REVIEW| KIKO Velvet Passion Matte Lipsticks

Hello my lovelies,

So if you know me or read my blog then you know that I LOVE matte lipsticks. It’s a fact. Nude lipsticks are not really for me, if I am going to wear lipstick then I want to make a statement. I love wearing bright lipsticks, I luckily have a skin tone that allows me to wear just about any colour.

KIKO for me is an underrated brand. They have been around for a good few years now and actually it’s blooming good stuff for the price. They have a whole shop dedicated to make up – what else do you need to entice you in!?

Last year I picked my first lipstick up for their Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick range and I got another for Christmas from my lovely best friend Charlotte so I thought it was about time I review them for you..

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First off – I LOVE the packaging. It is so slick and it has a magnetic close – yes I know I squealed too. Small things please small minds, and that’s ok I’ll take that one. The packaging is really study as well, it’s not made with cheap material – well not that it feels like that and it doesn’t feel like it will break any time soon. For the clumsy people of the world like me this was a massive tick on the list for me too!

I also love that on the lipstick bullet itself they have embossed ‘KK’ for KIKKO, it really makes the brand stand out from lipsticks by brands with similar price points as it’s something you only really see on the Burberry’s and Chanel of this world.

As these are matte lipsticks I always expect them to be drying on the lips especially when they are being applied. These however apply like a dream, there is no dragging and creates and opaque colour with one swipe. Yea – I was impressed. They are super comfortable on the lips throughout the day too which is actually quite a rarity when it comes to matte lips.

The two shades I have are (from left to right) 314  and 318 see here


They are very long lasting lipsticks, they are deceiving because of how creamy the formula is – but prepared to be impressed when you try them. My only niggle that I have is that they do transfer which is highly annoying especially with the amounts of tea I drink at work all cups are stained with these colours – whoops!

My favourite shade out of the two I have is probably the orange shade (308) which is I mentioned in my Top 3: Spring Lipsticks and I am a massive sucker for an orange lipstick. But I do love the purple shade and isn’t too dark so a lot of people could easily wear this shade. If you are looking to try out purple toned lipsticks then this would be a really good one to try out.

Overall I blooming love these lipsticks. They are perfect for matte lovers but struggle with the drying formulas that come with it because these are soooo creamy. The colour pay off is fabulous and I am obsessed with the magnetic closure of them. There are sooo many colours and for £6.90 you really can’t go wrong! I will be definitely be getting some more of these and adding them to my collection.

Have you tried this range before? Whats your favourite shade I’d love some recommendations!

-A x


May Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

Another month has been and gone in the blink of an eye. It’s been a very exciting month for me full of laughs, spending time with my favourite people and prosecco. The sun has been shinning and spring is in full swing ready for the summer months. I always feel that the sunshine makes everything better and I always feel a lot better.

This month, I have tried to use products in my collection that I wouldn’t normally use. I am a creature of habit and I decided it was time for a change up. I always seem to fail at this, but I have that come to the conclusion I really do not need any more beauty products but I always seem to buy more. I need help!

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Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Fab Orange see here

Recently, I have been loving lip pencils. They are so creamy and I feel that they are more long lasting than a lipstick. Spring and summer for me is all about orange shades, I am not a massive pink wearer so this is an amazing colour alternative. First of all, I love the shade name because this truly is fab! The formulation is incredibly creamy and effortlessly goes onto my lips. This is a super long wearing formulation which I love, anything that saves me from touching up through the day is a winner for me!

It is a matte finish which is my favourite, I have never been a fan of lip gloss or a gloss finish it’s just not for me. This is a beautiful red toned orange. I wear this on a daily basis for work etc. but it would also be great for a bright lip in the evening with a golden make up look. I have a few of these from this range and I seriously love all of them but this colour is my favourite by far. If you are on a budget and can’t afford the NARS Velvet Matte Lip pencils this is a great dupe for it!

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Jo Malone – Early Grey & Cucumber Cologne see here

I recently brought this in April see here and I knew I would fall in love with it and I really have. It was the perfect scent while I was on holiday and I wear it as much as I possibly can. I am obsessed. I am awful at describing scents but it reminds me of parma violets. It is a sweet scent but the Earl Grey scent makes it more sophisticated. While the cucumber brings the perfume a lighter, softer scent.

