April Favourites

Hello my lovelies,

It’s that time again where it’s the end of another month. April has been an incredible month for me, I am so proud of what I have achieved this year. I have pushed boundaries and did things I didn’t think I would able to do for a long time. As I am posting this I am currently on my travels back to the UK from Portugal, a week full of my favourite people, lots of sun and alcohol is exactly what I needed!

In the month of April there have been some products that I have fallen head over heels in love with, some new and some oldie but goodies. I am still on my spending ban-ish. I caved in April and brought a Jo Malone fragrance – sorry, not sorry! Since this I haven’t brought anything else – I am going well.

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Beautiful Brows – Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown see here

I have had this product for a good couple of years. I came across the brand when I went to IMATS London a few years ago a decided to give it a try. It’s pretty impressive and I forgot why I stopped using it. It is highly pigmented creates a beautiful brow. It’s waterproof near enough and never smudges. I do always set my brows but with this product you don’t even need to do that.

You get an awful lot of product in the pan, I have hit pan as you can see, but I still have a lot more product to use up before I will have to repurchase. I much prefer a powder product for my brows as you are able to create a more natural brow but is definitely buildable if you are wanting a bolder look.

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Benefit – Coralista Box Blush see here

For some reason, when I was sorting out of my makeup this was pushed to the back of my draw. For spring I have put it right to the front because it is a beautiful coral colour that gives a little flush to the cheeks. For me, as I am getting older I am shying away from the bright pink shades and looking for more brown/orange toned blushes.

This is the perfect blush for me, it has a sparkle and just screams spring/summer. I love the packaging of the box as well, Benefit always tick the box for me with packaging. Also, it smells blooming divine! It smells to me of palma violets – I know this isn’t to everyone’s taste but I am addicted!

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BECCA – Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop see here

I think this is THE best highlighter I have ever come into contact with. Wow, it’s absolutely beautiful. As the name suggests it is a champagne colour with a serious shimmer. This highlighter is not for the faint hearted, for me this is a all or nothing highlighter there is no in-between. It is seriously pigmented, a little does go a long way. It is a pricey product but actually because you don’t use a lot of it, it will keep you going for a long time.

I can’t stop looking at it because I am captivated by it’s beauty. If you like highlighters then seriously this needs to be top of your list to purchase next. In the range BECCA also offer other shades which I am seriously wanting to venture into because I love this one so much. I going to look so damn good this spring/summer wearing this highlighter!

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NYX – Liquid Lingerie Lipstick in 10, Teddy see here

I love liquid lipsticks and for me NYX are one of the best brands out there at the moment for liquid lipsticks. This is from one of their newest launches which are all nude/brown toned lipsticks which are what I have been loving recently. I love a brown lip, it’s been going around for a while now but I seriously cannot get enough. For me, this shade is what I call a true brown shade and I love wearing it.

It’s so comfortable on the lips and stays all day and doesn’t seem to come off horribly. It is a bit of a bugger to get off at night but I suppose that shows the longevity of the formula. It never feels drying to me either which is another massive bonus. If you are on the hunt for a brown lipstick I highly recommend you pop down to your local Boots and check the range out.

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Lush – Prince Charming Shower Cream 

I am sorry guys but this is limited edition and I don’t believe you can hold of this anymore as it was part of the valentines collection. I am so glad I picked this up because it smells amazing. I think I have come to the conclusion that for me nothing beats Lush when it comes to shower products. My ultimate favourite will always be Snow Fairy but again that is limited edition, this does come a close second though.

It is a very thick shower cream that comes out a bright pink colour – what more could you want!? The smell is incredible, very fruity which is normally what I go for it contains pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil – what a match made in heaven! The smell of the shower cream lingers in the bathroom for hours which I love as well as on your body. They feel so luxurious and I cannot stop using them, I wish I stocked up on this because after this bottle I’m all out..

Here is hoping that they bring it out again next year!

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Estee Lauder – Double Wear Concealer in 2C Light Medium (cool) see here

So everyone raves about the Double Wear foundation, which I also love – a lot. I don’t however see much about the concealer that goes with this. As I loved the foundation so much I thought it was about time to pick up the matching concealer and my oh my it didn’t disappoint. It covers everything, dark circles, redness and spots! I never thought anything would rival my collection lasting perfection but I think this has beaten it..

