Review| NARS – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Hello my lovelies,

I love foundation, there are some people like my mum who have never worn foundation until very recently but her skin is AMAZING. My skin on the other-hand needs foundation, I have redness, a few spots – nothing major but foundation just gives me an even base. More recently I have been delving into the world of high end foundations. A NARS foundation has been on my wishlist for the longest time.

When I went into my local Space NK store, I thought I would want the sheer glow because everyone and their dog has it and absolutely loves it. However, when I spoke to the lady she asked me what coverage I was looking for and what my skin was like. I explained that I get a little oily throughout the day and I wanted a long lasting coverage which instantly she recommended the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation to me. I thought she is the expert here and lets go with what she suggests..

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First off, I am very pleased that I was colour matched! NARS for their foundations have an amazing colour range and I don’t think I would of been able to choose the right one. For reference I was colour matched to Light 2, Mont Blanc, FYI perfect colour match!

The bottle is just beautiful, it’s so sleek and sophisticated. When I spend money on more premium brands I like it to look good to and this has ticked the box on that front. I would definitely have this on show on my dressing table and not be ashamed.  Another bonus to this bottle is that it has a pump, yes I jumped for joy too! I know when I have read reviews on the NARS sheer glow foundation everyone is annoyed that there is no pump. They clearly listened when they brought out this foundation!

The foundation itself is very light and very runny. Be careful when you put a pump on your hand be prepared for it to run down if your not quick enough. When I first looked at this on my hand I seriously questioned the coverage of this as I was expecting a high coverage. This is where you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover because I seriously didn’t realise what this bottle of liquid could achieve.

A little of this foundation goes a long way and my oh my its beautiful. I love applying this on my skin. The coverage is perfect, it’s high coverage but it doesn’t go cakey it just sits on the skin beautifully. I was worried that because the foundation is more oil/water based that it would require a lot more blending into the skin, but in fact it was the complete opposite, it’s an absolute dream.

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With the name being ‘all day luminous weightless’ foundation I felt that these were big claims for a just a little bottle to achieve. I can honestly say hand on heart, for me it delivers on all three points.

It stays all day on my skin without me feeling like I have to top up with concealer in areas where the foundation has come off as well as this, I never have to top up with powder either for the same reason, it doesn’t budge! This for me, is a massive thumbs up – I seriously don’t have the time to keep topping up my make up on a day to day basis or even a night out.

Although this foundation leans more towards oil control meaning it is a mattifying foundation it is able to give you a base that gives you light in all the right places on your face. I do find with matte foundations that it can leave you very one dimensional, which is fine because you can add shade and light yourself and however much you want. But for me, to have a helping hand in the mornings is a god send. I feel that if I forget to do my highlight because I am in a rush it’s not the end of the world, my foundation can adapt and give me that little bit of light that I need where I want it.

As this foundation is very thin, the consistency is very light meaning that when you apply this to your face although it does amazing things it doesn’t feel heavy. I sometimes forget I am wearing foundation because my skin feels exactly the same which is a breath of fresh air and I am sure my skin will be thanking me as well! The life of heavy foundations is not for me.

Overall, I bloody love this foundation. This is a new addition to my collection but oh my I am in total love, I even mentioned it in my Top 3 – High End Foundations because I was so impressed. Foundations are a very personal thing because skin is so different. Something I may like may not work for the next person and that is ok. If you are on the hunt for a matte foundation though seriously consider this. NARS you have done an excellent job a massive thumbs up from me.

Have you ever tried this foundation before, I would love to know how it worked for you

-A x

10 thoughts on “Review| NARS – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

  1. So it turns out we have exactly the same skin type. I spent so long thinking mine was dry, but then I started a skin care routine and it most definitely isn’t now!
    I have to wear my foundation for 12 hours at a time and this sounds so perfect for that. I hate having to redo my foundation and sometimes even take it off any reapply half way through the day.
    When my foundation finishes I will be using this one next I think!
    Fab review as always (:


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    1. I thought this too! I just needed to tell me what skin type I was but actually over time it changes anyway. Oh gosh I couldn’t deal with reapplying during the day I defo don’t have to do that with this foundation. Let me know when you try it out, hopefully you have similar results as me!
      Thank you gorgeous xo


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