I think that was a really awful description but I seriously would go into your local Jo Malone store and go give it a smell. You’d never think that the two scents would work together but seriously they do and you shouldn’t knock it until you have tried it! I really want Jo Malone to come out with other products in this range because I would buy the whole lot!

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L’Oreal Mega Volume Black Angel Miss Manga Mascara in Extreme Black see here

I have had this in my collection for some time, and in the past this has been my favourite mascara. I think because I went through a stage of trying new mascaras I forgot about it which is a shame. When I was having a bit of a clear out I saw this and I fell back in love. It gives my lashes some serious volume instantly. One coat of this and I am happy with the outcome, and I never feel as though it’s too clumpy.

The whole wand is something to get used to as it is rather bendy, but with perseverance I am sure you will love it. It’s easy to remove with a cleanser which is another bonus for me. I don’t have the time to be rubbing my eyes for 5 minutes to try and remove mascara. If you are in need of a new mascara and you are wanting volume I would seriously recommend this.

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LOLA Barcelona Nail Polish in Born see here

This is another product I have had in my collection for a long time and never really used. I received this in a Birchbox a couple of years ago and this month was the first time I used it (bad, I know!). It’s a beautiful muted purple colour and perfect for spring time. I didn’t realise how much I would like the colour until I applied it onto my nails. I am normally the sort of person that mixes up my nail polish every week. With this one I had it on for a good 3 weeks – I love it.

It’s a lovely formula, I would say two coats of this and it creates the perfect colour. It is fairly long lasing for a nail polish actually and didn’t start chipping until day 5 which I think is quite impressive. The shades on the website look good so I may have to pick up more of these beautiful shades!

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Seventeen – Define and Conquer Contour Kit see here

This year has been the year where I have really tried to perfect contouring. I contour every day and I think I am still trying to find the perfect combination of products. This month I pulled this out of my draw and thought I should give it a proper go. I am impressed. The packaging very much reminds me of NARS, which actually I really like. It is a matte contour shade which is what I use. I refuse to use a contour with specs of glitter in it. It’s the matte life for me.

The contour shade is perfect for me and really compliments my skin tone. It easily blends into the skin and the pigmentation is pretty impressive. I do find that you can’t really go overboard on this – you can keep packing it on and it will never look like you have two stripes on your face. I must admit I don’t use the highlight shade I’m not sure why and I think next month is my mission to start using it!

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Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 103 True Ivory see here

This is another product that I purchased last month, and this is the only foundation I have used all month. I am in LOVE. It is the perfect foundation for me, the colour match is perfect! I always struggle to colour match myself when it comes to drug store foundations I always either go too light or too dark but this one is perfect, gold star for me!

I would say this is a matte foundation and is pretty good for oil control, however I do use a lot of powder to control this too. It just gives me the perfect base for the rest of my makeup and I never feel cakey or uncomfortable wearing it. I also love for this time of year that it has SPF 20 in it – what more could you want!

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NYX – Super Skinny Marker in Carbon Black see here

This is another product thing I don’t change up ever – eyeliner. I don’t know why, for years I have stuck with my Soap and Glory eyeliner and it has never let me down. I thought that it was time for a change and realised I had this in my collection. I love it – it is super fine as the name suggests and is perfect for lining my eyes. The nib is pretty flexible and easy to control.

I never find that this budges from my eyes. There are some eyeliners I have tried in the past which give me panda eyes. No one wants that – especially as my eyes are prone to watering. Mine is starting to run out so I will definitely be heading out to pick one up before this runs out!

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Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts of them are!

-A x


Hello my lovelies,

So you may or may not be aware of the International Makeup Artist Trade Show otherwise known as IMATS. The trade show goes all over the world and comes to London, Kensington Olympia once a year. Essentially, it’s a celebration of makeup. Makeup artists from all over the world come together to show like minded people what they can do as well as actually showing people tips and tricks. Artists range from the likes of film makeup to the crazy beautiful people who are blooming good with makeup. Also, they have seriously good discounts on brands especially the ones that are tricky to get hold of the in UK!