I have had awful skin this month with so many spots and this concealer has saved me of looking like a dot to dot picture when I am out and about. I love it. I would say that I wouldn’t recommend wearing the double wear foundation and concealer together as it  would be super heavy – but I know that for some of you this is a winning combination I just feel like it is too much for my skin.  I would go check this out though if you enjoy the double wear foundation, there is a lot more to the range!

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Let me know if you have tried any of the products I have mentioned in this post, I’d love to know your thoughts!

-A x



Review| Elizabeth Arden – Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick

Hello my lovelies,

So I love lipstick, there is no doubt about this. I love a strong bold lip and I can never go out of the house without lipstick if I am applying makeup. Most of the lipsticks I own are matte, I think the finish suits me better and the longevity of the lipsticks are impressive compared to a sheen finish. I also don’t suffer with dry lips so I never am worried about how dry the finish is.

Elizabeth Arden, isn’t a brand I have ventured into. I have heard a lot about the 8 hour cream but nothing else, and even the cream hasn’t drawn me in enough to buy it. I’m not sure what it is about the brand but I kind of forgot all about them, and didn’t even realise they did a full makeup range. I was kindly gifted this out of the blue by my wonderful boyfriend Tom who has a surprisingly good taste in makeup for a male.

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The packaging of this lipstick is beautiful, I love gold packaging I am a complete sucker for it. When I opened up the bullet you can see the Elizabeth Arden logo imprinted on the actual lipstick which I really like to see. I feel that the brand has taken time in the lipstick and wanted to make it that little bit more special when you are applying it.

Personally for me, a pink shade isn’t what I normally go for and I was worried when I opened this up that I wouldn’t like it. I hate receiving gifts and not liking it. I did however look pass this and thought I would try it. I had to eat all of my words when I tried this out because looking at it being a sheen lipstick, from a brand I had never used and a colour that I didn’t wear – I fell in love.

This lipstick is outstanding. It has changed an awful lot for me, the application is an absolute dream but I suppose this is expected from a mouisturisng lipstick but honestly I have never felt something so comfortable on the lips. The colour is absolutely beautiful, it is as strong as you see it in bullet form which is transferred onto the lips. I wear this quite a lot, at least once a week for work, which I know doesn’t sound a lot but I have an awful lot of lipsticks which I swap and change an awful lot.

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For around 4 months now this has been a go to product for me, it is even super long lasting which I never expected. It is full of surprises and I am completely impressed by this. I am seriously going to be looking out for this brand and what other colours they have in the range because my thoughts of moisturising lipsticks have completely changed. I do have to thank my lovely boyfriend for introducing this to me, complete game changer!

Have you ever tried any Elizabeth Arden products? What products would you recommend me trying out next?

-A x

Top 3| Spring Nail Polishes

Hello my lovelies,

I love spring and all the colours associated with spring. Pastel colours for me are absolutely beautiful and always make me happy. Pastel nails look incredible and are certainly something I wear an awful lot this time of year. Unfortunately, I am awful at painting my nails, I have zero patience and I always seem to scuff my nails somehow when they are drying. I am sure I am not the only one that has the same problems?

Nonetheless, painted nails look better and through all the stress it causes me I do think they are well worth doing. I suppose I could pay for someone to do my nails each week but really who has the time or money for this – not me! I must say spring nail polish is my favourite and I thought I would share with you my top 3..

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Maybelline – Colour Show 60 Seconds Nail Polish, 301 Love this Sweater see here

Anything that claims to be quick drying I am a sucker for. I do not have the time to sit and wait for hours for nail polish to dry and 9/10 I would have scuffed at least one nail. I do find that this nail polish is quick drying, and I think that is one of the main reasons it is in my top 3. The formulation is quite impressive, I do worry with lighter shades that you will have to apply layer after layer for the desired effect but actually 2 coats and you are good to go.

I really love this colour, I haven’t really seen anything like it. It’s a pretty dusty pink shade which everyone has been loving recently. Although I don’t wear pink items of clothing I can pull it off on my nails just about! This is the perfect shade for being on trend but not going OTT. Who doesn’t need a nude nail polish in their life!?

