Review – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hello my lovelies,

So I’m a lipstick lover, I very rarely go out the house without something on my lips. 9 times out of 10 it is a matte finish, for me I much prefer it and it is more long lasting. Recently in the beauty world liquid lipsticks have taken over. Liquid lipsticks for me are amazing, when the formula and the pigmentation is right then you are onto a winner.

In the past recent months I have been trying the NYX Softy Matte Lip Creams that retail for around £6 here in the UK see here. I seriously was drawn to these due to the choice of colours that are in the range. Seriously you are spoilt for choice – I have never seen so many beautiful colors in lipstick form! Another thing that drew me to them was the price & that they were matte lip creams – to me what more could you want!?

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The shades I have are on the darker side, for some reason I much prefer darker shades purples, reds and dark browns are more my thing than pretty pinks and nude shades. The shades I have are: Copenhagen, Havana, Monte Carlo and Vancouver. I love that all the shades are names of cities all over the world it’s such a cool idea!

As the name suggests they are a matte liquid lipstick and are fairly long lasting. The applicator is a doe foot which is fairly standard making it straight forward to apply onto the lips. I must just add as soon as you open the lip creams they smell pretty incredible! I can’t put my finger on what the smell is of – very sweet and I would say nearing towards cookie dough. Weird I know but the smell doesn’t transfer when applied to the lips it must just be the bottle.

The pigmentation of the creams does vary. I have 4 and some are more pigmented than others. I had to apply 5 layers of Havana just to get a decent colour pay off whereas with Copenhagen one layer and I am good to go. I would say test these out in shops if you can to check the colour pay off and make sure you are happy with it.

When you do get to your personal preference of how opaque you like, the colours are pretty incredible. They really are the same colour as the packaging and I love that. I hate when you buy something and it is nothing like the colour of the packaging and you are left disappointed. They really have done well on this front!

From the description of the product it is a matte finish I would say it takes a couple of minutes to dry down which is fine for me. Its super comfortable of the lips and does not seem to dry my lips which is a major plus. Even when I remove this my lips feel hydrated and soft – I can’t tell by the ingredients how it is able to do this – but I’m not complaining!

It is fairly long lasting ,there is pay off when I drink or eat but my lipstick stays in fairly good condition. I would say it is able to last around 6/7 hours before you would have to top up which for me is amazing. I work full time and I don’t have a chance to keep topping up my makeup so as long as I go through the full day I am a happy bunny. With any liquid lipstick when the colour starts to go it is very obvious and as it has dried there is no way to blend it out. If you are out and about and don’t have a chance to top up your make-up up this may prove a problem..

I would say they can be a bugger to take off after a long day. You will have to scrub a little as they do stain the lips to a certain extent. If I’m honest I’m ok with this because it shows the longevity of the formula.

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Left to Right: Copenhagen, Havana, Monte Carlo and Vancouver

Overall, I am fairly impressed with them. They are very well priced and perfect for delving into the wonderful world of liquid lipsticks and trying new colours. I love the formula of these it’s just frustrating that some of the colours are not so opaque I just need to remember to swatch them in store before I commit to buying one!

I will definitely be buying more of these little babies and I can’t wait to try a few new colours. It’s now even easier to get hold of these in the UK as the wonderful people at NYX have been able to stock in Boots – every one is a winner!

Have you tried the Soft Matte Lip Creams – what did you think of them & what colours do you have I would love to hear your thoughts!

-A x



33 thoughts on “Review – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

    1. That’s so strange – I find that with reviews that I read and I think that it didn’t have that effect on me – everyone’s skin is so different. Thank you though – it’s much appreciated 💕


  1. I love the soft matte lip creams they’re amazing, my favourites are Stockholm and Copenhagen! Have you tried the liquid suedes? They’re a slightly thicker formula but they do not budge all day my favourite is the pinky nude called Soft Spoken x

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  2. I have the soft matte lip creams in Copenhagen (which I love) and Budapest! They’re gorgeous shades and I love how they aren’t drying, a problem with quite a few liquid lipsticks. My only issue is the smell! I loved it when I first got it (they smell kind of cakey) but it got sickly really quickly. What’s your opinion on the smell?
    Jas xx

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      1. Yeah on my lips it’s not much of a problem, more when reapplying and stuff. They do kinda smell like mac lipsticks! Although I find the mac ones less overpowering (I love the smell of mac lipsticks haha)
        Jas xx

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  3. I love everything about the soft matte lip creams and the butter glosses too! I have Abu Dhabi and Madrid and they are some of my most worn colours, so smooth and long lasting! Lovely pictures too,
    Zara xx

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  4. I have one of these! I have the shade Rome which is the perfect colour for me and I love it. I feel like it can be quite patchy on my lips and there’s not that much product left but I guess it’s fair judging by it’s size! Other than that, I love the lip cream and their colour range is amazing! lovely post girly x

    sami |

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    1. Hmmm, I know what you mean I think the formula is slightly different in some colours as I have that issue with some of the brighter shades I own and some are perfect. Luck of the draw! Thank you for the comment lovely xo

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    1. I love a darker lip and I’m always drawn to them. They do some lovely shades just be a bit wary of the pigmentation I have to sometimes apply a few layers to get the desired colour. Thanks for the comment lovely xo

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  5. I mean, for £6, I’m kinda questioning why I didn’t know about these? Ha. I’m the kind of person who spends £16 on a liquid lipstick and regrets watching my bank balance deteriorate. You’ve inspired me to purchase some of these! I love a good nude so I’ll be seeing what they have in that way.

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    1. They are pretty impressive for the price if I’m honest. They have so many nude shades there range is so broad you’ll be spilt for choice! I hope you enjoy them – let me know what one you pick up! xo


  6. Ooh I have a few of these but I really want ‘Copenhagen’ but I don’t want to commit to darker shades- it would be good to see how you wear them because I’m currently too scared! I find the formula quite drying but I find them such a fun thing to buy I can’t help myself investing in more. Great post and swatches x

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    1. There are ones that are slightly lighter before going that dark. It can be quite daunting but I suppose for the price if you don’t like it. It’s not the end of the world.
      Hmm, I don’t find them that drying I have some that suck all the life out of my lips! Thank you for your comment lovely xo

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