This has now been my 4th year of going, it’s mine and my sister’s tradition and we do not miss it. This year was a little different and we each invited a friend each who would enjoy it and boy we had a good time. It always gives me inspirations for new looks and continue to be better – if this sounds up your street I would certainly go have a little look into it because it’s a date in my calendar I never miss!

I thought I would share with you what I brought at the trade show, I was a little disappointed that there was no Zoevea this year because I had such a long list of things I wanted to get but I seriously am obsessed with everything I brought.

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This is the first place I went to and actually they had 20% off their products – I would be a total fool if I didn’t take them up on this!

Angel Veil Primer – see here

I couldn’t not pick this up, I have heard an awful lot about this and every time I go into my local Boots store it is always out of stock. No brainer really!

Soft Matte Lip Creams in Dubai and Istanbul see here

I love these, and I have quite a collection building now and I am so excited to add these to it. Can we all just appreciate the names of the Soft Matte Lip Creams NYX have seriously impressed me with this one. I have done a review of them over on my blog here so if you haven’t tried the range before my review may help you out!

HD Finishing Powder in Translucent see here

Powder is never something I try out. I’m not sure why, I think because I think it is a very basic part of my routine and I stick to two powders that I know won’t let me down. I thought that it was time to branch out and I have heard some good reviews on this so I thought why not!

Face and Body Glitter in 11 Violet see here

This is something that is out of my comfort zone, colour wise. I want to jazz my eye makeup up a little and I thought as we are coming into warmer weather it means I can experiment with glitters. I seriously cannot wait to try this out!

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Kat Von D

This was the first year they have been IMATS and I had a list of things I wanted to pick up. They had around 20% off the retail price and they were giving out mini Liquid lipsticks and tattoo liners for waiting in the queue – WINNING!

Everlasting Lipstick in Lovesick see here

This was one of the freebies that we got and is a sample size – but this is fairly generous and is a great way to try out the formula of the lipsticks. I wanted to pick one of these up but as I got one free I thought I didn’t need another one. I will be doing a review on this to let you know what I think so keep your eyes peeled..

Lock-it Setting Powder in Translucent see here

I have had my eye on this product for a long time and when I found out Kat Von D was at IMATS it was something I added to my list instantly. I am so happy I have got my hands on this and I really hope that it lives up to my expectations!

Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black see here

I needed this in my life and when I finally got my hands on this dreams had come true. I have waited so long to get my hands on this and now I have it. When I got home I found that they had put a travel size tattoo liner in the bag. I won’t be running out of this stuff for a while!

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Urban Decay 

I love Urban Decay, but as the stand was super busy I kinda gave up looking. The discount wasn’t crazy so I wasn’t too fussed of not picking any new bits up.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original see here

This is something I can’t live without and the current one I have is nearly running out so I thought it was a good time to restock and I am loving the redesign of the new packaging!

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I love Crown, they are a brilliant make up company who are truly underrated. Their brushes are good quality and their palettes are pretty impressive also. If you can get your hands on any of their products I seriously urge you to check them out.

35 Color Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette see here

This seriously caught my eye – I have been after the Morphe 35F palette for the longest time and I am still waiting for it to come into stock somewhere but this seriously reminded of that a palette and it was £3.50 cheaper. I will be doing a full review on this so keep your eyes peeled!

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Have you ever been to IMATS, I would love to know your thoughts on the show. Let me know if you have tried any of these products, what did you think of them?

-A x

REVIEW| BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector – Champagne Pop

Hello my lovelies,

I love highlighter, I feel as though in the past 2 years it has completely taken the beauty world by storm. For me, I can’t create a makeup look now without applying highlight it completely changes a look and creates the most beautiful glow. Who doesn’t want that!?

This highlighter by BECCA, has been a massive product in the highlighter world. I saw so many reviews and makeup looks with this that I just thought it was too beautiful not to have and I decided to bite the bullet at the start of 2017 and get my hands on it.

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I picked this up in Space NK up until this point I didn’t even realise that they stocked BECCA, as soon as I had swatched it for myself I knew that I couldn’t not buy it, I couldn’t walk away. I fell in love, yes it was love at first site.