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Rimmel, by Rita Ora – Nail Polish in 860 Bestival Blue see here

Personally for me, Rimmel do the best formulation of nail polishes. I know they are not well known for them but seriously trust me on this one. The formulation is amazing 2 coats and you are good to go and the drying time is next to nothing. They are super long lasting, I go around a week before reapplying or changing the colour. Most other nail polishes I have seem to chip like no tomorrow.

The colour though, wow. I think this is my favourite. Powder blue, yes please! It’s absolutely beautiful and I love the way it compliments my skin tone and if I am honest I think this is the sort of colour that would compliment any skin tone. If you ever see me this spring I think this is what I will be wearing most of the time. I blooming love it!

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Kiko – Nail Lacquer 389, Mint Milk see here

So KIKO is a brand that I think is truly underrated. They do amazing products at low prices – a whole store of makeup is my sort of heaven. I love going in there because they so frequently bring out new lines and colours, if you have never been into store before I would highly recommend.

In this range they do every colour you could imagine, which is why I think I have so many of them. I don’t know how they get to some of these colours but it is amazing to have a browse through and see what takes your fancy. This sort of colour is really one of my favourites I love this colour, especially in spring. I normally apply around 3 coats of this onto my nails just for the level of colour I want but obviously this is personal preference. The only downside to these polishes is that they chip quite easily. I find it so annoying because it is such a beautiful colour but I find myself nearly every day topping this up. I suppose you can’t have everything!

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Let me know what your favourite nail polishes for spring are, I love to find new gems!

-A x

Review| Charlotte Tilbury – The Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my lovelies,

Charlotte Tilbury, is a brand that I absolutely adore. Mainly I look from afar and imagine I owned all the beautiful products. I was recently gifted this palette from my lovely older sister, she has good taste! I think over the past few years I was stuck in a rut with my eyeshadow, I suck to what I knew – the nudes. I thought it was about time I ventured out of my comfort zone a little to see what I could discover..

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First off, can we just appreciate the packaging. It is absolutely beautiful like all other Charlotte Tilbury products. So simple yet elegant, yes I like packaging of products and sometimes I buy a product just because it’s pretty I am sure I am not the only one that does this!

I love that it has a good size mirror as soon as you open it, I don’t understand any palette that doesn’t have a mirror – how can you travel with it!? The colours are truly beautiful. Inside there is a champagne colour as a base, moving on to a red shade with brown undertones, the most beautiful gold shade you ever did see and finally and true brown shade with a little shimmer.

The colours work beautifully together and do you know what makes this palette just that little better, on the back it tells you how to wear the shades and the order you use them. Sorry does a palette get any better I think not! I am a novice at eyeshadow, although I use it on a daily basis I don’t do fancy things they are basic looks so this is a perfect helping hand.

The shadows themselves are very pigmented, I don’t feel as though you need to keep going back to the pan for more colour, they blend easily especially with different shades. My only slight bug bare is that I do get a little fall out with these. It is a little annoying especially because I do my base before my eyes, but I have learnt to deal with this little niggle & I like to be truthful about products. As much as I am in love with this product, it is not perfect.

Despite this, I do absolutely adore this. In fact I love all the eyeshadow palettes that Charlotte Tilbury have brought out. I have another and I seriously don’t think a brand can beat the quality of the shadows. Just to warn you though, there is no matte shades in this palette. I will be buying more of these and I would urge you to go on the Charlotte Tilbury website to have a look. The site is extremely helpful at matching palettes to your eye colour and skin tone for the perfect palette match.

The next palette on my list to buy is The Vintage Vamp!

Have you ever tried an eyeshadow palette from Charlotte Tilbury, how did you find it & what one did you try?

-A x

Empties #5

Hello my lovelies,

Yes another post of my empties, I actually really enjoy writing these posts because I determine how much I love a product, or not.  Interestingly they are my favourite posts to read so if you know any good empty posts, please link them in the comments so I can have a read!

