Khaki because the khaki shade isn’t something I delve into to much so thought now is the time to try it out.

Well, I don’t get it. This whole applicator that comes with it just doesn’t blend the shades into your eyes and is very awkward to use. I’m sure a 4 year old would be able to apply eyeshadow better than this. I’m just so confused – it must work somehow but clearly I’m going about it all the wrong way. I do use the shadows with normal brushes and it looks nice but I feel like this is defeating the object of what Benefit are trying to achieve. The concept for me just doesn’t work and spending £19.50 on two eye shadows that are very average is just very disappointing…

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Technic – Contour Stix see here

I have actually done a review on these see here which will give you a better insight into what I think of these. They just don’t seem to work for me at all, I have tried to persevere I really have had no luck. They move all my makeup so I look like a blooming idiot to achieve not a lot. It’s annoying because when I swatch them on my hand especially the contour shade they look really good but as soon as I apply these on my face they just seem to disappear.

I still to this day don’t understand the pink shade and in all honestly I don’t really want to try these out any more. I just can’t use them and they don’t like my face. I think on this one it’s just best to step away and throw these away or give them to someone else to try because all they do is cause me frustration..

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MAC – Colour Enriched Pigment in Night Thrill see here

This is a limited edition product and I do try my best to get hold at least one product from a collection that I like. Now I love gold eyeshadow, I think it is a classic look that I always seem to go back to even I am undecided so no brainer right? Considering this is classed as a pigment this is very disappointing..

I have to work pretty hard to get the pigmentation I am looking for. When I do find the pigmentation and I blend the outer part so it doesn’t look ridiculous it just seems to disappear. I don’t even know how this is possible but it does. The annoying thing is that because it is limited edition I want to keep it but every time I use this I am just disheartened because I expected so much more, I’m sorry MAC!

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NYX – Soft Matte Lip Cream in Havana see here

Now some of you may be a little shocked to see this one in here, I have done a review of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams see here and I blooming love them. However, this shade I am disappointed with.. I love this colour I mean it’s not for everyone but this was right up my street. When I applied this it took me 5, yes 5 coats just to get the shade opaque enough for me to go out the house and for it to be acceptable.

I know it is a bright shade and it may require a little more work but come on 5 coats. I really don’t have the time for it personally. It’s such a shame because I love this shade and actually I don’t have an issue with any other shades in my collection from this range. I guess this is a word of warning that some of the shades are a little hit and miss on the pigmentation so my tip for you it to try before you buy!

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W7 – Beat It! Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette see here

So I picked this up in TK MAXX after wanting to try this out for the longest time. I loved the colours and for the price I paid I couldn’t turn it down. However, the pigmentation is awful. I mean really poor – I know it’s not going to compete with Urban Decay but because Make Up Revolution are really upping their game on their pigmentation I thought this would be on the same level but it isn’t.

I really swirl my brush in and seem to get very little pay off, to apply one shade it takes me around 3 minutes just to be happy with the colour on my eye. It’s just ridiculous for me and a waste of my time. I was so hopeful to be really disappointed with it and there isn’t much I am happy with. I think because I have other palettes that are just AMAZING this really is below par and way down in my expectations. I’m afraid this is a thumbs down for me W7.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. Who knows whether they will be the same as my opinion or completely opposite!

-A x

REVIEW| Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm

Hello my lovelies,

As you will know from my previous blog posts, I believe skincare is a very important part of beauty. Good skin is hard to come buy and I am forever picking up products to attempt to enhance my skin and for it to be the best it can be. More recently, I have been investing a little bit more money into my skincare to see what is out there.

Estee Lauder is a brand I am still delving into and testing out both their skincare and makeup. Everything I have tried from them I have loved so it means that I always go back for more. Recently I wanted to try out cleansing balms, I had seen a lot out on the market and I thought it was about time I tried one. I thought as I’m wanting to try more Estee Lauder products out this the perfect opportunity.

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As you can see it is a very simple design when it comes to packaging which actually I quite like – this is definitely something you could have sitting in your bathroom or dressing table and it looking good. When I first opened it I thought – is that it? I thought I would have to use a lot and for the amount I paid I wouldn’t be getting a lot for my money.

I first tried this with a full face of make up on, I wanted to compare this to other cleansers that I have and the best way to do this is with makeup. When I picked some up and applied it onto my face I felt very strange it was a completely different texture to what I had ever used before. It was extremely oily and actually felt blooming lovely. I’d never tried any oil based products before for my face so this was a completely new experience. I didn’t feel that I needed a lot of this either because with the heat of your hands it became oily and therefore easy to spread over my skin.

I was disappointed though – when it came to removing my eye makeup it struggled, a lot. It actually came to the point where my eyes were stinging which resulted in me giving up. Although my skin felt clean my make up was not fully removed and after this day I stopped using it for a long time.