First off, I love the packaging. Slim, compact, sturdy and elegant. It also has a mirror – yes BECCA thought of it all. It is a very decent size pan and instantly you are mesmorised with how beautiful it is. Who doesn’t want a beautiful shimmering golden highlighter on their cheek bones!?

The highlighter itself is very pigmented, so if you are a little conservative with your highlighter I would be wary when sticking your brush in it – a little really does go a long way. If you are like me and you can never have enough highlighter on your face then this is a winner for you.

The shade, is absolutely stunning I mean truly stunning. The way the shade catches the light is incredible and looks gorgeous on so many skin tones. I would say if you are very pale then it wouldn’t work for you because of how golden it is and I would suggest looking at other shades that they do in the collection like Opal but I love this for my skin tone and I can imagine it would look even better with a tan and on darker skin tones.

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Just to put into perspective how pigmented it is, I swirled my finger in a circle to get this pigmentation – impressive right? Because it is so beautiful I don’t actually wear this on a daily basis as I don’t feel as though it warrants this highlighter – isn’t that bad!? This really is the best highlighter I have ever come into contact with and people that don’t like this – I don’t understand.

BECCA are at the top of the highlighter world with this one and I don’t even know what will ever beat this to my number one spot. If you have never swatched this before – I would seriously recommend getting down to your local stockist and trying it out. I guarantee that you will fall in love with this product like I did.

I will be definitely purchasing the other shades of the Shimmer Skin Perfectors in the near future, but with the price tag I won’t be buying them all at once. I am sure I will love them as much as Champagne Pop.

Have you tried Champagne Pop before? What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a dupe for this that you would recommend?

-A x

Spring: Evening Skincare Routine

Hello my lovelies,

So, skincare to me is so important. I really make sure that I do as much as I can. I see some people’s skincare routine and it takes them a good half an hour. As much as I love my skin I really don’t have the time or patience to be putting lots of lotions and potions onto my face. I stick to 4 products which takes me around 10 minutes – simple right?

I actually did an Autumn/Winter skincare routine, a little while ago so go check it out here to see how it differs and the products I have changed up.

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My first step in my skincare routine is to get my makeup off as quickly as possible. To do this I use my Soap and Glory – The Ultimelt I recently did a review on this product here which gives you a more in-depth review of the product and why I love it so much. It gets everything off my face so quickly, especially my eye makeup which can always sometimes to be a pain to get off. It also leaves my face feeling very soft and clean and is a great start to my routine.

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I then go in with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I am so happy that they have brought out a bigger size of this because I now don’t have to buy it every couple of weeks! If you know me, I blooming love this stuff I won’t use another micellar water it does everything I want it to. Why try something new when you are already 100% happy with what you have got. Sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know!

I use this in preparation to tone. I make sure that there is no part of makeup on my face, especially round my eye area. I find if you go from a cleanser to a toner sometimes because your skin is so soft the toner struggles to actually to do it’s job because it can’t cling onto the skin. Honestly if you haven’t used this yet – then go buy it life changing product. Trust me!

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Next up it’s toner. I don’t change this up really either and everyone needs a little Liz Earle in their life right? This is the Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is perfect. I sometimes find that toners can be quite harsh on the skin but this is the complete opposite. This is probably because it contains the likes of Aloe Vera and Cucumber, extremely soothing. This just helps to ensure I have got all the rubbish out of my skin and soothes my skin from the cleansing stage. It is the perfect base for your night time moisturiser and it smells divine!

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Last but by no means least I go in with Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair this stuff is life changing. I only have a sample size but this will last me a good couple of months because it is so concentrated. You need the tiniest amount which I just pat into my skin and makes my skin feel so amazing. When I wake up my face feels so damn good and I notice a difference when I don’t put this on at night. I feel a lot more refreshed and hydrated. I also love that it is anti aging, I am only in my early 20’s but it is always good to start the process going early!

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As you can see it’s nice and simple and doesn’t take me long at all – I feel as though I would more likely keep my skincare routine up because I am not doing too much. There are some nights were I don’t follow these steps or maybe I am feeling extra nice and add a few more steps but I would say these are my go to products for my Spring skincare routine.