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Number 4: Lumiere d’hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect – see here

I actually mentioned this in my February Favourites because I was enjoying it so much. I received this in a Birchbox a long time ago and only recently decided to give it a go. I have long hair and it is always tangled in some way shape or form especially when I have just washed my hair. Conditioner just doesn’t seem to fully detangle my hair. This is where this little baby comes in. It stinks, I really do not like the smell but it does an amazing job. I few sprays in my hair and my brush goes through my hair like a dream. Seriously this is a game changer and I would recommend this to anyone that has knotted prone hair to go try this out.

I am actually really sad this run out and I am seriously debating on splurging on the big bottle because it seriously changed everything for me.

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Royal Jelly – Body Wash

I can’t find a link to this, but I got it in a Christmas set. I am quite happy receiving things like this because it means I don’t have to go out and buy it myself. For me it is nothing special, it’s a body wash. I used this in shower because I don’t do baths but it works it the same way. I didn’t like the consistency it was far too runny. I’d put it on my hand, put the bottle down and half of it was gone down the drain already.

The scent is ok, it is quite a perfumed scent which I don’t like much. It reminded me of something you would smell like at a Spa but a cheaper alturnative. It’s just not my sort of thing. I used it because the smell wasn’t bad and I did feel clean after using it. I guess it just wasn’t amazing and I wouldn’t want to go hunt this product down anytime soon.

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Primark – Oval Cosmetic Pads

I blooming love these. I cannot use any other cotton pads. They are the perfect size for my face, they don’t come apart so when you are cleansing half the cotton pad isn’t all over your face. I can’t fault them, I know they are a basic thing but I have been through so many different ones and I can’t find anything that compares. Go down to your local Primark store and pick these up, they are 90p a total bargain!

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Rimmel London – Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob see here

I love lip liners. I don’t think I could apply lipstick now without applying lip liner. They are a perfect base and allow my lipstick to stay on for a lot longer. This is a beautiful shade, and I loved wearing this. I much prefer lip liners that are twist up as apposed to sharpening – less hassle! The consistency was lovely, it effortlessly lined my lips without feeling cakey or uncomfortable.

I actually wore this a lot on it’s own which I really enjoyed, the formula really is impressive on these. A lot of people use this to line their lips before using MAC Velvet Teddy, which actually works amazingly but this also works as a base for a lot of my brown coloured lipsticks. It just brought a little bit of pink into the colour which I loved paired with a true brown shade. I haven’t gone out and brought this yet but I am sure I will have to go and get it soon as I don’t think I can live without it!

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Primark – Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes 

If you know me, I don’t use cleansing wipes to remove my make up (unless I have had a lot to drink!). I mainly use wipes to remove swatches from my hand or remove mistakes on my eye make up, that sort of thing. I always have to have a packet lying around for emergencies. Now, I have tried a lot of cleansing wipes and I really enjoy using these above the likes of Simple and Nivea alternatives. Weird, I know but I think that they do the job I need them to do. They don’t dry out my skin and effortlessly remove make up.

I couldn’t use these to remove a whole face of makeup but I don’t buy them for that purpose. I’d rather pay £1 for two packs rather than £5 for one pack where they do the same job, it’s a no brainer to me..

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Liz Earle – Skin Repair Moisturiser see here

I love Liz Earle, most skin care posts that I do include in some way a mention of Liz Earle. I love their products, especially this moisturiser. I have been using this same product for a good year now and I have loved it. I have now sadly moved onto something else as I am on a spending ban but I really need this back in my life.

It is quite a thick cream so a little goes a long way. To me this smells quite similar to the Cleanse and Polish, I presume because they use similar products so if you like the smell of that it might be worth looking at this. I use this as my morning moisturiser which sets me up for the day ahead. It feels so soft and blends so lovely onto the skin, it doesn’t leave an oily residue either which I do find with some products.

Honestly, if you are on the hunt for a new mosituriser go check out Liz Earle you won’t be disappointed.

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The Body Shop – Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray see here

Another detangling spray! I have gone through a lot of bottles of this, I have to use a detangling spray every time I wash my hair otherwise it’s a painful and long process of brushing my wet hair.

It smells lovely, to me it smells like conditioner – maybe that isn’t to everyone’s taste. I love this because it has no silicone, colorants or parabens there isn’t many products out there that don’t contain all of these products. However, after using the Number 4 detangler, which is mentioned above I much prefer that one over this one. It just does the job a whole lot better and easier. It’s annoying because this is cheaper and I am all about that life but I just cant find barely any detanglers on the market high end or drugstore.

