Spring: Evening Skincare Routine

Hello my lovelies,

So, skincare to me is so important. I really make sure that I do as much as I can. I see some people’s skincare routine and it takes them a good half an hour. As much as I love my skin I really don’t have the time or patience to be putting lots of lotions and potions onto my face. I stick to 4 products which takes me around 10 minutes – simple right?

I actually did an Autumn/Winter skincare routine, a little while ago so go check it out here to see how it differs and the products I have changed up.

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My first step in my skincare routine is to get my makeup off as quickly as possible. To do this I use my Soap and Glory – The Ultimelt I recently did a review on this product here which gives you a more in-depth review of the product and why I love it so much. It gets everything off my face so quickly, especially my eye makeup which can always sometimes to be a pain to get off. It also leaves my face feeling very soft and clean and is a great start to my routine.

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I then go in with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I am so happy that they have brought out a bigger size of this because I now don’t have to buy it every couple of weeks! If you know me, I blooming love this stuff I won’t use another micellar water it does everything I want it to. Why try something new when you are already 100% happy with what you have got. Sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know!

I use this in preparation to tone. I make sure that there is no part of makeup on my face, especially round my eye area. I find if you go from a cleanser to a toner sometimes because your skin is so soft the toner struggles to actually to do it’s job because it can’t cling onto the skin. Honestly if you haven’t used this yet – then go buy it life changing product. Trust me!

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Next up it’s toner. I don’t change this up really either and everyone needs a little Liz Earle in their life right? This is the Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is perfect. I sometimes find that toners can be quite harsh on the skin but this is the complete opposite. This is probably because it contains the likes of Aloe Vera and Cucumber, extremely soothing. This just helps to ensure I have got all the rubbish out of my skin and soothes my skin from the cleansing stage. It is the perfect base for your night time moisturiser and it smells divine!

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Last but by no means least I go in with Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair this stuff is life changing. I only have a sample size but this will last me a good couple of months because it is so concentrated. You need the tiniest amount which I just pat into my skin and makes my skin feel so amazing. When I wake up my face feels so damn good and I notice a difference when I don’t put this on at night. I feel a lot more refreshed and hydrated. I also love that it is anti aging, I am only in my early 20’s but it is always good to start the process going early!

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As you can see it’s nice and simple and doesn’t take me long at all – I feel as though I would more likely keep my skincare routine up because I am not doing too much. There are some nights were I don’t follow these steps or maybe I am feeling extra nice and add a few more steps but I would say these are my go to products for my Spring skincare routine.

Have you tried any of these products, what are your thoughts on them? Are there any parts of your skincare routine that you would recommend for me to try out?

-A x

6 thoughts on “Spring: Evening Skincare Routine

  1. I wonder if the Estee Lauder concentrate is similar to the Tarte maracuja oil? I love the oil so much but would like age defying benefits! About to read your ultimelt review 🤗

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