Have you tried any of these products, what are your thoughts on them? Are there any parts of your skincare routine that you would recommend for me to try out?

-A x

REVIEW| Garnier Moisture Bomb 3 in 1 Day Cream

Hello my lovelies,

I believe skincare is extremely important. It’s all well and good to spend lots of money on make up and for you to look absolutely flawless but I think it is key to focus on your skincare and if that means spending a little more time and money into this then so be it. It’s crucial to make sure you cleanse the skin and ensure that your skin is hydrated throughout the day.

If you have been reading my blog posts for a little while now, you will know my skincare brand that I absolutely adore is Liz Earle. For me their products are incredible and actually not so expensive. For at least a year I have been using pot after pot of the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser which I mentioned in my recent Empties post. I thought it was about time that I changed it up a little to see what else was out there. I picked this up in December and after finishing my Liz Earle product I decided to move onto this.

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I actually picked this up from Amazon as I had a voucher, but it is always on offer in Boots or Superdrug see here. I have heard a lot about this range from Garnier especially the Tissue Mask, but this wasn’t something that appealed to me so I opted for this product. I was a little skeptical about this product as I didn’t really pay a lot of money for it and I wondered what it would do to my skin if anything.

First off, I like the packaging. Anything in a pump is a winner for me because it is that much easier and less chance of wasting product. However, you don’t know when you will run out so you just have to guess when you are running low but at least it is easily available and inexpensive.

I think what drew me to the product was because of the phrase ‘moisture bomb’ for me who doesn’t want moisture in their skin I mean I know that is the job of a moisturiser but the whole bomb thing just sold it for me. It also states that it is super hydrating and is a 3 in 1 product. It states that you will stay hydrated for 24 hours, your skin will feel smoother and wrinkles appear reduced. Overall your skin will look radiant and healthier.

Big statements right? So I thought this is something I would put to the test. I pumped a bit out on my hand and wow it was watery. I wasn’t used to the consistency with most moisturisers I have used in the past they have been thicker, so just be a little wary of that. When I applied it onto my skin I instantly fell in love. It sunk into the skin beautifully without it feeling greasy or sticky. I instantly felt hydrated and ready for the day ahead.

A little bit of this stuff goes a long way so do be a little wary when you are pumping it onto your hand you really don’t need a lot. I really do agree with all their claims about this mouisturiser, apart from the whole wrinkle part as it isn’t something I have many of so I can’t really give my opinion. I especially notice how good this product is when I have a no make up day because my skin just feels like I have just applied the product even when I have had it on for hours.

I have also found in the past that with some super hydrating products they can make me oily throughout the day but actually this controls my oil which is amazing especially when I don’t want to wear mattifying foundations all the time!

I recommended this to my younger sister who does nothing in the way of skincare and wanted something for her dry skin which incidentally cleared up in a matter of days, she still applies this near enough every day because she loves it so much. I have converted someone who never takes care of their skin to do at least one step – thank you Garnier!

Overall, I love this product it seriously contends with my Liz Earle product which I adore and actually this also proves that you don’t need to invest a lot of money in a good moisturiser. I would highly recommend this to absolutely everyone and I really impressed. I think I will be looking at what other products are in the Moisture Bomb range – a massive thumbs up from me!

Have you ever used this product or anything from the Moisture Bomb range, I would love to know your thoughts!

-A x



Top 3: Spring Lipsticks

Hello my lovelies,

So it’s officially spring, I have had to put away my dark plum lipsticks and bring out my pinks and brighter shades for the Spring time. I must say I’m a sucker for spring just because of the colours associated with the season- who doesn’t love pastel colours!? I thought I would share today my favourite lipsticks I love to wear at this time of the year.

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KIKO – Velvet Passion in 308 Papaya see here

I love orange shades on the lips, some people find this daring but actually you will be surprised about how many skin tones an orange shade actually compliments. As soon as I see the sun out I always whip out an orange, I love it! This KIKO lipstick is beautiful I love the formula of this range, it is a matte finish which I much prefer. As this is for spring it is not a crazy bright orange, it is fairly red toned so if you are wanting to delve into the world of orange lips this is good place to start – especially for the price.