Can anyone help a girl out a recommend a detangling product in the drugstore that I can try out?

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Estee Lauder – Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover see here

I have had this a little while, it just went on for so long so when I finally finished it I did a little jump for joy. Anyone else find this when they have had a product for ages and you finally use it up? Maybe it’s just me…

I was quite intrigued by this product anything that covers more than one step in my skincare routine at once I am a happy bunny. I used this mainly in the shower and it was amazing at removing my make up, especially foundation that can be sometimes tricky to remove. My skin has never felt so clean after using this. I really enjoyed using this actually but I’m not in love with it.

I’m not sure what it is about the product I am just not completely wowed by it. I have nothing negative to say I just don’t want to rush out and buy it. I think if it was on offer or something I would buy it again because I know I enjoyed it but I can live without it…

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Pantene Pro-V – Shampoo Volume and Body see here

Last but not least a shampoo, I mentioned the conditioner in my last empties post see here and I wasn’t wowed by this. I don’t feel like the shampoo or the conditioner gave me any volume or body to my hair which is disappointing. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but when it states for fine flat hair, which is exactly what I have I expect it to do something.

It did clean my hair though, but I am sure I could buy a basic shampoo to do the same thing, I was looking for a little bit more and on this occasion this product just didn’t live up to my expectations.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them.

-A x

Review| NARS – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Hello my lovelies,

I love foundation, there are some people like my mum who have never worn foundation until very recently but her skin is AMAZING. My skin on the other-hand needs foundation, I have redness, a few spots – nothing major but foundation just gives me an even base. More recently I have been delving into the world of high end foundations. A NARS foundation has been on my wishlist for the longest time.

When I went into my local Space NK store, I thought I would want the sheer glow because everyone and their dog has it and absolutely loves it. However, when I spoke to the lady she asked me what coverage I was looking for and what my skin was like. I explained that I get a little oily throughout the day and I wanted a long lasting coverage which instantly she recommended the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation to me. I thought she is the expert here and lets go with what she suggests..

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First off, I am very pleased that I was colour matched! NARS for their foundations have an amazing colour range and I don’t think I would of been able to choose the right one. For reference I was colour matched to Light 2, Mont Blanc, FYI perfect colour match!

The bottle is just beautiful, it’s so sleek and sophisticated. When I spend money on more premium brands I like it to look good to and this has ticked the box on that front. I would definitely have this on show on my dressing table and not be ashamed.  Another bonus to this bottle is that it has a pump, yes I jumped for joy too! I know when I have read reviews on the NARS sheer glow foundation everyone is annoyed that there is no pump. They clearly listened when they brought out this foundation!

The foundation itself is very light and very runny. Be careful when you put a pump on your hand be prepared for it to run down if your not quick enough. When I first looked at this on my hand I seriously questioned the coverage of this as I was expecting a high coverage. This is where you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover because I seriously didn’t realise what this bottle of liquid could achieve.

A little of this foundation goes a long way and my oh my its beautiful. I love applying this on my skin. The coverage is perfect, it’s high coverage but it doesn’t go cakey it just sits on the skin beautifully. I was worried that because the foundation is more oil/water based that it would require a lot more blending into the skin, but in fact it was the complete opposite, it’s an absolute dream.

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With the name being ‘all day luminous weightless’ foundation I felt that these were big claims for a just a little bottle to achieve. I can honestly say hand on heart, for me it delivers on all three points.

It stays all day on my skin without me feeling like I have to top up with concealer in areas where the foundation has come off as well as this, I never have to top up with powder either for the same reason, it doesn’t budge! This for me, is a massive thumbs up – I seriously don’t have the time to keep topping up my make up on a day to day basis or even a night out.

Although this foundation leans more towards oil control meaning it is a mattifying foundation it is able to give you a base that gives you light in all the right places on your face. I do find with matte foundations that it can leave you very one dimensional, which is fine because you can add shade and light yourself and however much you want. But for me, to have a helping hand in the mornings is a god send. I feel that if I forget to do my highlight because I am in a rush it’s not the end of the world, my foundation can adapt and give me that little bit of light that I need where I want it.

