Top 3 – High End Foundations

Hello my lovelies,

So I recently posted about my Top 3: Drugstore Foundations and I thought to even it out I would go through my favourite high end foundations. I like treating myself and sometimes the drug store just doesn’t cut the mustard. I don’t actually have too many foundations but I think as I’m getting older, the more high end brands are calling my name with their beautiful packaging and amazing products…

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MAC – Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 see here

On the MAC website it states that this foundation is: ‘An oil-controlling formula that offers a natural matte finish with medium to full coverage’ – this is exactly what it does! This was my first ever high end foundation I purchased I believe it was in the Brighton store when I was visiting my lovely sister Kelly and I caved in and brought it. I have never looked back and I have gone through around 3 bottles of this. I’m obsessed!

It applies evenly onto the skin and doesn’t go patchy. It’s more on the medium coverage side but very much buildable to a full coverage. I always come back to this foundation, it’s my go to if I need something reliable, it never lets me down. MAC do offer a lot of other foundations but for me I am happy with this one and I don’t see myself delving into any others any time soon.

The only annoying thing with this is that you have to buy the pump separately. I mean you could pour it onto your hand but clumsy me always seems to pour far too much than I need. I’m sure I am not the only one that is like that!

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Estee Lauder – Double Wear Foundation in Pure Beige see here

I think everyone and their Aunt has this foundation and I can understand why it’s pretty impressive. Again it doesn’t come with a pump so I decided I had to put one on because I am super clumsy and it was going everywhere. I LOVE this foundation but it isn’t something I could wear on a daily basis. It’s full coverage – no doubt about it which is fab but for day to day wear it’s too much. This is my go to foundation for a night out. My skin always looks flawless and never lets me down.

It’s a very thick foundation so it isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s definitely a matte foundation and controls oil like no other. Because of the thickness it’s a bugger to get off. Some of my cleansers struggle to take this off which I guess is good in a way because it won’t budge but after a night out you do not want to be spending ages scrubbing at your face..

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NARS – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Mont Blanc see here

This is the most recent addition to my foundation collection and I couldn’t be more happy that I have it. I went to get colour matched in Space NK and actually I wanted the sheer glow but when I compared the two on my face this was so much better, for me anyway. It’s on the more glowy side of foundations spectrum which I powder to a matte finish because of what I prefer. Doing this normally means that it will be heavy but it feels like your wearing nothing. It’s amazing I wear this pretty often because it’s so easy to apply and something I don’t have to worry about throughout the day.

The packaging is beautiful as well & it comes with a pump as standard – what more could you want!? I don’t actually have a bad word to say about this foundation. It is definitely on the pricer side out of these three foundations but it’s totally worth it. I would say this is a medium coverage foundation but it totally buildable. The colour range of this foundation is pretty extensive so make sure you get colour matched before you purchase this!

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What are your favourite high end foundations? I’m always after extending my collection.

-A x

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