However, as a blogger I read an awful lot of other peoples lovely posts and I heard a lot about this ‘double cleanse’ routine. This basically means you use a cleanser to remove your make up like usual and then you go in with the same or a different cleanser to actually clean your face. At first I used to think my first cleanse should be cleaning and doing good things to my skin why do I need to do the process again? Well actually, you do. All the first cleanse does it remove the top layer of dirt on your face, the second cleanse is where you actually go deeper into your skin to remove impurities and to clean it out. Make sense?

This is where I fell in love with this product, as a second cleanser. As this is oil based it sinks into the skin and is able to pull out everything you don’t want and replace it with goodness. My skin has never felt so good after cleansing, I was so impressed by it. I must admit double cleansing isn’t something I do on a daily basis – I seriously don’t have the time or effort to do this. But, when my skin needs some TLC or I want a bit of a pamper this is a product that is always included in my routine. It is a little pricey at £37.00 see here but actually I think it is worth it.

I would love to try more cleansing balms to actually find one that may actually take my make up off with ease though – do you guys have any recommendations of products I should try out?

Also let me know if you have tried this balm and how it worked for you – I’d love to know whether you had the same or a different experience to me.

-A x

Empties #6

Hello my lovelies,

I am back again with an empties post, I seriously did not realise how frequently I would be writing these posts. It’s actually interesting for me how quickly I go through things. I love writing these because as soon as I have I can throw all the products away and be free of empty products for a little while!

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Lush: Prince Charming Shower Cream 

I know you can’t get hold of this any more because it was limited edition for their Valentines collection but damn it smells good. It’s a fruity sweet scent but very different to anything I have tried before. It has pomegranate oil in which is scent I don’t normally go for but wow it’s good. I love Lush as a brand, especially for their shower creams they are a little pricey but they are worth every penny. This one is also bright pink and makes your water actually go pink – who doesn’t want this!? I will be sure to keep my eyes open when Valentines comes round again next year and pick this up!

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Primark: Oval Cosmetic Pads 

I can’t link this product either as Primark still don’t have a proper website, however they are getting there. These oval pads are in near enough every single empties post that I do, I blooming love them and I don’t think that I will ever change to anything different you seriously can’t go wrong for 90p.

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Benefit: Precisely, My Brow Pencil in shade 4 see here

This is another product that makes an appearance quite often I believe this is the second one I have gone through and I am now onto my 3rd pencil. Yes, I love it. It is the perfect brow pencil for me and I only use this on the front of my brows to give a more natural effect you can really create hairs which do not look fake – it’s fab! If you are on the hunt for a new brown pencil I would urge you to go check Benefit out.

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Makeup Revolution – Face Precision Oval Brush see here

This is not an empty as such but it has broke, and not I was not being clumsy. When I brought this back in January I was beyond excited to try it. I was amazed at how good it was, truly its a game changer when it comes to applying foundation and then very recently while I was applying my foundation with it, it snapped. My heart broke and actually I don’t know what to do – do I pay for another £9.99 for another one for that to brake in a couple of months like this one. This is the first brush that I have had that has actually snapped and I am very disappointed. 😦

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Tea Tree Skincare: Exfoliating Cream Wash see here

I like cheap and cheerful products and this is a range I have dabbled in ever since I can remember some of the products are a little hit and miss but what do you expect for the price. This product I hated when I first tried it, the smell of tea tree was far too overwhelming and actually stung my face. I did persevere and actually this is one of the only things I have in my collection which helps when I have bad skin. It is a harsher exfoliator than other ones out there but it does do the job. My feels a lot cleaner and softer and combats spots. I would definitely buy this again, but it’s not a product that I feel I have to have in my collection.

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Soap and Glory: Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk see here

I have loved every last drop I could get out of this bottle, it’s amazing. It was the first item I brought from the Soap and Glory range and boy am I impressed. I have fallen so in love with this product that I have already brought another to replace it. It is a staple for me in my skincare now and the price you pay is actually pretty good value. If you have never tried the Soap and Glory skincare range I would highly recommend checking it out, they have something for everyone.

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Dove: Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash see here

This is a product that I received at Christmas, probably a few years ago and I have finally used it up! I used this mainly for shaving my legs and it was actually pretty good. It really helped when shaving because it contains shea butter so is perfect for ensuring that your skin is softer and smoother and I do notice the difference if I haven’t used this. For me it isn’t something I would repurchase just because I have a lot of similar products already in my collection but if you are on the hunt for a nourishing body wash then look no further than this product.

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Garnier: Skin Active Micellar Water see here

Again another cult product for my skincare, I simply will not use another micellar water. I have found my one true love and I don’t need to look anywhere else. I love that they have brought bigger bottles of this out now which is what I am using currently so hopefully you won’t see this as frequently anymore in my empties! Seriously, Garnier you are my saviors this product is something I literally cannot live without!

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Another Empties post over and done with, if you would like to see my last empties post, see here. Have you tried any of these products, what have been your thoughts on them?

-A x

May Buys

Hello my lovelies,

I am back again with everything I have been buying in the month of May. I did have a little splurge and treat myself on a few items – but that’s ok right? I always believe in treating yourself – you work hard for your money so you might as well have a little retail therapy. I am so excited by the things I have brought the month and I can finally have a play with them after writing this post!