As this foundation is very thin, the consistency is very light meaning that when you apply this to your face although it does amazing things it doesn’t feel heavy. I sometimes forget I am wearing foundation because my skin feels exactly the same which is a breath of fresh air and I am sure my skin will be thanking me as well! The life of heavy foundations is not for me.

Overall, I bloody love this foundation. This is a new addition to my collection but oh my I am in total love, I even mentioned it in my Top 3 – High End Foundations because I was so impressed. Foundations are a very personal thing because skin is so different. Something I may like may not work for the next person and that is ok. If you are on the hunt for a matte foundation though seriously consider this. NARS you have done an excellent job a massive thumbs up from me.

Have you ever tried this foundation before, I would love to know how it worked for you

-A x

March Favourites

Hello lovelies,

I cannot believe another month has passed and we are now in April, time is seriously flying! March has been a very busy month for me, and having a spending ban has been seriously tough! I have managed a whole 31 days without buying a single beauty product – this is pretty impressive for me!

Most of this month because I haven’t brought anything I have been using what I have and I have found some amazing things that I adore and forgot I had, along with falling in love with some recent purchases from the past couple of months that I have been obsessed with!

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L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash see here

I brought this in February and I was so excited to try this out because I love the detox clay mask (full review of that product here). I love anything that is going to cleanse my face and really give my skin a good clean. I feel that people forget that you really do need to wash your face thoroughly especially if you wear make up on a daily basis.

I use this product around 2-3 times a week in the shower and it has seriously had an impact. I will be doing a review on this soon, so I won’t go into too much detail. If you love the mask then you will love the face wash. It feels feels lovely on the skin as soon as you apply it. You only need a little bit as a little goes a long way. This bottle isn’t going to run out any time soon! I cannot wait to carry on using it, I seriously love going into the shower sometimes as I know I get to use this – is that sad…?

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E.L.F – Blush Palette in ‘Dark’ see here

I have done a review on this product (see here) I just can’t stop using it. I love it especially for day to day wear when I am in a rush, this is something I have been using non-stop this month. The shade I wear the most is the one in the top left hand corner (sorry they don’t have shade names!). The palette contains some beautiful shades and I LOVE that is has a massive mirror.

I seriously love this an awful lot – I have a few blush palettes but this is the one I am drawn to the most. I’m not too sure why I just know that if I pop one of these shades on my cheeks I am good to go for the day and I won’t look like a total idiot. Seriously E.L.F is a brand that is so underrated, it is such good value for money – go check out their website they have seriously upped their game.

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Rimmel – Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory see here

Normally I stick to my trusty Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer, I lost mine this month and as I am on a spending ban I couldn’t pick up another one so dug out my other concealers and this one has really impressed me. I forgot why I stopped using this but I don’t know why I did because I love it. It seriously rivals my trusty Collection concealer.

It does everything I want it to, it covers redness and spots along with covering under eye circles but highlights at the same. Seriously – wow. I haven’t stopped using this all month even over my high end concealers it works with every foundation I own. Hello new concealer favourite. Finding amazing products in your collection without spending a penny is amazing!

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NYX – Retractable Lip Liner in Sand Beige see here

So I love a bold brown lip. I still think you can pull it off in the warmer months, well I do anyway. I have had this in my collection for quite a while now I can’t even remember when I brought it but I LOVE it. I wear this sometimes on it’s own because the consistency and pigmentation is incredible or I pop a lipstick on top. I love the retractable lip liners because it saves you from sharpening it all the time!

It’s a lovely brown shade and stays on the lips all day which is perfect for me day to day when I don’t always have the time to top up my makeup throughout the day. I highly rate NYX lip products as a whole and I definitely think I will be buying more lip liners from this range – you seriously can’t go wrong for £5.50.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette see here

I brought this in February and I am so glad I took the plunge and brought this. This is one of the only eyeshadow palettes I have used this month. It is so impressive, the pigmentation is amazing and all the shades are so blendable. The colours are out of my comfort zone but I have loved experimenting with this.

My favourite shades at the moment from this palette is Vermeer and Burnt Orange. You can create so many different looks with this I can definitely see why it is so talked about in the beauty world. This is the most expensive eye shadow palette I own and seriously one of the best. It rivals my favourite palettes from the likes of Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury. I am sure you will see me creating lots of looks with this. I recently featured this in my Current Everyday MakeUp.

