Review| Elizabeth Arden – Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick

Hello my lovelies,

So I love lipstick, there is no doubt about this. I love a strong bold lip and I can never go out of the house without lipstick if I am applying makeup. Most of the lipsticks I own are matte, I think the finish suits me better and the longevity of the lipsticks are impressive compared to a sheen finish. I also don’t suffer with dry lips so I never am worried about how dry the finish is.

Elizabeth Arden, isn’t a brand I have ventured into. I have heard a lot about the 8 hour cream but nothing else, and even the cream hasn’t drawn me in enough to buy it. I’m not sure what it is about the brand but I kind of forgot all about them, and didn’t even realise they did a full makeup range. I was kindly gifted this out of the blue by my wonderful boyfriend Tom who has a surprisingly good taste in makeup for a male.

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The packaging of this lipstick is beautiful, I love gold packaging I am a complete sucker for it. When I opened up the bullet you can see the Elizabeth Arden logo imprinted on the actual lipstick which I really like to see. I feel that the brand has taken time in the lipstick and wanted to make it that little bit more special when you are applying it.

Personally for me, a pink shade isn’t what I normally go for and I was worried when I opened this up that I wouldn’t like it. I hate receiving gifts and not liking it. I did however look pass this and thought I would try it. I had to eat all of my words when I tried this out because looking at it being a sheen lipstick, from a brand I had never used and a colour that I didn’t wear – I fell in love.

This lipstick is outstanding. It has changed an awful lot for me, the application is an absolute dream but I suppose this is expected from a mouisturisng lipstick but honestly I have never felt something so comfortable on the lips. The colour is absolutely beautiful, it is as strong as you see it in bullet form which is transferred onto the lips. I wear this quite a lot, at least once a week for work, which I know doesn’t sound a lot but I have an awful lot of lipsticks which I swap and change an awful lot.

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For around 4 months now this has been a go to product for me, it is even super long lasting which I never expected. It is full of surprises and I am completely impressed by this. I am seriously going to be looking out for this brand and what other colours they have in the range because my thoughts of moisturising lipsticks have completely changed. I do have to thank my lovely boyfriend for introducing this to me, complete game changer!

Have you ever tried any Elizabeth Arden products? What products would you recommend me trying out next?

-A x

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