On a side note – how beautiful is the packaging!? It has a magnetic close and I honestly spend hours opening and closing this. I know small things please a small brain..

MAC – Impassioned Lipstick see here

So if you know me, you know I love MAC lipsticks I have never been disappointed by them and this one is a stand out for me, especially for the spring months. It is a beautiful deep fuchsia shade with blue undertones – always a winner if you want your teeth to look whiter! This is a amplified creme finish which is actually one of my favourites it’s long lasting and is a matte finish without it being drying. It’s super comfortable and I love wearing this is Spring time to bring a pop of colour.

If you want to see how this looks on the lips then head over to my MAC Lipstick Collection to see a bit more about this shade – I hope it helps!

NYX – Liquid Suede in 02 Life’s a Beach see here

I couldn’t write a lipstick blog post without mentioning a) a liquid lipstick or b) NYX. I have to say I love this formula by NYX and the shade range is incredible. First off, the name how cute!? I always think NYX tick the box when it comes to shade names. I think this a lovely shade, especially for day to day wear. I always for some reason imagine this would be the perfect shade to wear when you are on a day out and having a picnic for two reasons. 1. It’s a super cute shade for this time of the year, again matte which is my preference. 2. It’s a very long lasting liquid lipstick that doesn’t seem to budge so perfect for a day when you are in the middle of a field and eating, drinking with no where really to top up your lipstick.

Again this has a blue undertone and is more of a muted pink in comparison to Impassioned by MAC. I also love that NYX are a cruelty free brand, it’s a shame that some of my favourite brands are not. 😦

Overall, I blooming love these shades and I am very excited to wearing these over the next couple of months. What are you favourite go to spring shades, I’d love to know! I am always wanting to try new things especially when it comes to lipstick!

-A x

Review| NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Hello my lovelies,

More recently, I have been investing more money into my make up. Not buying more but investing more money on specific products and moving more into the world of high end brands. As I am getting older, I feel rather than having 100’s of products I’d rather have less but products from brands I adore and love. This is one of those products, I have wanted it for a super long time and I finally went ahead and brought it. Concealer is something I don’t change up much but more recently I have been trying out new concealers, like this one.

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For years I have stuck to my Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer which I absolutely adore I have gone through tube after tube but I thought it was about time I try something else. For me, NARS do pretty well at base products. I have a foundation of their’s and I love it, along with the Laguna bronzer, which is a cult classic and their blushers.

I have heard a lot of people rave about the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and I thought it was about time I tried it out. I brought mine for the Space NK website, see here I was colour matched to Light 2 Vanilla which is actually the perfect match for me.

First off, lets start with the packaging – it’s beautiful. I don’t think I have been disappointed with NARS packaging ever. It’s just so simple, but just looks inviting. I love it, although one slight niggle, the black lid is made of a material that allows everything to stick to it and is a bugger to remove so I always seem to have concealer all over it – whoops.

The applicator is a doe foot applicator which is my personal preference. I find it the easiest to apply onto my skin and I have a lot more control. As the name suggests the concealer is very creamy, it is so soft and is easy to apply and blend into the skin. I use a beauty blender to buff in my concealer but you really could use anything to buff this into the skin and it would work just as great.

I find this really comes into it’s own under my eyes. I suffer with lovely bags under my eyes and this covers them amazingly. I don’t find that it is too cakey which I sometimes find with concealers and as the name suggests it gives a lovely glow. This for me, gave it major brownie points. I do have products that I can use to brighten my under eye area on top of my concealer but who wants to use 2 different products when you can just use one!?

I was a little worried about the radiance on the rest of my face I didn’t think it would work with redness/spots but actually it covers everything up and doesn’t really bring much attention to the area. I do always powder after applying foundation and concealer so I think if I didn’t do this I would certainly be self conscious of everyone looking at areas of my face that I didn’t want them to look at.