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Revolution – Ultra Contour Palette see here

Last but no means least a contour palette. Up until 3 months ago I didn’t contour everyday. I think because I was useless at it and I couldn’t be bothered in the mornings to try and make it work. Now, I am getting better and I contour daily without fail. Products like this really help because there are different shades and you can see what works for you.

I was actually influenced by my gorgeous best friend Nadia to by this and I am so happy she did. I am very impressed – the pigmentation is amazing and the shades suit me perfectly. This month I have mainly been using the shade on the bottom row second one in from the left. It is the perfect shade for me at the moment to contour with and makes my cheek bones look amazing. If you are wanting to delve into the world of contouring you should seriously try this out!

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Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts on them and if you love them as much as I do!

-A x

Review – Soap & Glory: the ULTIMELT.

Hello my lovelies,

So I love cleansers, more recently I have been delving into the hot cloth cleanser world and breaking away from my beloved Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. Removing make-up is so important to me. I value my skin and although I love applying make up you should make sure that you spend time of an evening taking it off. Trust me you’ll thank me in the long run!

I love getting to the end of the day knowing that I will be removing my make up with a hot cloth cleanser because it feels so damn good. There is nothing better than applying a cleanser all over your face and your eyes so you look like a panda to wash it all off with warm water and a flannel/cloth. In my eyes it just can’t be beaten and no other method of removing make up makes you feel like that.

In my February Buys I mentioned that I picked up the Soap & Glory Ultimelt from Boots I was on a hunt for new cleansers and I love the Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk from them so much I thought it was time to try out their hot cloth cleanser..

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When I took the product out of the box it made me think of toothpaste. I find it a little weird there is no pump or anything fancy but I suppose it does make sure you can use every last bit of the product up. The packaging is simple, nothing special about it which is very different to the branding of other Soap and Glory products which actually I like, it doesn’t seem childish in any way.

So it claims to be super concentrated, smoothing, revitalising and deep cleansing – like a detox spa for your skin. Now the smoothing and revitalising I completely agree with, I love the look and feel of my skin after I have used this. It feels as though I have just had a facial and everyone needs a pamper so to feel like this every evening is a winner for me.

Deep cleansing – hmm, this is a tricky one for me. It cleanses and it really does remove my make up so easily and the biggest test was my eye make up and it proved no problem. It didn’t irritate my eyes what so ever it melts everything away as it claims – it’s a dream! . A deep cleanse though? I wouldn’t say so. I don’t feel that it gets into my skin and removes all the rubbish. It does my outer layer no problem but it doesn’t do anything for my inner skin layers which is a shame.

It is for all skin types (except those that are sensitive to essential oils) which is brilliant. It doesn’t irritate my skin what so ever – it doesn’t have much of a scent either so it can’t really offend any one. I have skin that is slightly on the oily side and when I use this the cleanser removes the oils and my skin feels a lot brighter and clean.

Now the instructions say that you only needs a grape sized amount of product to apply to  your face and neck for two minutes. I tried this whole grape sized amount and it didn’t do a lot for me with the make up I wear I need more than that. If you are using this product as a second cleanse then a grape sized amount would be fine but just be warned. I have used it a fair amount and I already feel like I am running out which is disappointing.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this product. The way it removes my make up with no need for hours of scrubbing is amazing. The product really does live up to it’s name. I’m just not so sure on the deep cleansing part. I will continue to use it for the removal of make up without a doubt but I do feel I need to use a different cleanser after just to make sure I cleansed and cleaned my pores out. Which is fine if you have all the time in the world for a long, time consuming skincare routine but not if you are a busy person with limited time.

For the price of £10 I am impressed but I am not 100% about it. Which is a shame, I think I would repurchase it but I don’t think it will become ‘I can’t live without it’ product. But that’s ok – you can’t be obsessed with every product you buy. I do highly recommend checking out Soap and Glory’s skincare range it’s quite broad and there are so many things to try out. I am sure I will be visiting there stand again soon and picking up a few more bits to try out.

Have you tried any Soap and Glory skincare products – what would you recommend?

-A x