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This is one of my favourite shops to go hunting round and finding some bargains. They seriously stock some good brands at brilliant prices so if you have a spare hour I would certainly head down to your local store to see what they have to offer.

FYI – the links will not be to the TX MAXX website, they will be where you can find them as stores carry different things and their products aren’t all shown on their website!

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix – see here

So it retails for £19.95 and I picked this up for £9.99 – bargain! I have always wanted to try Nip + Fab products and I was on the hunt for trying a new primer out so I thought this was the best time to pick it up and see what all the hype is about. If you are a lover of Nip + Fab they do an awful lot of their range at TK MAXX so I would highly recommend you get down to your local store!

Precision Beauty: Deep Cleaning Pore Scrubbers – see here

I have heard a lot about these pore scrubbers and I thought it was about time I bit the bullet and brought one, well two. This was great value for money at £3.99! I will be using this during my skincare routine when I am cleansing so I will report back and let you know what I thought of them.

Precision Beauty: Blending Oval Brush – see here

I picked this up for £6.99 and I feel like I have picked up a right bargain! I have already used oval brushes, one being from Make Up Revolution but in the last week it broke so I am very happy that I picked this one up. Compared to the Make Up Revolution brush this feels a lot softer and more sturdy – I have high hopes!

Garnier: Fresh Radiance Boosting Scrub see here

I love Garnier as a brand for skincare, I have never had a product from them and didn’t like. So when I saw this for £2.99 I thought it would be rude not to. This sounds like it is going to be perfect for mornings when I need my face to be more awake so lets hope it lives up to my expectations.

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Charlotte Tilbury 

I recently went to Westfields in London, Shepherds Bush to walk round the corner and saw they had a Charlotte Tilbury store – I literally gasped so loud everyone stopped to look at me, whoops! I was so blooming excited I just couldn’t contain how happy I was. The store was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t go in there without picking up some goodies..

Luxury Eyeshadow Palette – The Vintage Vamp see here

I am so happy to finally get my hands on this beauty. I have had this on my list for a little while now and when I went in store I knew I had to get it. I now have 3 of these gorgeous palettes and I am sure my collection will not stop there!

Matte Revolution Lipstick – Glastonberry see here

I have wanted this lipstick for the longest time, ever since I saw Zoella wearing years ago I knew it had to be mine. Due to the spring weather I won’t be able to wear it for a while but when Autumn comes this will be constantly on my lips I know it, watch this space.

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I think every month, without fail I always have at least one trip to Boots – I can’t help it! I have an addiction and they constantly have offers on that I simply cannot refuse, I have an addiction ok!

Soap and Glory: The Greatest Scrub of All see here

As I have been loving the Soap and Glory skincare recently I thought I would try some more products in the range. It has a very bold claim of being the greatest scrub of all. We shall see, I will be sure to write a review about this so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Collection: Lasting Perfection Concealer in Cool Medium see here

A cult classic in my collection and I am sure it is for a lot of people. My one is currently nearing the end of it’s life and I cannot be without this so I thought I would pick it up. I always struggle to get hold of my shade it’s constantly out of stock so when I see it in store I always pick one up.

Soap and Glory: Peaches and Clean, Deep Cleansing Milk see here

This is another repurchase it, mine has completely run out and I couldn’t be without it. I did do a review of this product here so if you are thinking of buying it, this may help you out. Seriously good value for money!

Soap and Glory: the ULTIMELT see here

Another Soap and Glory product and another repurchase – I can’t help it I just love these products! This seriously rivals Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser so if you are thinking of trying a Hot Cloth Cleanser and don’t want to pay the price for Liz Earle this is a good alternative. I have also done a review of this product here

Collection: Primed and Ready Mattifying Pore Primer see here

This is an amazing primer! I know another repurchase, I am a creature of habit and there are just some products I can’t be without so I always buy another for when the one I am currently using runs out. I am sure I am not the only one that does this.

La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo+ see here

I have wanted this for the longest time, countless times I have put this in my basket and then put it back because I couldn’t justify buying it. This month I decided to just go ahead and buy it because I have problem skin at the moment and with all the reviews I have read on this I am hoping this will be my savior!

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I don’t usually go into this store, but I had a voucher for a free foundation and where I was at the time it was the most convenient place to go, seriously I need to go in there more because the beauty section is pretty amazing!

Clinique: Beyond Perfection Foundation and Concealer – see here

So I actually had a voucher to pick up a sample of this, before investing in foundation it is a good idea to get a sample pot and I have heard a lot about it. The lady at the counter colour matched me and put a little in a pot for me to try out she also gave me samples of the moisture surge which is something I really want to try out so I was very happy. I will be doing a review of this when I have tried it out and let you know whether I will be purchasing the bottle or not.

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That’s everything for the month of May – I went a little crazy I know! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and your thoughts on them especially the ones that I haven’t tried yet.

-A x