Overall, I blooming love this concealer. It is everything I want in a concealer and I think it may of just beaten my Collection Lasting Perfecting Concealer to the top of my list. I can’t actually really find flaws in it. It works with every foundation I own, especially with my NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation see here for a review of another NARS product.

Let me know if you have tried this concealer and your thoughts of how it worked with your skin!

-A x

April Buys

Hello my lovelies,

During the month of April, I was very good in not buying a lot of make up. 1. because I was still on a spending ban and 2. because I didn’t find much that inspired me. I always find that when I have money I find nothing I want to buy, but when I don’t have money I want to buy everything and anything I can get my hands on. Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?

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Jo Malone

The first thing I brought this month was this beautiful cologne. I have a few colognes from Jo Malone but this Earl Grey & Cucumber scent I needed to add to my collection. I actually mentioned this in my February Wishlist and I am so happy that I have finally got my hands on it. It is classed as a citrus scent and for me I don’t associate this with citrus but Jo Malone are the experts! For me, it is a subtle sweet scent which has a musky undertone so that it is not overpowering.

This is the perfect scent for Spring/Summer and I am absolutely obsessed. I really hope that they bring out other products in this scent as I would definitely go buy them. Seriously, if you have never been into Jo Malone go – because it is absolutely beautiful and they have a scent for everyone and every occasion.

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I love walking around Boots – doesn’t everyone? I originally went in for one thing and come out with three – whoops!

Rimmel – Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob see here

I mentioned in my recent empties that I had ran out of this and I had to replace it pretty quickly, I soon realised that I used this way more than I thought I did. It is the perfect shade to put under nude/brown shades and I love the formula of these lip liners. I didn’t want to go crazy in Boots but I do think I will be back to pick up more colours in this range!

Rimmel – Match Perfection Foundation in 103 True Ivory see here

I have been on the hunt for a new drugstore foundation for a little while and after reading a lot of reviews I decided on this one. I haven’t ever found a Rimmel foundation that I have tried and didn’t like. It is seriously one of my favourite drug store brands for foundation. I love that it has SPF 20 in which means I don’t have to worry in the summer months about applying an SPF on my face – winning! I will be doing a review on this so keep your eyes peeled.

Rimmel – Sculpting Palette by Kate 002 see here

So as I spent over £12 on Rimmel products so I received this for free! I always love gift with purchase and I have wanted to try this for quite some time so I was very happy with this. I went for 002 as I am hoping this will match my skin tone best. I love things like this that have a multi use and will be amazing for traveling. I am a little concerned about the contour shade as I can see flecks of glitter in as I prefer a matte finish, but I will try it and see how I get on, again I will do a review on this to see how I get on.

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House of Fraser 

Last but not least I visited one of my favourite shops in the world to pick up some Benefit products I was running low on, there are just some products in my collection that I know I can’t live without so when I start to run low I quickly go pick up a new one so I am never without them.

Benefit – Ka Brow in shade 4 see here

I love this for my brows, for the past 6 months this is what I have been wearing. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy a cream product on my brows but it seriously changed my views. I absolutely love it and the pot lasts for ages but I knew I was running low so this will be in use as soon as I finish the other one. I love the packaging for this product, however I don’t use the brush it comes with I just can’t get on with how small it is but it is handy I suppose.

Benefit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil in shade 4 see here

Again another brow product I cannot live without. I think I am on my third one of these now – I just love it. I use this in conjunction with my Ka Brow, I use this pencil in the front of my brows to create a more natural effect as the Ka Brow is a little to heavy for this area. It’s a life save this product and it comes with a spoolie on the other end which I love. What more could you want in a brow pencil!?

Benefit – Hoola Bronzing Powder see here

I blooming love this product, this is my go to contour product and I can’t be without it. I have hit pan on my current one and I was very sad I knew I had to go get another one. I just don’t feel anything else I own lives up to this, I find it hard to find a matte contour/bronzer product and for me I just to stick to this. As I am writing this blog post and found links I have just seen that you can order personalised Hoola bronzers on the House of Fraser website. There is no more looking at influential bloggers in awe, you can have your own one. When this one runs out I am seriously going to get one – how cool!?

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Let me know if you have tried any of the products I have mentioned as I love to know your thoughts!

-A x